Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been on Twitter a couple of months now and still not sure if I like it. I don't get updates on my phone but I do check my account on-line every couple of days. Some people tweet all day long (I"m in the shower. I'm in the grocery check-out line. I'm at the dentist.) and honestly, who really cares? I've been doing some research on twitter, however, and it differs from Facebook. Facebook is designed to be personal. You have to approve of your "friends" and you can catch up w/ old classmates, send each other silly quizzes, applications, photos, flair, bumper stickers, etc. Twitter is designed to get brand recognition and promote a product/yourself (which is why so many celebrities "tweet"). So, maybe I'm just not getting the whole Twitter phenomenon because I'm not selling/marketing anything. In any event, you can follow me at:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Emmy's Fashion

I don't think this is a a "Medium." Maybe she needs a "Large." Her boobs look smooshed.

Sandra Oh hit it out the ballpark last night. Definitely a home-run (IDK what's up with the baseball analogies). Leighton Meester is so young and so fabulous and has beautiful legs. Unfortunately they're hidden underneath this dress. Not a fan.
Kristen Chenoworth can do absolutely no wrong as far as I'm concerned. She's perfect!

This dress makes Jennifer Love Hewitt look very hippy; I don't think it's flattering to her figure.

Haden-the girl from Hero's whose last name I can never get right-is a beautiful young lady. Last night she looked like the mother of the bride. Her hair looks old lady and the color of the dress clashes with the red carpet.

Mariska Hargity looks amazing! She's got a slammin' body!

Anna Torv. My favorite of the night! She looks incredible! T really loves the show Fringe so I'm somewhat familiar with her character. On the show, she wears just black. Black jeans/pants, black jacket, black everything. So, to see her all glammed up on the red carpet was a nice surprise! I love the color of this dress, her hair looks relaxed and natural and her jewelry and makeup were simple and uber flattering.

Like Blake Lively's dress, hated her hair. She had a really weird pony tail last night and it made the back of her head look like a big egg. It was very alien-looking.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lazy, Rainy Saturday

KJ had volleyball game(s) earlier this morning. Although they only won 1 of their 4 games, the girls played much, much better than last week. Serving has improved and KJ even got in a couple of "digs" (just trying to learn the lingo).

After the game we ran some errands had a family lunch at Moe's. We went to Best Buy to look for a new camera and then went to Michael's to buy clay and paint for KJ's starfish project. Don't ask me how but we dropped over $100 in Michael's on Halloween decorations and other miscellaneous crapola. Just doing our part to help out the economy.

Took T out this afternoon to practice driving. She's doing great and I think I'm a good teacher. I'm very relaxed with her (I'm sure she'll tell you otherwise). We found a bunch of cones at the Met so she practiced parallel parking a couple of times. At the freshman center she practiced parking next to a SmartCar a bunch of times. I'm going to have a hard time with this whole "driving thing." I have a worry-wart for a mother so I come by it naturally. Last night was the first night we've ever let her get in the car with another teenage driver. Sarah's boyfriend Stephen picked her up and took them to the football game and I was a wreck the whole night. To make matters worse we had horrible weather last night . Stephen's got a hot little car, too. I don't know what it is but KJ calls it the "Ferrari." T's a July b-day so she's much, much younger than a lot of her classmates. All the September and October kids are starting to get their licenses and cars.

Tomorrow is the first day of Sunday school at church. We all know Kendall and I are NOT morning people so this should be interesting.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ivanah, I wanna

This is the new Ivanah shoe from Coach. It is fierce. And I want it. Bad. I love it. Like a fat kid likes cake.

I would sell certain members of my immediate family for this shoe. I would look really fancy wearing this shoe to my local Wal-mart or Target.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kayne is a jerk

Unless you've been living under a rock the last couple of days, you know all about Kayne Wests's despicable behavior at the MTV VMA's. I have officially removed all Kayne song's from my blog's playlist. What an ass. I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but he totally ruined the moment for her. She'll never get that back. Although I think Kayne is extremely talented, he's such an egomaniac.

Just feeling a little homesick the last couple of days so I've updated my playlist to reflect my current mood. I've got the old standbys (i.e, Sinatra's "New York New York" and Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind -- one of KJ's favorite books BTW), but I've also got some songs about NY you may have never heard). Jay-Z's song can be a little raw but Alicia Keyes' voice is bananas. I also luv, luv, luv "New York Groove" by KISS.

It's Fashion Week in NYC. Designers are showcasing their Spring 2010 collections. I saw a couple of things from Max Azria that really caught my eye (for T; not for me! That chica can wear just about anything and get away with it! But she does loves a hot sexy shoe, just like her mother.).

I also LOVE this dress from Oscar de la Renta's 2010 Resort Wear collection. Totally fell in love with the hat! That hat had me at hello.

I also think this de la Renta gown is exquisite and wouldn't be surprised if we see this on the red carpet soon:
These are two of my favorite looks from Marchesa (especially the cocktail dress! wish I had the legs to carry it off!):

Also, I don't know what the hell this was all about but apparently Snuggies also had some type of show/collection. Yes, Snuggie - the blanket with sleeves - staged a runway show this week, complete with high-fashion models and a new ''urban jungle'' line of zebra and leopard prints. My initial reaction? Cruella deVille.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dora & Diego

A funny blogpost from the Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain:
All parents must, sooner or later, come to terms with DORA THE EXPLORER and her alleged “cousin,” DIEGO. I’ve always found their relationship suspicious at best. And who is this kid, Diego, anyway? Where are his parents? How does he get to run around unsupervised in the jungle? And isn’t he too young to have a driver’s license? If not—then he’s certainly too goddamn old to be hanging out with Dora!! I do like the “Rescue Pack” song, however. And my daughter’s affection for these kissin’ cousins is unwavering. So much so that I brought her to see Dora “Live” at Radio City—which is to throw oneself into a Skittle scented mosh pit filled with thousands and thousands of screaming kids and their mothers. At every appearance of the rascally fox, “Swiper”, the walls shake like a high-pitched Nuremberg rally of sticky children, screaming “SWIPER NO SWIPING” in unison—as avidly as any cries of “Duce!” or worse. But…there’s no arguing with true love. All kids love Dora and Diego—and the sooner we resign ourselves to that, the easier it’ll go for us.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

KJ had her first volleyball game today. It was so much fun! I don't know anything about volleyball but the girls were really into it and the games went pretty fast. Unfortunately they lost all their games but I think they did well considering it was their first game.

Last night was the big Hoover vs. Camden County game in GA. It was televised on ESPNU and the first half was a bit of a disappointment but Hoover came back in the second half and tied up. The last couple seconds of the game were absolutely awesome! A sophomore kicked a 3-pointer and Hoover ended up winning 30-27. Last year Camden County spanked Hoover something like 44-16 (I think that was the final score).
The other day on the Today Show they had a photographer who specializes in little itty bitty babies. I love her work and these babies are so flippin' cute! I especially like the babies in the silly little hats. You can see more of her work at

Friday, September 11, 2009


I think we all remember where we were when we heard the news about the towers and the Pentagon. I will be remembering and saying a prayer for our troops and their families.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swine Flu & First Friends

The flu, swine or otherwise, seems to have hit our school district pretty hard. Lots of kids out sick since school began. Fortunately, my 2 have been relatively healthy.

KJ came home from school yesterday and was so excited to announce that she was selected to be a "First Friend" at her elementary school. Not sure yet exactly what in entails but I think it's a little different from when T was at school. When T was there, a First Friend was partnered up w/ a new student before school even started and helped them become acclimated. KJ seemed to think she'd be helping the little ones get on the bus and that sort of thing.

Lots and lots of rain the last couple of days. KJ's friend Lauren was supposed to have her b-day at their pool on Sunday, due to the rain no one ever came to unlock the gate. We moved the party to our pool and seems like everyone had a good time! There was no thunder or lightening, the rain eventually petered off so the girls were able to get in the pool and enjoy b-day cake under the awning. The GBYLA was also supposed to have a new player clinic on Sunday but had to cancel.

Looking forward to a fun-filled, action-packed long Labor Day weekend with good friends!

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