Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not such a great day

Not a great day in the neighborhood. Root canal, sick kids, busted A/C and Chris's brother isn't doing so well. Please keep Drew in your thoughts & prayers. It's times like these when it's very difficult being so far away from family.

We left my cell phone at home while I was at my root canal and the Freshmen Center called several times to say that T was in the nurse's office sick. Poor thing. By the time Chris & I got home it was almost 2 PM so she just stuck it out and had to go to dance team/band practice after school and is now on her way to dance at the studio. She's such a trooper. KJ would have had a MAJOR meltdown and the entire state of Alabama would have known about it. She would have had all 3 major networks reporting on the breaking story and would have demanded Child Protective Services be assigned her case. She would have held a press conference with Gloria Allred, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Not sure exactly what happened at the high school today but they were in "lockdown" mode earlier today. The local HazMat team was brought in. Some type of chemical fumes coming out of one of the bathrooms.

Got a funny phone call the other night:

weird random phone call is more like it. A friend of T's who goes to a different high school saw T's homecoming pics on Facebook and called to say that she LOVES T's dress and has to have it. If it fits, could she buy it from T? I wasn't sure how T was going to react -- would she have some emotional attachment to the dress being that it was her first homecoming?? What if she becomes a big celebrity one day and E! Entertainment Television wants to do a story on her early fashion influences? T didn't even hesitate and said, "sure!"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Shoot Me now

Seriously, just shoot me now. Or just hit me over the head w/ a blunt instrument. Whatever's easiest for you. I have to have root canal tomorrow morning, T stayed home from school today. It's not strep but a respiratory infection. While she was at the doctor's she got the 2nd round of her Hep A shot and the 3rd round of her Gardasil shot. She's not a happy camper. On top of all this, our A/C unit has totally crapped out on us. About $4000 to repair. The joy never ends. Things can only get better.

T-bone in the house

T's home from school today. Friday night she coughed all night after homecoming and was very hoarse, Saturday morning the girls were teasing her about it saying she sounded like a horse all night. She had dark circles under her eyes all weekend and said her stomach and throat were bothering her. She stuck it for lax practice yesterday but went to bed very early last night. I told her not to set her alarm and just sleep in. I was able to get her a 3:15 PM doctor's appointment this afternoon. I hope it's not strep; maybe she's just worn down from homecoming, the band competition Saturday night and lax practice Sunday.

Since the downstairs A/C is sucking eggs, I slept in the upstairs guest room last night where it was nice and cool. Chris is so sweet. Since T was sick and I was obviously getting a good night's sleep, he got KJ ready for school and drove her w/ out once waking me. I luv sleeping in the guest room; I feel like I'm in my own private hotel room at the beach. The room gets very dark and you can't hear a thing up there. I have the whole bed to myself. No one snoring and no one pulling the covers off me. Aaaah! What bliss!

Joy in our house today -- Jets won yesterday! I think the 4ft inflatable Jets Player we put out on the front porch on game days is definitely a curse. Chris refused to inflate it yesterday and the Jets won. The last time we inflated him, they lost.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

As if our life wasn't complicated enough right now, our A/C is definitely on the brink. The upstairs unit is fine, the bottom one is crapping out. Super. Just Super.

Exciting football games last night: Alabama vs. Georgia and Penn State vs Illinois. I guess Georgia's "blackout" didn't work too well for them but I always love to see a "whiteout" at Happy Valley. Nothing like 100,000+ fans in unison.

Lacrosse, lacrosse and more lacrosse today. Fall Ball officially kicks off. Chris will be there pretty much all day to help out where needed, KJ plays at 1 PM and T plays at 3 PM and Chris coaches the high school boys at 5 PM. I have yoga from 4 to 5 PM and will pick the girls up when I'm done. Get to use my new yoga mat and wear my new yoga pants. Yay! Go me!

10:40 AM and T is still asleep. She got home very, very late from the band competition last night. I was out like a light (w/ a little help from my friend) and never heard the phone ring. Chris said it was almost 1 AM and there was mass confusion at the high school as he tried to find her amidst all the band kids and dance team. That kind of stuff drives him nuts and right over the edge.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

S'more (homecoming pics!)

These too are made for each other; T's goofy and Austin maybe even goofier!

Chris & I have the whole entire house to ourselves and are hanging out flipping channels between the Alabama vs. Georgia game and the Penn State vs. Illinois game. Wait....what? I think I heard my brother yelling a minute ago when PSU tied it up at 14.
KJ is watching a movie at a neighbor's house and T was "voluntarily" assigned to help the Buccannette's dance team at a band competition this afternoon. It could have been worse -- some of the girls were "asked/told" to help out at the Homecoming game last night and missed a lot of the game/festivities.
I was doing fine earlier today but around 2 PM I hit the wall. I was face down on the couch in a deep, deep sleep for about an hour. I know Chris took a little nappie too when he came home from men's lax practice.

Homecoming Recovery

Great night last night. Perfect weather for football and homecoming. A bunch of kids met at the local botanical gardens for pictures, went out for dinner and then headed to the football game. We sat w/ Rick & Tracy and Laura and Ryan joined us. We had so much fun checking everyone out. Saw some dresses I really really liked, saw some I wasn't so crazy about. I thought for sure there would be several girls w/ the same dress as T but she was an original last night. Austin gave T a really neat corsage -- instead of an elastic band, it was a beaded bracelet.

After the football game they went to the homecoming dance but said it was kind of lame. One of the boys told me "they didn't even have refreshments or anything" which I thought was kind of funny to hear coming from a teenage boy. Not sure if he was expecting a full buffet or what.

After the homecoming dance T hosted an "after" party and Chris & I served breakfast from midnight to 2 AM. In total there were about 30 kids here last night. Chris & KJ pooped out on me around 1:30 AM. The boys left at 2 AM and most of the girls slept over. There are dresses and shoes all over the place. When everyone leaves this morning, I plan to take a big fat nap.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Had a nice birthday despite the couple hours KJ & I spent at the dentist. We had our appointments yesterday and discovered that we each needed fillings. The dentist fit us in for this afternoon. Today we found out that I need more than just a filling, I need a freakin' ROOT CANAL. Yikes! Never had one of those, not sure how I'm gonna do.

After my delicious fresh bagel for breakfast I went for a pedicure. I usually get the OPI color "Cajun Shrimp." Actually "usually" is totally inaccurate, more like I always get Cajun Shrimp. It's my go-to color. Today I went out of my comfort zone and got a really pretty dark fall color (I have no idea what the name is). This color is so unlike me that both girls noticed the minute they got home. That's one of the nice things about having daughters, they notice everything and always tell me I look pretty. After my pedicure, Chris and I had lunch together and then I picked out a new yoga mat (my old one smelled like feet), a pedometer and a new pair of yoga pants. Chris took T to dance and picked up Chinese food for dinner on his way home and also got me an eclair for dessert.

So tomorrow is (are?) the big HOMECOMING festivities. T's excited and I guess we all are, too. I still have some decorating to do and T just walked in the door and turned around and ran up to Judy's to pick up her dress.

Spoke to my brother for a couple minutes tonight. My nephew had a soccer game earlier this evening. He scored 2 goals! Unfortunately, one of them was for the other team.

Pick a color

Took T for her mani/pedi yesterday at one of the local "no-appointment" necessary places. The lady who owns the shop is really nice but the minute you walk in the door she tells you to Pick a Color. It's pretty funny. We got there at the perfect time, shortly after T's pedicure they started telling girls to come back tomorrow (Thursday). The shop was packed and we ran into tons of people we knew -- Kate & Tracy, Kim and her daughter Morgan (we went to Europe together, Kim was my roomie), most of the cheerleading squad was there, KJ's kindergarten teacher and her daughter, etc. After that we ran T's dress up to Judy's to do a quick alteration. T's dress fits wonderfully but would fit better if the catch in the back was moved over just a little tiny bit. When she raises her arms, the dress slides down a little bit -- we don't need any wardrobe malfunctions on our hands.

Chris let me sleep in this morning, got the girls ready for school, drove them to where they needed to be and picked up Panera bagels for my b-day breakfast. yummy. I think we're going to do some shopping today and have lunch somewhere. I'd really like a new yoga mat and a pedometer for when I walk and maybe a sports watch (or maybe a combination sports watch/pedomoter kind of gadget). T's got a hectic schedule this afternoon so I don't think we're going to have a big family dinner out somewhere like we normally do. I'd like to go to the Melting Pot but that may just have to wait until the weekend. Chris & I used to get a babysitter for T and go to the Melting Pot in Cincy -- it was kind of like our date night. I love to fondue!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do you floss regularly??

KJ & I had dentist appointments bright and early this morning. We both have to go back tomorrow -- I have a very old filling that is starting to come out and KJ has 2 very small fillings that need to be taken care of. She's not a happy camper. She got a very panicked look on her face when she overheard me making the appointment with the receptionist. She remembers when she had to have the veneer put on her chipped tooth this summer and is not looking forward to the Novocaine.

Did my grocery shopping today and did some more decorating in the house. Tonight is our "free" night so T is going to get her mani & pedi tonight since she can't go Thursday due to dance practice w/ the marching band and ballet class.

I got a birthday card from my parents yesterday and KJ was positively hovering over me. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she wanted to see how much money Grammie and Pop sent me. I told her there probably wasn't go to be any money in the birthday card because I'm a little too old for that. She looked at me and said, "Aw mommy! I'm so sorry! That really sucks!" Thanks KJ.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

A year ago yesterday Chris officially became an entrepreneur and opened the first lacrosse store in the state of Alabama! The store is still going strong and I remember the 2 of us laughing this time last year and wondering if we'd still be in business a year later! The store opened on Saturday, September 22 and on Sunday, September 23 we flew to Vegas to celebrate my 40th b-day. I distinctly remember sitting in the plane and Chris saying, "Holy Shit. What have I just gotten myself into??" You did good babe!

OMG; my head is killing me.

I have such a migraine today. My eyeballs are actually throbbing. It started around 8 PM last night and I slept on the couch so Chris & I wouldn't wake each other up. I woke up this morning w/ pain over my right eye. Chris gave me 3 advils and sent me back to bed.

So Friday is HOMECOMING in case you have been under a rock the last month or so and haven't read my blog. This week the kids have had spirit week leading up to HOMECOMING. Yesterday was tacky day (T wouldn't let me take a picture of her but yes, she was truly tacky). Today is nerd day (oops! my bad! I think the politically correct term is: Steve Erkel day), tomorrow is ESPN day (support your team), Thursday is pajama day and Friday the seniors get to wear togas (in accordance w/ school dress code, of course!). Not sure what the underclassmen get to wear on Friday. I think T said the color white. Last night T planned her nerd outfit: she poked the lenses out of a pair of Chicken Little 3-D glasses and wrapped them in duct tape and she borrowed KJ's supergirl cape so she can be a Super Nerd. Not just any ol' nerd but Super Nerd. Wednesday she'll be all decked out in Penn State Paraphernalia. Uncle Stephen told her she'll probably be the only kid in her school not representing an SEC school.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Fall is my favorite time of the year. I plan to post many beautiful autumnal photos. If you find this material offensive, please check back with us in January '09.
Thank you for your understanding.

I don't have much to say today. Shocking, isn't it? Did some cleaning, did some reading. That's about it.

Started to get out some of my fall / harvest decorations and somewhat completed the foyer. I usually set the dining room table w/ my brown glassware, plaid tablecloth, etc. but don't want to put out too much stuff since I'll just have to take it down when the kids are here Friday night for the homecoming "after" party. I dunno, maybe I'll change my mind between now and then. If it's a nice night perhaps they can eat outside on the deck. T's already asked if the girls could all sleep-over. I have no idea how many girls we're talking about. Yikes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emmy Sunday

Another wonderful day in the neighborhood! Nice relaxing Sunday. It's also helped that Auburn lost to LSU last night.

KJ had a scout meeting today and it was our turn to bring snacks and drink. I dropped her off at the meeting and another mom (actually, it was a grandmother) offered to bring KJ home for me so I could go to yoga class. OMG I totally love yoga class. I don't know if it's the actual yoga or just the fact that I have an hour to myself.

Chris is at lax this afternoon. They were having a new player clinic and afterwards he was holding try-outs for his all-star team. This is the all-star team he'll take to Tampa in January.

I have the Emmy's red carpet on TV while I type. Vanessa Williams is so incredibly beautiful. She's really the only one I've seen so far. Heidi Klum looked pretty too but I didn't catch all of her gown. Kristen Chenoweth (I believe she was the original Glinda on Broadway) also looks stunning. She has a funny little squeaky voice, it's hard to imagine some of the power ballads that come out of her body. Marcia Cross is always classic looking. Terri Hatcher is wearing bright yellow and Nicolette Sheridan is wearing purple. I can't remember her real name but she played Miranda on Sex & the City -- anyway, she's wearing a soft, pale blue gown. Brooke Shields has on a bright color. I started watching Lipstick Jungle a little bit this year and I'm looking foward to the season premier. Tina Fey looks quite pretty. I don't ever really watch the Emmy's, I just like the pre-show. Ryan Seacrest is talking to a bunch of male actors. No offense, who cares? Everyone watches the Emmy's to see who's wearing what, not to see Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howswer all growed up).

In other celebrity news, DJ AM (Nicole Ritchie's ex) and Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink182, were in a terrible plane crash and although they both survived, they have both suffered burns. How horrible. Also, George Michael of WHAM! was arrested again in a public men's restroom. The man needs help.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Now 2 of them can Prance!! Go Me!

So now we've got 2 daughters who can prance. How exciting is that??? I have got to be the luckiest mom on the planet! Seriously, KJ had a lot of fun today at the dance team clinic. They learned how to walk/prance out on the field, they did a kick line and then they did a really cute dance. KJ actually caught on pretty fast and did a great job!
The girls all got cute hot pink t-shirts which they asked the dance team to sign and they also got a poster of the current dance team.

After the dance team clinic Chris & I watched most of the Alabama game at Scott & Debbie's. Friends of theirs came over and a mean game of corn-hole broke out in the rain. I love sitting out on Scott & Debbie's back patio.
T went to dinner @ Austin's house tonight and then they were going to the State Fair w/ his family. Hope no other animal runs into any problems.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Nite Festivities

8:30 PM -- It's half-time for most of the high school football games and the girls & I had the radio on coming home from Chuck E Cheese's. We're up 16-Zip, Mt. Brook is beating Spain Park and Vestavia was over whoever they were playing. The radio announcer said the Bucs game has been very sloppy w/ a fumble on the 1 yard line. Nice cool night, not a sweatbath like the last couple of football games I had the misfortune to attend.

Chris had an extremely successful night at the store. The girls & I arrived around 4:30 PM and I could not believe the crowd! Free food really brings folks out. Tonight was a Girls Lax 101 event and it was wonderful to see all those girls in the store. Some of the girls from the Birmingham-Southern College team also came out to throw around in the parking lot.

From there the girls and I went to Chuck E Cheese for a b-day party. KJ had a really, really good time. I was glad she went. Sometimes it's such a hassle to get to some of these b-day parties but in the end I'm glad we make the effort.

KJ is attending a dance team clinic bright & early in the AM. T went to one of these years ago when she was in 5th or 6th grade and had a blast. KJ also likes going to the high school cheerleading clinics and hanging out w/ the big girls. It's especially fun when she knows some of the girls. She'll get a t-shirt tomorrow and a poster of the dance team.

We just heard that an accident occured at the Alabama State Fair tonight. A camel somehow impaled itself on a fence and has died.

It's the Weekend!

Got a lot done today. For some reason I seem to accomplish a lot on Friday's. I think it's because I do a lot of errands and stuff during the rest of the week and I traditionally try to save Friday to do some housework. I get a lot of weird laundry done on Friday's, too (i.e, the girls dance stuff, the blankies we use to snuggle on the couch, etc.).

Not going to the football game tonight. Chris is having a Open House at the store for the girl's teams -- hot dogs, popcorn, soda, give-aways, etc. I think they're calling it "Girls Lacrosse 101." KJ has a b-day party tonight, too. Her friend Evvy is sleeping over and in the AM they're going to a dance team clinic sponsored by the high school. Evvy's parents are in Maui for a week (lucky, lucky, lucky! Keith won the trip thru work -- nothing like a free trip!).

T's been the Julie McCoy of her group of friends and organizing their homecoming plans -- where they're having pictures taken, what restaurant, etc. She's having an "after party" here at the house and has requested a breakfast menu. Looks like Chris will be dishing up eggs and his world famous waffles & pancakes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finish These Famous Sayings:

Saw this on my friend Angel's blog and I thought I'd share KJ's version. The other night they had an open house at the school (we didn't attend -- it was our crazy dance night) and the students had a worksheet on their desks for parents to review, "Finish these Famous Sayings."

Better Safe than: YOU
Strike While the: 8:00
It's always darkest before: 3:00 AM!
Never under-estimate the power of the: THE CLOCK!
You can lead a horse to water, but: NOT TO BE FED! (close one, KJ!)
Don't bite the hand that: IS BAD
You can't teach an old dog new: STUFF
The pen is mightier than the: PENCIL
Where there's smoke, there's: A FIRE (yay!!! good one KJ!)
A penny saved is: THEN A DIME (she must subscribe to my form of balancing the checkbook)
Two's company, three's: COMPANY (the old TV sitcom w/ John Ritter and Mr. Furley??)
Don't put off til tomorrow what: WHEN??
Children should be seen and not: HEARDED (um, OK?)
If at first you don't succeed: A SECOND TIME IS GOOD
Don't count your chickens before: EATING
A stitch in time saves: THE CLOCK (what is this child's obbession w/ time??)
A bird in the hand is worth: 10,000 POINTS (somebody obviously plays way too many video games)
A watched pot never: BOILS
Don't judge a book by: THE COVER

Obviously, we have some work to do. 3rd grade's gonna be a rough year.

Waiting Room(s)

Did ya' ever sit in a waiting room and wonder why all the magazines are tore up and pages missing? Did ya' ever wonder what kind of person would do that to a magazine that is supposed to be there for every one's enjoyment? Well, I met that person this morning. She sat across from me at the orthodontists office and tore through the current issues of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living with reckless abandon. She ripped through those magazines like a paper shredder and then had the audacity to call her mother and tell her "I'm sitting here at the orthodontist office and found some really good recipes. I'll bring them over to you tonight."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Another gorgeous day! This is the kind of weather I like -- not much humidity, plenty of sunshine and a nice breeze. Last night the girls had dance and I walked 2 miles around the track. Had my headphones on and was deep in thought. I get very annoyed w/ stupid people however. Last night there were several folks out enjoying the evening w/ their dogs, throwing a Frisbee around, playing catch, etc. On the football field. Where kids play. Lots of poop on the field. Nasty.
I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 1 PM (great time to go! the office closes for lunch from 12 to 1 PM so they were right on schedule at 1 PM when I got there!). On my way home I went grocery shopping and bought the most delicious red grapes from Bruno's. Very crisp and crunchy. I was in and out of Bruno's in less than 35 minutes. Perfect timing -- after the lunch crowd but before the after school crowd.
It's such a nice afternoon, I think we'll grill some burgers and even sit outside to eat. This is our "free" night so I will be nice to spend some quality time w/ the girls.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I have a dream

I have decided that my next house, wherever that may be, is going to have an incredible outdoor space. I really, really love the autumnal season and want a nice cozy place to relax, read by the fire, have a glass of wine in the evening or sip my tea in the morning.

Or, if we move somewhere even warmer than here, a place to gather with friends, have a couple of margaritas or mojitos or an ice cold chardonnay on a hot night.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

I got a wonderful surprise in today's mail -- my first b-day gift of the year! My dear friend LCM sent me the Vera Bradley weekender bag in the Puccini pattern I luv, luv, luv and had previously posted about! She also sent T a belated b-day gift -- a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses! Last year it was Versace, this year it's Louis. LCM spoils us rotten (and we love it!). THANK YOU LCM!!! XOXO

Shaken, Not Stirred

I really like to shake up my OJ in the morning and get it all frothy. Well, the person before me did not put the cap on properly. Soooo, when I shook up my OJ container, it sprayed all over the kitchen. Therefore, I had to wipe down the counters, the cabinets and mop the kitchen floor.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Homecoming Update

4:55 PM Sunday Update: Austin just came to the house w/ a dozen yellow roses (T's favorite color!) and "officially" asked her to prom. Yay!
(She's sitting on the couch w/ me as I type this and she's positively beaming. She's very, very happy!)

SNL: Palin vs. Clinton

OMG! Did you watch SNL last night? The opening sequence w/ Tina Fey (Sarah Palin) and Amy Poehler (Hilary Clinton) was hysterical! Although I thought Tina Fey was awesome, Amy Poehler totally knocked it out of the park. I thought she had Hilary Clinton down to a T! When they did that whole "do you know what the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is" skit, I almost lost it!

Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: "But Sarah, one thing we can agree on is that sexism can never be allowed to permeate an American election."
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: "So please, stop photoshopping my head on sexy bikini pictures."
Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: "And stop saying I have cankles."
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin: "Don't refer to me as a 'MILF.'"
Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton: "And don't refer to me as a 'FLRG.' I Googled what it stands for and I do not like it."

Showers of Happiness

T & I went to Amanda's bridal shower today. She got some really nice gifts, the food was delish and the decorations were adorable! All of us "experienced" brides decided we need a shower too. My own bridal shower was 16 years ago -- time for some new stuff!

Chris's men's lax team played the Alabama team today. I don't know what the final score was but KJ left a message on T's cell phone saying that Chris was laying the smack down on Conor. Conor played for Chris last year at the high school level so today's game they were playing as "men." Conor's been trash talking all week how he was gonna bring a wheelchair for Chris. Chris plays offense, Conor plays defense so Conor would have been covering Chris during the game. The hubster may be pushing 41 but he's still got game.

My brother & sister-in-law went away for a weekend trip and my mom & dad kept my niece & nephew all weekend. I called yesterday and it sounded like bedlam in the background. Pop was yelling, someone was crying, the dog was barking (just kidding! my parents don't even have a dog!). Anyway, I spoke w/ both kids. They sound so darn cute on the phone! I told Mr. B it was very hot at my house and he told me I needed to put the air-conditioner on in my room and shut the door cuz that what he does when it's hot at his house. Can't wait to see the little stinkers at Christmas.

Lots of fun homecoming drama at my house. Austin & T broke up a week or so ago because they don't really get to see each other alot due to their schedules. Someone else asked T, Austin asked another girl to homecoming, no big deal. Austin & T remain friends. Friday night T's "date" bailed on her (you know the story, "it's not you, it's me") and today T found out that Austin's date bailed on him. Austin & T were at the same b-day party last night and I don't think the other girl appreciates the fact that T & Austin are still friends. This other girl was kind of in a bad spot -- it was obvious to everyone that T & Austin still liked each other despite breaking up. I think the freshman are just so excited about their first homecoming dance, it's causing a lot of issues. I also think the boys asked the girls way, way too early. Maybe next year things will calm down a bit.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Holy crap! I think last night was even hotter than the last football game we went to. When is the cooler, fall weather going to settle in?? I can't take much more of this. I think I sweated off a pound or 2 last night. I felt like a sweaty little boy (i.e, Jack or Ryan F! ha! ha!). Had fun tailgating w/ Rick & Tracy (although KJ told me last night in the car that she missed Joe). We had a sweet spot in the shade in the parking lot (go seniors!) and got a kick out of observing all the kids. KJ also had fun running around w/ all the girls.

Big, disappointing loss last night. Not sure what's going on w/ the football team. Justin seemed like he was struggling; I think his back was bothering him. Jack looked like he had a good game. T "pranced" last night in the pre-game. I can't wait for the first freshman home game so we can see what the freshman team has been working on all these weeks.

Might go out to dinner w/ friends tonight if we can find somewhere for KJ to go. T has a b-day party at the clubhouse from 5 to 9 PM. We have a lady interested in the condo so we need to go over there and straighten up today. It's still so damn hot here, I don't feel like moving.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Not much going on today; I've turned into a washwoman. I have so much laundry to catch up on. KJ is the main culprit -- she wears something for 5 minutes and it's in the hamper. She needs to start doing her own laundry.

Typical fall Friday night in B'ham --high school football. We have plans to meet friends and tailgate. I hope it's not as hot and humid as it was the last game. I just about died from heat exhaustion. I get very cranky from the heat and the humidity does a lot of damage to my hair. Not a pretty picture.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

Normally I am a total newshound and have CNN or MSNBC on constantly. Today, I chose not to watch any of the 9/11 Memorial coverage. Not because I'm unpatriotic or un-feeling, I just decided to have a nice quiet day privately reflecting on those events. I remember what an incredibly beautiful fall day it was here in Alabama, the sky was impossibly blue. I remember getting KJ ready for her tumble-tots class, I remember Chris calling me and telling me a plane crashed into one of the towers, I remember having the little TV on in the kitchen. I remember Chris leaving work that morning, tearing up the garage stairs into the house so we could watch the media coverage together debating whether or not to get T from school (we wanted to be the ones to explain to her what happened; we didn't want her to hear it from someone else). Our immediate thoughts were of two friends who were NYPD -- Brian and Mike. Then Chris remembered his cousin Hope worked in one of the towers. Thankfully, Brian, Mike and Hope were all OK. I vividly remember being on the phone w/ my mother describing to her in detail what I was witnessing on TV (when the towers went down, so did communication). Then, as the days went on we learned the fates of people we knew: our friend Robert McCarthy (who left behind a 2-week old son) and his brother-in-law, the wife of the guy who owned the local pizza parlor, a young boy my brother went to high school with, a firefighter who lived down the street from me growing up, a classmate's older brother, my dental hygienist's husband. My brother was at Penn State at the time and we talked several times that day and the many days following letting each other know news we had, if any. It was very, very difficult on both of us being so far away from our family and friends. Chris and I both felt very helpless,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day Well Spent

Met my friend Margaret for lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Margaret's 3rd and last child is in pre-school so she's totally lovin' her new-found freedom! I can't believe all 3 of her kids will be in elementary school next year. Wow, time flies!

After lunch I went grocery shopping. Since we're so busy during the week and rarely eat dinner at home, I didn't need much; just the essentials -- milk, bread, soda, laundry detergent, oj.

It started to rain about the time KJ's bus was coming. When T got home I took KJ for a haircut and T got her eye brows waxed. Her ex-boyfriend texted her and said he was in the same shopping center. She ran out to my car to get my big over-sized sunglasses so he wouldn't see her eyebrows all red and swollen.

Wednesday's nights are nice and relaxing here. KJ gets all her homework done for the week. She had spelling and tonight we played a math game. I have some TiVo to catch up on (Project Runway and America's Next Top Model). I think I may have missed 90210 this week. Chris and I watched Entourage the other night and frankly I was disappointed. I had also taken a sleeping pill so maybe I just fell asleep during the middle of it. IDK. Last night KJ & Chris made me watch one of the stupidest shows on TV: Hole in the Wall. Has anyone else seen this? A big Styrofoam wall w/ a cut out of a human in a weird pose comes at you and you have to fit your body thru the hole or else get pushed into the water (see illustration above). Two teams of 3 compete against each other and the final round is the blindfold round. One player is blindfolded and the other two teammates shout out directions. OMG.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Typical Tuesday

Met Chris up at the store this afternoon to meet w/ a sportswear vendor. We designed some custom lacrosse warm-up jackets, sweatshirts, and polo-shirts as part of a spirit pack for the team. I had Roly Poly for lunch (#30) on my way home.

T was supposed to have band practice this afternoon but called to say it had been cancelled. She had already gotten on the shuttle from the freshman center to the main campus so I had to pick her and Katie up and then take them to dance. T's dance instructor told me that she will get tuition credit every time she helps teach a class. Very sweet! She's also going to a convention in Atlanta in November w/ the dance studio.

Chris had men's lax practice tonight so while the girls were at dance I walked around the track for what felt like several hundred times. I had my headphones on and was in a zone. It was a nice, fairly cool night. I lost track of how many times I walked around -- I really need to invest in one of those pedometer thingy's.

Monday, September 8, 2008

From E-Online:

The movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's young-adult vampire novel Twilight won't hit theaters until November, but the stars are already talking sequels.

"I set up my performance to make it satisfying to do at least two more," Robert Pattinson, who stars as Edward in Twilight, told me at yesterday at the VMA's. "I don't know if they're going to make them or not, but I think they probably will."

Taylor Lautner, who costars as Jacob, says they'll know more when box office receipts come in. "Nothing's been confirmed yet," he said. "So we're waiting to see. If it goes well, then maybe."

Pattinson and Lautner didn't even know about the Twilight phenomenon when they first auditioned.

"I hadn't even heard about them," Pattinson says of the now four-book phenomenon. "I was living in England at the time, and they really weren't anything in England then."
They've now read all the books, but Lautner is quick to point out that the movie isn't just for the series' mostly female fan base. "What we tried to do with the film is add a little more action and horror to it," he explains. "So now it's for everyone."

Lautner and Pattinson hit the VMAs with Twilight costars Kristen Stewart and Cam Gigandet (that's Cam above in the middle of Pattinson and Lautner) to introduce a performance by Paramore, the pop-rock band that has a new still-untitled song on the movie's soundtrack.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

yoga! yoga! (or is it: Toga! Toga!)

Went to the new yoga class at the girl's dance studio this afternoon. It was awesome. I've never taken a "formal" yoga class before (I've always done a DVD at home). The class was really wonderful -- my body and mind are the consistency of jello. I only wish it was 9 PM at night so I can crawl into bed. I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and the instructor's voice was very, very soothing. Having her talk us thru the movements really helped me de-stress differently than the video ever did (maybe it was the fact that I was out of my crazy, noisy house!). The middle of the class actually got a little strenous but it felt good. And when she turned the lights off the last 15 minutes of the class ---- I was a goner.

Roll Tide Roll !!!

We had such a fun day yesterday! It was one of those perfect days where everything just fell into place. Chris woke up and said, "Let's drive down to T-town and see if we can get tickets to tonight's game." We got some friend chicken from Publix, filled up the cooler and headed to Tuscaloosa.

KJ & I had never been to a game at Bryant-Denny stadium. This was actually my 4th Alabama game but my first ever in T-Town. When we first moved here Alabama still played a couple of games at Legion Field and in 1999 Chris, T-bone & I saw them play LA-Monroe (KJ was "in utero"). Years and years ago (before we were even married) we saw Alabama play Penn State in the Kick-Off Classic at the Meadowlands and when we were living in Cincinnati (1997) I had arranged for a romantic weekend at the Griffen Gate resort in Lexington, KY. Unbeknownst to us, Kentucky was playing Alabama that weekend. Coincidentally, Chris packed his Alabama T-shirt and some guy thought we were students and gave us 2 tickets. Tim Couch was the QB for Kentucky and it was the first time in decades that Kentucky beat Alabama.

When we got to Tuscaloosa yesterday we got a primo parking spot and scored some sweet seats and headed toward the stadium. As we were crossing the street, we ran into friends of ours, Scott, Debbie and their daughter Merritt. They showed us around and we did the "Walk" and cheered on the players as they walked off the bus. Those boys were treated like total Rock Stars. We then tailgated w/ some friends of Scott & Debbie's. Just before we went into the stadium we bought KJ a Bear Bryant houndstooth hat. She looked so damn cute!
There is nothing like a hot, humid sweltering Saturday night at an SEC game. I've been to many football games around the country but there is definitely something about an Alabama game. At half-time they had the oldest living Crimson Tide letterman on the field and the crowd went nuts.
KJ had such a good time. She insisted we stay until the final buzzer. She said this was her first "real" football game other than high school and she wanted to stay until the very end.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oprah blocks Palin

From Drudge.com:

Several internet sites are reporting that Oprah is getting thousands of emails and requests to have Sarah Palin on her show. However, Oprah is battling a divided staff and refusing to allow the Alaskan governor on her show because of her highly partisan support for Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

“Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on,” an insider explains. “Oprah’s website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama.” It is not clear if Oprah has softened her position after watching Palin’s historic convention speech.

This is pretty amazing and typical of Oprah trying to wield her power. She will have transgender pregnant men on her show, freaks of every variety and walk of life, but is now refusing to interview the most popular woman in the world on her show. Well, it is her show, she can do as she please. However, she is letting her political bias get in the way of what would surely go down as one of the most popular episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show in history.
Oprah is missing out on a very large opportunity to host Palin and continue to introduce her to the United States. It’s Oprah’s show and her right to not have Palin on her show.
T had dance last night so we TiVo'd McCain's speech so we could watch it as a family and help w/ her homework. She had to fill out the same worksheet she did for Obama's speech. I got really, really tired and went to bed early so I didn't see the entire speech. Chris said it was pretty good and McCain seemed to have more of a plan than Obama. Obama was all, "me, me, me, I, I, I" whereas McCain was more "for the country." I think Cindy McClain is a class act. Reminds me a lot of Laura Bush. Very gentle soul, no political aspirations of her own (I'm voting for the leader of the free world, not his wife and her damn healthcare plan!). They've raised their children well. Yes, she's loaded and they own a couple of houses. It doesn't offend me. More power to them. As long as her family made their money thru honest, hard work -- the American way, the American dream.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lots of noise going on

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."— St. Augustine

T's bedroom window is being replaced and the dry-vit off the top front of the house is being ripped off and replaced w/ hardi-plank. We were lucky, no problems when they took the dry-vit off.

Last night was our "quiet" night -- no dance for the girls but Chris had a lax meeting to start working on the spring schedules. Looks like Oak Mountain is going to have a team and so is Briarwood Christian.

KJ came home from school exhausted yesterday. Around 4:30 PM she said she was going to lay down for a bit. Chris had to wake her up at 5:30 PM for dinner and said she was out like a light. When she woke up her hair was a crazy mess and she looked so darn cute, all sleepy and snuggly. Poor thing. I've been trying so hard to get her to bed at a normal hour and on a consistent basis. I've been holding firm with an 8:30 PM bedtime and thought she was doing good. I think she's just inherited my sleeplessness gene. T, on the other hand, sleeps like her dad. Like a rock.

NFL season starts tonight. Chris and his buddy have always gotten together to watch the games and I think they have plans to hang out here tonight. Not sure what game(s) are on tonight but maybe Chris will inflate the Jets player we bought him last year for Christmas.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September is the Best Month of All

I love the month of September for several reasons, let me count the ways: the kids have been back to school for a couple of weeks now and getting used to the routine, my birthday is in September (yay me!), football season starts (makes the hubby happy!), the weather starts to cool down a little, and the number one reason why I like September: (drum roll please!) TV season premieres!!! No more summer re-runs! Entourage is starting back up on HBO this Sunday, Desperate Housewives is premiering, America's Next Top Model starts tonight, and Survivor comes back on the air September 25 (does that date ring any bells??).
Last night was 90210 night. Chris & I started watching it while T was at dance. Chris didn't care too much for the show because the boys on the lacrosse team got into a fight and as everyone knows, lacrosse players are generally a peaceful, fun-loving group.

US Weekly Cover Wars

Came across an interesting article this morning regarding US Weekly magazine. Apparently this week they have 2 different covers: one w/ big bold type that reads: BABIES, LIES & SCANDALS across a picture of the Republican VP Candidate holding her down syndrome baby; the other cover is a picture of the Obamas in a loving embrace w/ the words: WHY HE LOVES HER. Depending on what market you live in, determines what cover will be on display at your newstand. I have one question to ask: What is with the media's love affair w/ the Obamas???
OK. Maybe 2 questions. Why is US Weekly, normally considered a celebrity gossip magazine, even getting involved in politics?

From Bumpshack.com:
Michelle Malkin points out in her latest post that gossip rag ‘Us Weekly’ is using dirty journalism in an attempt to influence and turn the 2008 Presidential race in Senator Barack Obama’s favor.
The next time you’re waiting at the grocery stands and tempted to buy Us magazine, stop and think again. Unless you’re buying it for oppo research, you may not want to put money in the pockets of rabid partisans who have turned their gossip rag into a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.
The use of the gossip rags to shape the election is all part and parcel of the Brangelina-fication of the Obamas that I wrote about earlier this summer. They are pulling out all the stops to glorify The One and demonize all who stand in his way.
How dare an entertainment magazine put the false title ‘BABIES, LIES & SCANDAL’ in bold print over a 4-month old baby with Down’s Syndrome. I think even a blind donkey or elephant can see that ‘US Weekly,’
which is published by Obama donor/supporter Jann Wenner, is pulling out all stops to secure an Obama win.
Keep politics in the newspaper, the blogs, and political magazines. Let gossip/entertainment rags report gossip, scandals, crotch shots and the rest of Hollywood’s dirty laundry. The two shouldn’t mix and ‘US’ shouldn’t be trying to sway the 2008 Presidential election.
The magazine will get publicity from this, mostly negative, but I predict readership of the magazine will take a hit in the months to come because of its unfair attack on Palin.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have no idea what day it is

I know today is Tuesday; just not sure what the actual date is.

Just sitting here eating my poptart, drinking my tea, catching up on my e-mails and half-listening to the Today Show. They had Caylee Anthony's grandmother on a few minutes ago. This woman is such an "enabler." Rather than demanding her own daughter start telling the truth, she told Matt that the police aren't doing enough to look for her granddaughter. Ummm, maybe if they had a little bit more to go on??? Maybe if your daughter had gone to the authorities immediately rather than lie for a month after her daughter's alleged disappearance? She lied about her job, she lied about the babysitter she supposedly left Caylee with yet she keeps saying that Caylee's safe. On the other hand, she says that she didn't notify the police out of fear. So which is it??

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