Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Comfy Couch

Anybody remember this show???

Finally broke down this weekend and bought a new couch for the family room!  Yay!  Yay!  Yay!!!  Our old couch has definitely seen better days and really needs to just go away.  Honestly, we shouldn't have even bothered moving it to MD from AL.  Basically, we bought the same exact couch from the same exact company just in a slightly different shade and a slightly different fabric.  We walked in the front door of the furniture store and it was the very first display.  It took all of about 10 minutes.  Once my mind is made up, that's it.  I didn't even look at anything else.

From there we took my parents to lunch and then did some shopping in Rockville at The Container Store (somehow Cosmo and I walked out with a $200 stainless steel kitchen trash can that closes by itself) and The Fresh Market.  We bought incredible steaks, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli slaw and garlic knots for Sunday dinner.

Saturday night we met my cousin Al at Uncle Julio's for dinner.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so the Washingtonian was jammed packed but we enjoyed swirly drinks and chips before we were seated.  I usually have one of their salads but this time I went outside the box and had a delicious shrimp combination.

Sunday morning Bagel Boy took good care of all of us and after my parents left we started round 2 of "Cos Fam House Hunters."  As much as we've enjoyed living in this house, it's time to move on.  KJ loves the school district and is very excited about going to high school next year so we'll be staying in the same town.

The first house open house we went to was spectacular!  Exceptionally well-maintained with two master bedroom suites (KJ claimed one, natch), a full finished lower level with a work-out studio, wet bar and a theater room, in-ground pool with a detached two-car garage and a pool cabana.  The house had an amazing view from the deck and master bedroom.  Unfortunately, we hated the neighborhood.  It's such a shame.  The house is amazing but the neighborhood is awful.  And we need to think about re-sale.  So, scratch that one.

House #2 was my favorite of the open houses we went to.  Beautiful gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops, custom cherry cabinets, a wine cooler and top of the line Jenn-Air appliances.  Off the kitchen was a great sun-room, and french doors off the family room led to a new Trex deck, in-ground pool and hot tub with a completely fenced in yard. This house had a pretty rocking chair front porch and the best part was the amazing two-level master bedroom suite. Loved the neighborhood -- 20 or so homes in a quiet cul-de-sac.  Needs a few things done but nothing major; mostly just cosmetic.

House #3 was adorable but way too small for us.  Nice neighborhood, great price, beautifully decorated and incredibly well maintained older home.  But very, very small.  I don't think our king bed would fit in the master and the mast bath was only a "3/4" (no tub, just a shower) with only one sink.  I mean, c'mon.  A girl needs her jetted tub and her own sink!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Peeps

So nice to have all of my peeps home for Easter!  And, oddly enough, I didn't have any of my favorite Easter candy.  So not like me!!!

T flew in late Thursday night and Friday Cosmo and the girls spent the day at Kings Dominion.  Saturday we had a nice, leisurely day walking around DC and Georgetown.  It was such a beautiful day we decided not to waste the sunshine by going to an indoor museum.  We just strolled and people watched and walked and talked.  We love to park at the Capital and walk down one side of the Mall and back up the other.  T said the pea gravel and wide Mall reminded her of our trip to Paris with it's wide boulevards and le Jardin des Tuileries.  Made my heart so happy to hear that!  Lots of families picnicking on the mall, lots of kite flying, some flag football games going on and even some adult kickball games.  We had a fun, late lunch at Thunder Burger in Georgetown: and did some shopping.  Georgetown was hopping and I always love the vibe.  Saturday night T finally got to taste the wonderful goodness that is Jimmie Cone.

T had to fly out super early Sunday morning but on her way back to Oxford from Memphis she had a nice little visit with her cousin and his family.  They are military and are in the process of transitioning from New Orleans to Memphis.  T is SO excited to have some family nearby!

Sunday Cosmo's niece and her husband joined us for Easter Dinner.  I had only met Matt once and hadn't see Kristen since another niece's wedding in 2009!  We had a nice time catching up and hope to see more of them!

My folks arrive tomorrow and will be here through the weekend.  My mom wants to go to the Franciscan Monastery while they're here and my dad wants to go to the Air and Space Museum  My parents are used to high 80's coming from Florida and my mom wanted to know if we had opened our pool yet.  Ummmmm......

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reign of Cuteness

Royal Cuteness alert!  Have you seen the pictures or video of Prince William and Princess Kate's trip to New Zealand?  That Prince George is a big, healthy, happy looking baby!  I love how he's just playing on the floor with a bunch of other kids around his age.  He seems so well adjusted and Kate's on the floor with him like any other mom at playgroup.  And Prince William looks so relaxed and comfortable chatting with the other parents.

And, of course, the Internet is a-buzz with talk of the black and white dress Kate is wearing (a Tory Burch number from her 2014 Resort collection).   Unfortunately, the dress has sold out!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Finally!  A book worth reading!  I just finished reading "The Museum of Extraordinary Things" by Alice Hoffman and loved every minute of it!  I started reading it Saturday afternoon and couldn't put it down.  I finished this morning and it was one of those books that I didn't want to end.  So beautifully written.  I love reading about old New York and was thoroughly entranced by this book.

Unfortunately, I hated "Bread and Butter" immensely.  Another one of my recent reads that didn't live up to all the hype.  The three brothers were so unlikeable; I couldn't relate to any of them and thought the reviews were way off.  One of the reviews I read said something about "hilarious insights to the inner workings of a restaurant."  Hilarious?  Terribly depressing was more like it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bath Junkie

I'm a bath junkie and I'm a product junkie.  There.  I admit it.  I love a good bubble bath and I love to try different creams, lotions and potions.  I'll try expensive stuff, I'll try drugstore items.  

One of my favorite products of all time is Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath and Baby Bedtime Lotion.  Since I have such a hard time relaxing at night and getting a good night's sleep, I love the smell of this stuff!    Sometimes it's hard to find in the store so when I see it, I'll buy it multiples.  

 I've used St. Ives Apricot Scrub since I was a teenager but as I got older I found it was a little too abrasive for my face.  St. Ives now carries a Green Tea Scrub which is very gentle.  They also have a new Oatmeal Scrub & Mask which I really like to use in the bath with some chamomile teabags over my eyes.

After I've taken care of my face, I work my way down to my feet and use a delicious smelling foot scrub.  Every night I use a peppermint foot lotion on my feet before I go to bed.  I have super smooth, very soft feet.  T tells me they look like baby's feet.  Whatever.  Better than nasty, gnarly old lady bunion feet!  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So Proud!!!

KJ had a vball scrimmage last night and although I've watched her play many, many times, I still am amazed every time I watch her play!  Listen, I know almost nothing about the game other than "hit it over the net" and "don't let it hit the floor."  The rotations are incredibly confusing to me and let's face it . . . this 5ft. mama didn't get much volleyball playing time in PE.

KJ has a helluva serve on her.  She's so incredibly consistent and smooth.  She's got a rocket arm and can always be counted on to put some points on the board.  This year she's setting and she's so, so good.  She plays the court well and knows right where she needs to be.  She doesn't get rattled when the pressure's on and goes hard.  If anything, she gets upset with some of her teammates to who don't put forth the effort.  She digs deep and isn't afraid to use her knee pads to slide across the court.

I love watching her play and can't help but smile and think back to those first few games at POP (2nd grade?  3rd grade?).  All the parents hooted and cheered like it was the gold medal round in the Olympics if the serve made it over the net.  We've come along way from those days!

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