Tuesday, May 31, 2011

chocolate, massages & oil (not necessarily in that order, either)

I love, love, love where I work! I mean, where else can you take the elevator down a level a get a fabulous massage after work? I felt like Goldilocks in the land of spa . . . not too soft, not too hard. It was juuuuuuusst right. I'm very ticklish and I've had massages in the past that left me in giggles. I've had massages that were so rough I couldn't walk out of there (OK. I just re-read that and that didn't come out quite the way I meant it). Today's massage was PERFECT. I think at one point the attendant did some kind of Vulcan grip/Chief Strongbow sleeper hold/Jedi mind trick and I think I passed out (in a good way).

I'm not much of a chocolate fan. My snacking usually runs more toward the salty (chips, pretzels, chips & salsa/guac). The other day I rec'd a little "happy" at work and it contained some delicious milk chocolate (which is really weird because most gift baskets contain dark chocolate). Holy cow. I don't know if I was just super hungry or what but that was some of the most delicious chocolate I had ever had.

A friend recommended Moroccan oil for my hair and since I love trying new products I gave it a whirl. It's definitely not for everyday use but I can notice a difference already. My hair feels fuller and healthier.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How did we get Here???

Memorial Day weekend 2011 and I guess I am now officially the parent of a high school senior. Good Lord! How did we get from this:

to this:

Wow. I know T's ready to go and would love to skip senior year if she could but I vacillate between holding on tight and letting her fly. She's going to have a crazy, busy summer but she did tell me the other day she's really looking forward to senior Buccanettes and football season.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Families come in All Shapes & Sizes

In addition to our actual blood relatives, everyone has extended family in their lives. Not having any family geographically close, I often find myself appreciative of my various "families" here: my family of girlfriends, my neighborhood family, T often refers to her studio friends as her dance family, KJ has her SSC family and the four of us love our crazy and wild lacrosse family far and wide!
Some people bond over travel ball (be it softball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, whatever). You end up spending a lot of time with these people while sitting in the bleachers at games, at practices, etc. You celebrate victories and share the agony of defeat and frustration.

Lacrosse is such an incredibly tight knit, small community. Everyone knows everyone else and genuinely cares about each other and celebrates accomplishments. Generally, everyone is super nice and wants nothing but to see the sport grow and kids develop. Over the years, I can only think of one family that has left a stain on our local community.

I am constantly amazed at the contacts Cosmo has made throughout the years and the name he

has made for himself with the store, with BamaLax and with the club team(s). He must be doing something right. He receives letters every season from players thanking him for the opportunity to learn and play, parents thank him for coaching their child, for being a mentor to their child and thank him for helping their child get into college. He's got former BamaLax players playing at the Naval Academy, at Birmingham Southern, at both Auburn and Alabama, Millsaps, Guilford and he's had phone calls from coaches at Loyola, Washington & Lee and Dartmouth. Not too shabby considering lacrosse has yet to be recognized by the state of Alabama.

I always get a little shock and a sense of pride when he tells me that such & such Coach from a big name DI school called about a local player. While some of these names may not be easily recognizable to the average non-lacrosse person, these folks are essentially the Rock Gods of Lacrosse and it's amazing to me that they have my husband's cell phone number. I always crack up when we'll see one of the guys on TV and KJ casually says, "oh! we had dinner with him!" These are DI coaches we see on the sidelines during a game on ESPN, guys that have lacrosse equipment named after them, guys that are in magazines and commercials. Their posters hang on little kid's walls.

While KJ is still young and there's plenty of time for her, lacrosse has given T the opportunity to play all in several different states and she has made some wonderful lasting friendships all over the country. She's played on the field at Penn State, Vanderbilt, Duke, Emory and Temple. She's competed in tournaments in Atlanta, South Carolina, Naples and Tampa and this summer she will play in Richmond, VA. She can walked on to any campus in the country with her stick in her hand and be totally at home.

Since lacrosse is predominately a "Northern" sport, I love when we get together with MLL players, vendors, coaches, etc. It feels like home. It feels like we're sitting around with good friends shooting the breeze. It's hugs all around and the guys always fuss over our two girls. They treat them like little sisters and it's awesome to watch. Especially when we're at a tournament and some boy is trying to talk to T. Afterward, they bust T's chops and tell her, "he's a loser, you can do better. he doesn't have flow!" Everyone knows that lacrosse players are not right in the head and they always tell the best stories! I love the "war" stories about who had the sickest shot, who got rocked so hard in the game he had to be carried off on a stretcher, bar fights in college. There's definitely a bond, a brotherhood, a fraternity of sorts and even though I have begged Cosmo to quit the high school team this year, I am very happy my family is a part of the lacrosse community at large. We've made some great friends and have a lot of fun memories.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So you think you can pick 'em, huh???

I have to get this off my chest. It's been bugging me all day and at first I was angry, now I just feel sorry for this person.

Today, at the pool party, there were a couple of weird situations with one of the mom's (let's call her "Jane"). I really don't know "Jane." We've never formally met, our kids have never been in the same class / activities but I do believe we may go to the same church. I have heard several stories about this "Jane" and have heard that she is very "aggressive." Anyway, this lady Jane made a MAJOR production about blessing the pizza at the pool party since "we're not on school property any more and we can do whatever we want." Seriously lady. If you're that concerned with blessing the pizza at the pool party and have such issues about not being able to pray at school, maybe public schools are not for you. Maybe you need to look into private schools and explore your Catholic options. In the meantime, gather your children in attendance at the pool party and have a nice quiet family blessing prior to partaking in pool party pizza. It was just weird and smacked of insincerity. It came across as very showy.

Shortly after the pizza incident, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine (let's call her "Susie") when "Jane" joined in (perhaps interrupted is a better word). Again, I don't really know this "Jane" but I gathered from the conversation that Susie and Jane have other children around the same age. I've known Susie for about 5 or 6 years now. Very, very sweet lady and I don't think I've ever heard her really talk badly about anyone. So, Jane asked Susie if her older child had any problems in school this year. I guess Susie hesitated just a second too long and Jane pounced on it and began to ask her some very pointed, loaded questions and did her best to drag some gossip out of Susie. Then, after Susie opened up a little bit, Jane turned the tables on Susie and said, "You need to get a handle on your kid's lives and get your kids some better friends." It was so pompous and arrogant and one of those "I'm such a better mother than you" judgemental kind of moments. She then proceeded to explain to both of us how she chooses her children's friends. She said she can "just pick 'em out." According to Jane, just by looking at a child, she can tell which kids are good kids and which kids won't make good decisions. She proceed to demonstrate by pointing at this one, and this one, and, oh! That one over there. I wanted to ask her if, since she's so damn smart, can she also pick out the ponies and the winning lottery numbers?

As this conversation progressed, Jane let us all in on a little secret. According to her, she has a long list of children that her kids will NEVER been friends with. She proudly informed us that her children will only be friends with popular kids. "You know. The athletes, the cheerleaders. The good kids." (her EXACT words, not mine). My initial reaction to this absurd statement was "you ignorant, judgemental moron." But now I've had a chance to replay the scenario in my mind several times. Now, I just feel sorry for her. Because of their mom's ignorance, her children may be missing out on some wonderful friendships. Because their mom only wants her children to be friends with the popular kids, these kids may be missing out on an opportunity to make a difference in some one's life. Maybe they can befriend someone who needs a little guidance or maybe a little love and support in their life. Rather than tell your children who they can and can NOT be friends with, why don't you educate your kids and arm them with the necessary tools to make solid, sound responsible decisions. That's part of growing up. As a parent, it's your job to help your children be prepared so they can stand on their own. If this crazy woman thinks her children will NEVER make a mistake or make a bad decision, she's got another thing coming! I'd hate to be there when one of her perfect, popular children mis-step. The results could be catastrophic.

5th Grade Graduation

Today was KJ's 5th grade graduation and it was so sweet! I did fine until the principal reminded us that this would be the last 5th grade class to come out of the school (due to re-organization). Yup. That's when I lost it. Damn him anyhow! And yeah, I think the big guy sitting next to me had a speck of sentiment in his eye too (although he will never admit it). My most favorite part of 5th grade graduation is when all the younger kids line the halls and clap and cheer as the big kids enter the graduation ceremony. It's SO cool! KJ's teacher is simply amazing and both of my girls were so lucky to have her for their teacher! After the ceremony, KJ wanted to say good-bye to the teachers she's had over the years and T even got in on the fun. T dropped in on her first and second grade teacher (same teacher, she moved up with the kids and taught both grades). Poor Mrs. E! Her mouth totally dropped open when she saw T! It was kind of funny! T also popped in on her 4th grade teacher and then of course, Mrs. D. T's kindergarten and 3rd grade teachers are no longer at the school but we do see one of them often as her son played lax. After the ceremony, the 5th graders get together at one of the local swimming pools for a little pizza party and I must say, this is a very, very nice group of kids.
As always, busy couple of days in our household. Champ was in ATL for a lax tourney and Sunday T participated in the 2011 Miss Sweetheart Pageant. Immediately following the pageant, and I do mean IMMEDIATELY, she participated in the first ever Alabama/Mississippi All-Star Showcase and at half-time was awarded Alabama First Team All-State for the second consecutive year. Seriously, she grabbed her sash and crown, posed for a few photos and literally ran out the door of the Freshman Center at 5:55 PM for a 6 PM game at the main campus. The poor thing played lax in full on pageant hair and make-up. She barely had time to change her shoes and for a minute there I thought she was going to play in heels!

The pageant was fun and I was extremely proud of T! It was the first time she has EVER done a dance solo and I thought she totally nailed it. Her turns were very, very strong and she did an amazing job! I know she was nervous but definitely wanted to use this opportunity to help prepare for this summer's pageant. I thought for sure she won the talent portion of the competition but KJ thought it would come down to T or Myra (they've danced together at the studio). KJ was so cute on Sunday. She "pulled a Pippa" and helped her big sister get pageant ready. She carried T's gown and make-up bags and brought T water back-stage during intermission. After the talent portion, KJ leaned over to me and whispered, "I think it's between T and Myra for talent. If T doesn't win talent, she's won the whole thing." Well, the little stinker was right. It was like an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras (minus the gay dads). All the other girls were getting awards but T just stood there. Then, they finally called her name (unlike Toddlers & Tiaras, she's was NOT named "Ultimate Grand Supreme" or anything like that!). She received a wonderful gift basket with lots of goodies and gift cards from local businesses and she'll get to ride in one of the local Christmas parades. I think she is also asked to participate in a couple of other charitable events throughout the year. Danielle, the sweet, sweet girl who won last year (and is the current Alabama's Distinguished Young Woman) wrote her a very lovely note about how #39 seems to be the lucky contestant number . . . Danielle was #39 last year when she won Miss Sweetheart, Danielle was also #39 for both the Shelby County and Alabama's DYW and it was also their friend Mi'a's number in Alabama's Outstanding Teen Pageant.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Warming Up a Bit

Another great week for the record books; gearing up for another one!
Champ is in Atlanta this weekend for the first of many tournaments the elite teams will play in this summer. T is participating in a local pageant tomorrow afternoon benefiting a couple of charities (I'm such a dork, I can never remember if this pageant is for the American Cancer Society or for the American Heart Association). Although it will officially be announced tomorrow, she has made the US Lacrosse First Team All-State for the second year in a row. She has also been selected to play in the first ever US Lacrosse Alabama/Mississippi Chapter All-Star Showcase tomorrow night. Fortunately, both events are on this side of town so she may be playing lacrosse in her gown, high heels and full-on pageant make-up.

This week KJ "graduates" from elementary school and is really looking forward to the pool party afterwards. The other day I referred to her as a middle schooler and she corrected me and said, "no, I'm an intermediate-r." I ran into the mom of one of KJ's friends the other night and she said her daugther is positively freaking out about wearing a bathing suit to the post-graduation ceremony party. I just hate that. Makes me sad that this sweet little girl may miss her party because she's worried about a bunch of bratty 5th grade boys and girls teasing her. It's just not right that a little prepubescent 5th grader has to worry about her weight or her looks. I really and truly believe all these women, you know the ones I'm talking about . . . those moms that constantly talk about fitting into a certain size or tries to lose a bunch of weight right before she goes to the beach, always talking about dieting and obsessively exercises. Those are the moms not helping the situation. Kids pick up on this stuff. Little girls overhear things. Every time you stand in front of the mirror, put your hands on your hips and pout, "God I am SO fat!" they are watching you and picking up on it. You have just reititerated that you, that they, are not enough. Believe me, I think healthy eating habits and proper exercise are important but a healthy self esteem is more important. Do I wish I was 5 or 10 lbs lighter? Sure. But I'm a 4'11" middle aged-woman who comes from hardy Polish peasant stock. It's in my genes. I am built like all of my great aunts . . . short, plump and proportionate. Sure, I wish I was a 5' 9" golden blonde amazon with high Nordic cheekbones. Not gonna happen so I just work with what I have. And quite honestly, I'm happy with what I have. And feel blessed to be me. I like my sweet little size 5 feet. I like the junk in my trunk that fills out my jeans. My friend Margee reminds me all the time, "it's all about the booty." I like my size 38 C breasts. They are not store-bought like many of my friends, they are ALL me. I have a doctor's appointment in a few days and will not be surprised if they find another lump in those 38C (almost D) jubblies during the breast exam. I've found a lump and have been preparing Cosmo in the event another biopsy is necessary. If so, it is what it is. Been down this road before and came out of it fine. This time will be no different.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Fast

Another week and another weekend just went by way too fast.

T had her dance showcase Thursday night and everyone did a GREAT job! I can not believe how fast this year has flown by! She only has a few short days left of her junior year. Today we had a tea for the senior girls and had a nice time. Lots of good food and the punch was delicious! T asked me to get the recipe from the mom who made it (alas, still no tea served at today's tea. Just don't get that). You can just tell the senior girls are so ready to go. A couple of them were talking about sororities and I just don't see Tbone joining a sorority. She's such an non-conformist and doesn't really need affirmation from others. She's her own person and I totally love that about her.

A year or two ago a friend gave me a GREAT book to read about campus greek life. Fraternities and sororities are a whole new world to me. Up North, it's really not a big deal. As a matter of fact, I don't think any of my high school girl friends joined sororities and most of the guys I knew in fraternities were absolute A-holes. The book was a real eye-opener for me and I think it is a must read for any parent about to send their child off to college. Unfortunately, I think a lot of parents (particularly those mom's who are living superficially thru their daughters) will miss the point of the book entirely. As with most things in life, there are two side to each story and I think it's important for every child to have enough information to make good solid decisions they are comfortable with.

While I've heard some wonderful things about greek life (the life-long bonds/friendship, etc.), I've also heard some horror stories and do know a few girls who ending up leaving sororities because it interfered with their course load too much. I'm not knocking sororities but I do find it interesting that the majority of the book reviewers (most of who are sorority sisters themselvs) do not disagree that these things happen in a sorority:

"After all, everyone knows sororities can be exclusive, conformist, and superficial organizations. Following four sorority sisters through their first year in the house, a world of sex, drugs, eating disorders, and insecurity is revealed as well as the extreme pressure brought to bear on these young women to repress their own natural instincts, desires, and inclinations in order to fit in with an amazingly shallow and often unworthy group of friends. Where the author really scores is in her analysis of why otherwise intelligent and sensitive women would sacrifice their independence, and often self-respect, for the sake of an artificially engineered secret society."

"I am not blind enough to sit here and say " I have NEVER seen any of these things described in the book. That is simply not true. The alcohol, the parties, the date rape, the eating disorders- it's all there. Maybe it wasn't a part of my sorority, or yours, but it's been a part of someone's. Every chapter, on every campus, is different. One of my sorority's chapters at a major university was closed due to hazing. Yet, I was never once hazed in any way. It all depends where you are and the people who are there with you.

I didn't read this book thinking that the author was exposing "sororities everywhere." But I do think she provides a good depiction of how MANY sorority chapters operate. I think she also remained very objective in her writing. And, just think back to junior high or high school- the same catty girls, pressure to conform, etc. It's not all that different."

"I am a currently graduating member of a sorority at a large campus. I read this book out of curiosity, but I came out feeling like I'd just seen my life in the mirror. "Dress Checks",binge drinking, and "selling the sorority" were what I endured for several years. While I did not encounter everything in the book, like hazing and drug abuse, I absolutely believe that this book is a fairly accurate representation of what goes on in these societies. Sororities will probably never change, but I hope that sisters will read this book and allow themselves to recognize their own lives in it."

"Being a member of a sorority at a large Midwestern university made me want to read this book and I definitely was not disappointed! I have recommended it to all of my sorority sisters... and anyone else who would like to read it. While I dont think that the main characters of the book are a great protrayal of all sorority sisters, they were still so fun to read about. I felt that the author was fair in her writings but since she was at a Southern university, where sororities are everything, I feel that this book does give a slightly off idea to non-Greeks on what sorority life is like. Not all sororities haze or are as cruel or superficial as some of the girls are in the story. Even though they weren't your everyday sorority, they made for a great book."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

End of Year Parties and Such

This time of year is always so busy with the school year winding down, spring sports coming to an end, school activities ending, etc. KJ's middle school lax team has one last game this weekend and we'll try to do the team party afterward. Auburn has started a youth program and their middle school girls want to play some Birmingham teams to gain experience. The girls were freaking out thinking they were playing Auburn the college team. I don't think they realize that Auburn is a town too, not just a college. T had her girls varsity lax party on Saturday, last night was the boys turn at a local Mexican restaurant. We had a good time as always but it was kind of comical how many parents asked Cosmo at the end of the night if he was planning to come back next year (I don't know if they were asking out of concern -- i.e., "Boy! I hope Coach comes back next year" or if it was more like "Boy! I hope Coach hangs up his cleats next year!"). They know it was a rough year and those close to us know he personally struggled with missing out on some of his daughter's events. The girls, however, are totally OK w/ him coaching and are so proud of him. They BEG him not to quit (unlike their mother). I've been asking him for months if he's planning to coach next year and still haven't gotten a straight answer out of him.

KJ's 5th grade graduation is coming up and this weekend T & I are attending a Buccanettes tea honoring the seniors. I've been to several "teas" since moving to the South . . . bridal teas, baby shower teas, pageant teas, etc. but have never actually been served a cup of tea at any of these events. Interesting. I think I'm going to buy a big ass hat and wear it to Sunday's tea to liven things up!

Time to take down my spring/earth/nature/French Flea Market/orinthology-themed tablescape and time to start thinking about my summer tablescape. Loved the table I did last year but always like to change things up a bit. While doing research I found some inspiration in an old post from "Between Naps on the Porch." My table last year had very similar elements: casual seagrass placemats, lots of shells, lots of candles, shabby-chic shell patterned plates, pacific blue accent plates, sea glass, lots of layers, blue cobalt rimmed Mexican bubble glassware (see May 23, 2010 blog post).

Guess I'll get my table up this weekend and do a little side-by-side photo comparison!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Absolutely, positively obsessed with hats lately! First the royal wedding and then Derby day! I'm all about the accessories and could totally rock a Derby hat. I would wear something classy and elegant like this:

Or This:

But not like this:

or This:

and DEFINATELY not like this:

Big Feet Part 2

(My children are mad at me because I blogged about their big feet the other day)

"Don't mess with anybody on a Monday. It's a bad, bad day." -- Louise Fitzhugh

Had such an amazing, relaxing weekend. First full week that I didn't have to cheer someone on at the lacrosse field and it felt so nice. So normal!

Had the house to myself Friday night and enjoyed some peace and quiet. Cosmo took KJ & a friend to the Drive-In movie at Regions park. I'm pretty sure it was the same company that we used for her movie birthday party last year. We paid for one size screen, they upgraded us to the next larger size but Cosmo said the screen Friday night was GIGANTIC and the sound system was awesome! I spent Friday afternoon at the salon getting a much needed haircut. My hair has never been this long. I love it! T had a friend's b-day dinner that night but her car wouldn't start so she took my car. She spent the night and worked at the lacrosse store the next morning and from there went to her end of year lacrosse party. She was home for a few minutes and then off to hang out w/ her friend Devon.

Saturday morning Cosmo got up early and headed to Samford for the men's game. He played, not coached. The old man's still got it. I'm so proud of him for being active and still playing lacrosse. He's out there playing with guys 20+ years younger than him but he can totally still hold his own. It's a tough, tough sport and the younger guys love playing with him. He knows the game, knows what he's talking about when he coaches and hits like a Mack truck. Interestingly, he told me he didn't score any goals this game but did have a lot of assists. The old guys crushed the younger guys and he said they were beating the youngsters so bad, they actually gave them several of the older players to even things up.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day with Cosmo and the girls. They spoiled me and I loved every minute of it! Saturday night Cosmo & KJ bought some flowers and hanging baskets for the back deck to brighten things up out there. Sunday morning Cosmo & I slept in (so nice!) and then he and the girls made me my favorite breakfast in bed: French toast, a cup of tea and a couple of mimosas! I love breakfast in bed. Not because I'm a princess but because while I'm eating Cosmo & the girls join me in bed and we just catch up and snuggle as one big happy family. After breakfast we had Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and opened presents. Cosmo bought me a day at the spa and the girls bought me an awesome Alabama hat! I luv, luv, luv it. It's SO me! Cosmo put the new battery in T's car and then made my favorite Sunday dinner before he left for all-star practice. I spent the rest of the day doing a few things with the girls. T had a bunch of DYW stuff to do and KJ & I made chocolate tarts and watched a movie together.

Got good news from my eye doctor today: we're going to give soft contact lenses another go around! Whoo! Hoo! I absolutely, positively HATE wearing my hard lenses. They are so scratchy, so uncomfortable, so gritty. Blech. Very excited about the possibility of soft lenses again!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Feet

Last night I took T shopping; tonight was KJ's turn and boy are my feet tired! I feel like I walked all over that mall last night. T has some parties coming up and needed some new things to wear and she also needed a suit for her interviews. She bought the cutest little suit in Belk and a great pair of white patent leather peep toe pumps to wear with it. She looked so professional and so grown up! She has such a great sense of style and it's been interesting watching her develop her own personal style over the years. She likes taking fashion risks and has never follwed the crowd. She doesn't like to dress like everyone else and stays away from big national chain stores. She luvs, luvs, luvs to shop in little out of the way boutiques as well as consignment shops and can really pull an outfit together. She knows her likes and dislikes and doesn't waiver when she shops and doesn't "settle" for something if she can't find exactly what she's looking for.

While Cosmo & T were at BamaLax try-outs tonight, I took KJ shopping for a 5th grade graduation outfit (let's not go there. I can NOT believe she's graduating from 5th grade! I've had a kid at that elementary school since 1999!). Fortunately, we both loved the first dress she tried on. She also bought super cute shoes in a size 7. Guess I won't be borrowing them anytime soon. She definitely has bigger feet than T did at this age. And, at the time, I thought T's feet were HUGE. T wore a pair of my beige kitten heels to her 5th grade graduation and I remember thinking she was doomed to having huge man-feet (she's kind of maxed out at an 8 - 8 1/2). Back then, I just couldn't believe my little 5th grader was wearing a size 5. Now, KJ's size 7 doesn't even phase me in the least. I have completely accepted the fact that both of my girls will be several inches taller than me and have bigger feet.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May the Fourth be with You !!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Are!

Penn State!!!

I've always, always, always loved the fact that there was healthy respect between Alabama and Penn State football fans. While there are certainly much bigger things than football going on in the world right now, it's wonderful to know that my Northern breathren stepped up and answered the call for help. The Nittany Whiteout blog post was written just a few short hours after the tornado hit Ttown. Amazing.


Monday, May 2, 2011

What a week of Extremes

Last week was probably one of the craziest weeks in local, national, and international news.

Wednesday night's tornadoes have left so much devastation in their wake. It's still very, very hard to fathom. While I don't have any family here and don't really know where some of the towns affected are located on the map, I certainly know how it feels to be worried about loved ones and friends. For us, this is reminiscent of 9/11. The not knowing, the who, the what, where. The rumors, the desperation to find out any information, the sense of wanting to help but not even knowing where to start, the greving process. The rebuilding.

All of my chicks were in the next Wednesday night when the storms hit. We were watching James Spann on TV and saw the tornado touchdown in Ttown. Shortly after that we lost power until 9 or 10 PM. We had our phones and FB and Twitter but had no idea what was happening downtown Bham or north of the city. Then, our cell phones died and we couldn't charge them because the power was out. When the power finally did come on, we didn't have cable so we didn't realize the magnatitude of the storm until Thursday morning. Immediately, Cosmo started texting and FB'ing his "boys" @ Alabama to make sure everyone was OK. We sat at the kitchen table and made a quick list of the students we could think of: not only his Hoover lax boys but the boys we know from other schools in Birmingham, the kids from our neighborhood, so and so's son from work, the dentist's daughter, girls T danced w/ at the studio, KJ's teacher's son, our friend Randy's neice, older siblings of some of the girl's friends, friends in the Huntsville area, etc. All day long we updated each other, "Ok, I heard from XXX; he's OK." "I just spoke w/ XXX's mom, they didn't get in touch w/ her until late last night but she's safe." Thankfully, everyone we know is safe and accounted for.

On Friday, there was a bright ray of sunshine when the ENTIRE planet watched the Royal Wedding. The females in my house are obsessed with Kate, Will, Harry and of course, Pippa! Kate Middleton is so elegant, so mature, so classy and so incredibly poised. I think Diana is looking down and is thoroughly pleased with her son's choice for a wife.
We TiVo'd the big event PLUS all of the shows leading up to it: stuff on TLC, 20/20, E, etc. Still can't get enough! KJ and I were watching a show on Charles & Diani and saw some of their wedding day footage. KJ said, "Mom. She doesn't look very happy." And she really didn't. Looking back now, everyone can see the sadness and sorrow in her eyes. Kate, on the other hand, really seemed to enjoy the moment. From the minute she walked out of the car with her father, she seemed to be taking it all in and savoring every bit of it. We all agree that Wills is not going to age well and will be totally bald by his 30th b-day. Harry, on the other hand, was the goofy looking one and is now quite handsome and rugged. Pippa, well, Pippa kind of stole a little of the spotlight from her big sister. She is just as stunningly beautiful and elegant as her sister and that MOH dress was to die for. I love the photos of Pippa holding the little girl's hands and corralling them into the Abbey and I also LOVE the photos of her helping Kate w/ her train. Their mom, Carol, also looked very beautiful. Fergie's kids, on the other hand, looked ridiculous in their crazy hats.
Then, last night Americans rec'd word that Osma Bin Laden has been killed and buried at sea in keeping with the Muslim custom of being buried within 24 hours. When I got into work this morning, a friend ask how I felt about Bin Laden being killed. As a New Yorker, do I feel vindicated? Do I have some closure? My answer, No. Not because I'm vengeful but because it will not bring back the friends we lost.

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"There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." -- Sylvia Plath

“Life is too important to be taken seriously.” – Oscar Wilde

If people are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other, they will find a way.~Gilda Radner

“Never judge a day by its weather. Sunshine is uplifting; rain, nourishing; wind, exhilarating; snow, cleansing; hail, stimulating. Any weather is better than none.” -- Author Unknown

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." -- Sophia Loren

"I know I'm vulgar, but would you have me any other way?" -- Elizabeth Taylor

"After thirty, a body has a mind of its own." -- Bette Midler

"Cherish forever what makes you unique, 'cuz you're really a yawn if it goes." -- Bette Midler

“I know I can be diva-ish sometimes, but I have to be in control. The nature of my life, the nature of what I do, is divadom, it really is." -- Mariah Carey

"I want minimum information given with maximum politeness." -- Jackie Kennedy Onassis

"I've been called a diva, queen diva, diva supreme, and I love it. However, that's really for others to decide, not me." -- Aretha Franklin

"No one loves a party more than I. I am a people person." -- Aretha Franklin

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all." -- Jackie Kennedy Onassis
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