Monday, March 31, 2008

Some of T's Lax Pics from this Weekend's Tournament

Mr. Stevens

Kudos to our local paper for once again making our high school/town out to be a bunch of bullies and bad guys. I'm not sure which lacrosse game Mr. Stevens attended yesterday afternoon but it was not the same tournament championship game I was sitting at. Mr. Stevens apparently only wrote about what he "saw" rather than what he "heard." At this juncture I'd like to state that I can neither confirm nor deny reports that Mr. Stevens is hearing and/or visually impaired. His article is riddled w/ inaccuracies and errors. He must not have "heard" the Brentwood player repeatedly telling our parents to shut the F**K up, he must not have "heard" the Brentwood player telling his own teammate to shut the F**K up and he must not have heard the Brentwood player hocking a big loogie at our fans every chance he got. Mr. Stevens must not have heard the Brentwood player head butt Connor C which resulted in the altercation on the field. Mr. Stevens also failed to mention that our 3 players were served severe penalties not because of the situation on the field. It was because we've never, in 3 years of play, had a fight on the field. One of our new players did not know that you are not to step on the field under any circumstances during a dead ball situation. His teammate stepped out onto the field to bring him back to the sidelines. Apparently, the Brentwood team is quite familiar w/ this scenario. From what one of the refs told me, the minute the situation on the field escalated, one of Brentwood's assistant coaches screamed at everyone on the sidelines "to take a knee."

Again, I'd like to thank Mr. Stevens for focusing on one negative situation during one of the biggest lacrosse tournaments in the southeast. Mr. Stevens choose to ignore the other 45 teams that played in the tournament, the hundreds of thousands of dollars these out of town guests spent in our local hotels and restaurants and the efforts of hundreds of volunteers to put on this event of this magnitude. Well done Mr. Stevens.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lax Day 2

Big Day of lax again. The FaceOff tent was consistently busy but not crazy like yesterday. Sold all of our sweatshirts due to the crappy weather so that was kind of cool! To clarify yesterday's post, the obnoxious kids and parents were out of towners, not anyone local! Most of the local kids know either me or Chris and would never give us a hard time.

Our Varsity team played a team from Brentwood, TN in the championship game but lost in sudden death over-time. They had a really, really good goalie but the rest of the team was nasty and obnoxious. We had a "little" altercation on the field and I'm particularly proud of Connor C. He's probably one of the most laid back kids I've ever met but this kid from Brentwood kept mouthing off to his own teammates, our players and even our parents (he actually yelled at our parents and told us all to shut the "F**K up" multiple times). He got into Connor's face and Connor let him have it! I don't condone that kind of behavior on the field but boy oh boy did this kid deserve it.

KJ had fun today w/ some of the player's little sisters.. They kept her occupied which was good. T's varsity team lost both their games today but we were proud of her; she was one of the only girls to take a couple of shots on goal. Hey, if you don't shoot, you can't score! She was a little bummed and disappointed which is kind of unusual for her. She normally doesn't let the score get her down. I'm not making excuses for our girl's team but you can definately see we still have some work to do compared to some of these other out of town teams. Our coaches are all volunteers and have "real" jobs, we practice 2 days/week whereas some of these other teams practice every day. Plus, some of these teams have been playing together for years as compared to us "newbies." We'll get there. I keep telling T just think how good they'll be when she's a junior or senior (keep in mind she's only an 8th grader, the other T on our team is an 8th grader and Victoria is a 7th grader!).

After the tournament end, all the local coaches and refs sat on the observation deck atop the big "party" bus and had ribs. I don't know if I was just really hungry or what, but these ribs were the best ribs I've ever had in my life. I think they were from Golden Rule BBQ.

So, back to the real world tomorrow. I have to help Chris unpack the U-haul and re-stock the store. T has lax practice AND a softball game. Her next lax game is Wednesday but w/ Dance Team try-outs looming, I think she wants to go to Hip Hop class instead. Tuesday is Toopid Tuesday (I can't think of anything else that rhymes w/ Tuesday) . . . Chris has lax games, both girls have dance, and I'm sure someone's got a softball game to go to. I hope it rains. We really need a night to just chill as a family.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

All lacrosse, all Day

OMG. My feet hurt. My back hurts. I'm pooped and I feel like I'm covered in a thick layer of red Alabama clay.
Last night we loaded up the U-Haul w/ stuff from the store to take to the lax tournament. This morning Chris unloaded and set everything up at the fields and started off w/ a bang. The buses dropped all the kids and their parents off right in front of our tent and we were inundated from the get go. T-shirts, shorts, sticks, gloves, cups (athletic supporters) name it, we sold it. I met some really great kids today, I met some really rotten kids today (and their rotten nasty parents). T only had one game today and she was a really great help in the tent (flirting a bit w/ some of the boys). KJ was bored out of her mind but was a really good sport. I tried to keep her busy w/ bubbles, sticker books, Mad Libs, etc. It was a really long day and Chris was able to load everything back on the truck before the rain hit.
Back at it tomorrow bright and early!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Check out the hubby getting interviewed by local TV at last night's game vs. Hayes High School. This game was history in the making . . . Hayes High School is the first inner-city school in the state of Alabama to have a lacrosse team. A couple of Chris's buddies from his men's team started the high school team and Chris was instramental in helping them get equipment donated from the major lax retailers. He handled their uniforms for them and FaceOff donated additional equipment. Last night was their first game ever and they played our JV squad. It was a great game and the Hayes boys played their hearts out. They also had a big crowd in the stands. So, if you have nothing to do Friday night, check out the 9 PM and 9:30 PM newscast on Fox 6 (also keep an eye out for a big article in the B'ham news!)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

"To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves --there lies the great, singular power of self-respect." -- Joan Didion
"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." -- Erma Bombeck
"A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold." --Henry Miller
I'm so tired this morning. We've been "going" all-week and it's catching up to me. I've also been trying to stick to a routine which is definately helping me sleep at night. I'm trying to go on the treadmill first thing in the morning and then do my daily stuff. I've cut out naps in the afternoons and I'm taking my viatmins again.
Busy night again tonight: T las a softball game, KJ has softball practice and Chris has 2 lax games. Fortunately, everything is around the same time and at the same sports complex. This time of the year I always feel like we're not eating well. The girls are getting plenty of exercise but we're eating ballpark food or something fast.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go T! Go T!

T-Bone Scored Her Very First Career Goal 2Nite vs. John Carroll!
Needless to Say, PapaBear was VERY Proud!! (MamaBear too!)

Roma !!!

Taylor & I rec'd the most incredible news today regarding our Europe trip this spring. Instead of 3 days in NYC, we are now going to ROME!!!! I said ROME!!!! Holy freakin' cow!!! When I read the e-mail from the teacher/sponsor, I started to cry I was so excited. NYC, London & Paris was going to be great but ROME, London & Paris are even better!!! I e-mailed him back and told him T was going to lose her mind when she found out. He e-mailed me back and said yes, she just about went thru the roof when he pulled her aside and told her. Don't get me wrong, we love NY. We're in NY often. We can go to NY anytime. But Rome????
P.S. Julie, Tracy -- it's not too late to sign up!

Our new itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Fly overnight to Italy
Day 2: Rome
Day 3: Guided tour of the Vatican City including the Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica. Guided tour of Rome including the Colosseum.
Day 4: Travel to Assisi and visit the Basilica of St. Francis
Day 5: Take overnight train to Florence and tour the leaning tower of Pisa and attend a leather making demonstration in Florence. Board a night train to Paris.
Day 6: Guided tour of Paris including Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Visit Notre Dame. Walking tour of Paris includes the opera district and tuleries (I think that means "gardens"). Visit the Louvre. (this is going to be a very, very busy day!)
Day 7: Free day in Paris OR optional tour to Versaille (as much as I would love to see Versaille, I think T & I would enjoy spending the day having cafe au lait at a sidewalk cafe, and sharing a hunk of cheese and some bread in a park (maybe a bottle of vino for me!).
Day 8: Travel on the Eurostar to London. Walking tour of London includes Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Leisester Square.
Day 9: Guided tour of London: Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge.
Day 10: Depart for home!
I've heard that Italian men like blondes and pinch their butts on the streets.

“In Rome, the emperor sat in a special part of the Coliseum called the Caesarian Section" --George Carlin

Green Grocer???

So I picked up few things today at my local grocery store on my way home from doing my errands. They have these great red canvas re-usable shopping totes for 99 cents. I thought I would buy a couple of bags this time, buy a couple more the next time I shopped. You know, just trying to do my part for the environment. Well, the ding-a-ling bagging my groceries actually put the 2 totes I just bought in a PLASTIC SACK! I told him he could use the 2 totes and he looked at me and said, "For Real??" So much for trying to save the environment!
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." -- C.S. Lewis
"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." --Christopher Reeve

"Once you say you're going to settle for second, that's what happens to you. " - John F. Kennedy
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars." - Les Brown
Looks like it's going to be a nice day today. I've got some errands to run and then T has a lax game tonight. We were in Cabo and missed her very first game so I'm really looking forward to seeing her playtonight. She's very fast. I had one of those "a-ha" moments last night w/ her. After playing a full game of softball, she said, "If we hurry I can make dance class." Despite her softball and lacrosse schedules, she really wants to get in as much dance as she can before dance team try-outs in April. She's a really good kid. I can't complain. Yes, sometimes her room is messy, sometimes she goes a little crazy w/ the text messages but overall, she's a good kid and I was truly amazed that she would want to dance for over an hour after running around the softball field. She's very good at managing her time and she's very responsible. I think we'll keep her.
I still really need to do some grocery shopping one of these days and yes! the damn crawfish is STILL alive!!!
I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. --Helen Keller
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. --Peter F. Drucker
There is enough for all. The earth is a generous mother; she will provide in plentiful abundance food for all her children if they will but cultivate her soil in justice and in peace. --Nietzsche

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm pooped

So my car didn't start again today when I tried to go grocery shopping earlier this morning. I called Chris, he bought a new battery and installed it at lunch time. So, there's still nothing to eat in the house.

T & KJ both had softball games. They both lost but KJ had some awesome hits! I mean BIG hits. She played Catcher a couple of innings. T's game was weird. I think they messed up the clock or something and because I was doing Dugout Mom duty @ KJ's game, I missed most of T's game. Anyway, it was a nice night and it felf good to be outside.

Spoke to Chris and he said his game vs. Huntsviille was tough but they won. Not sure if that was JV or Varisty (I'm assuming Varsity).

Will You Marry Me?

I just checked the Paris Daily Photo Blog like I do every morning and Eric (I say this like I know the guy!) has one of the most romantic posts ever!!! Check out the link when you have time. Very sweet and I think it was very sweet of Eric (again, we're on a first name basis!! ha!) to take the photo and post it.

2 fer Tuesday

"You can do anything if you're willing to deal with the response. I'd take whatever anybody would dish out for the right to be myself." -- Whoopi Goldberg

Both girls have their regular dance lessons tonight and both girls have softball games. There's no way in hell they're going to make it to dance. Chris has lax games tonight in Cullman (they're playing Huntsville and Cullman was a neutral, half-way point) so he's out of the picture for tonight. I feel bad that we'll be missing his game. I really like to go to his games and cheer the boys on / be moral support for Chris. I like to think that he coaches better knowing we're in the stands. :-)

We've been watching John Adams on HBO. We've TiVo'd it and now we're all caught up. I can't wait for some of the other shows we watch to start up again: Desperate Housewives, My Name is Earl, Entourage, etc. Lost has been really, really good this season.

"It is best to act with confidence, no matter how little right you have to it." -- Lillian Hellman

Monday, March 24, 2008


That's what Deborah (our GPS system -- yes, we've named her) says when we change our course or direction. Case in point ... tonight was supposed to be one of those running around crazy kind of nights. Who's going where, who's driving who to which practice, what's for dinner, etc. KJ had softball practice @ 4 PM and T had lax @ 6 PM. Unfortunately my car wouldn't start this afternoon when I was trying to take KJ to softball. I think we may have left one of the dome lites on all night after we unloaded the car last night. Chris made it home around 5 PM and helped jumped start the car but it was too late to take her to practice. So we had meatball heros as a family and Chris took T to lax. KJ and I ended up having a nice quiet evening and she read me a lovely story about Flower Princesses.

Birthday Shout-Outs:
Abby Grace (yesterday)
my Brother Who Shall Not Be Named (tomorrow)

Back to Reality

Sorry for the obnoxiously large picture up top. I can't figure out how to make it smaller.

Can't believe yesterday we were wearing capri's / shorts and today the girls wore sweatshirts to school. Poor T. she came down the steps wearing the sundress Chris bought her on the beach Saturday. It was 33 degrees this morning so I made her go back upstairs and change.

So much to do today AND both girls have practices tonight .... KJ has softball and T has lax.

PS: OMG!!!! Stupid crawfish is STILL ALIVE and KICKING!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Sweet Home?

Back in Bama. Ride from Ft. Myers was fine. No traffic, no bad weather. We came home a different way this time (up Hwy 280 for a long, long time) and I think that's why we avoided a lot of traffic.

Tons of e-mails to catch up, tons of laundry to catch up on.

Chris & T drove in from Pensacola Friday night. We played some mini golf and it was nice to have my family together again. Saturday, unfortunately, was a rainy, dreary day. We still managed to have fun on the beach. We had a good breakfast at our favorite little Greek place, did some shopping and spent some time on the beach before the rain set in. The girls were out in the water and a dolphin came right up to them. I have some really cool pics to post. We had lunch at a place called the Beached Whale and the power went out right in the middle of our lunch. Basically, all of Ft. Myers Beach lost power. Saturday night we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner (I love that place and can't believe the one on Hwy 280 closed down!). We were on the road bright and early this morning.

Glad to be in my own bed. I think I've been home 36 hours in the last 2 weeks.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Spent the morning on the beach. KJ & I had breakfast at our favorite little Greek place (I love having breakfast on the beach but it was weird not having sausage or bacon). The dolphins were really active this morning and hung around the beach well into the early afternoon.

Chris & T-bone are on their way from Pensacola. Chris said the place Julie & Glen rented was gorgeous! I guess Chris tried to stop in Tallahassee today and have lunch w/ his 2 neices at FSU but they were busy.

T was asked to attend a "casting" for Allstate in Chicago on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately for us it's a 10-hour car ride or a $400 flight (times 2 tixs). Guess we'll just have to miss this one but it's cool that her name/face is getting out there.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lazy Thursday, but hey!!! Lost is On 2Nite

OK. This is the 3rd time I'm trying to post this. My wireless connection down here is the pits and I'm having a hard time posting pics and what not.

Cousin Heather left this morning but her flight to Cleveland was delayed almost 2 hours. She called later today to say that she had finally arrived in Cleveland. She originally had a 4 hour lay-over but would still be able to make her connection to Charleston.

KJ and I rode the bikes down to the volleyball courts to watch Pop play in a sand volleyball tournament. Pop's team came in 4th place. We all came home for some lunch and then Pop, Grammie & KJ went back down to the pool for 3 PM volleyball. I stayed home and finished my book in peace & quiet.

Grammie's making tacos tonight and I have no plans until Lost comes on at 9 PM.

Big news to report today (unfortunately, no pictures!): KJ dried dishes this afternoon. Yes, you heard correctly. KJ DRIED DISHES TODAY.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Watching Wednesday Stuff

Just chillin' tonite, watching America's Next Top Model. Had a really good ribs dinner and key lime pie for dessert. Not sure what's in store for tomorrow. Heather has to get up really early to catch her flight back home. I think pop has volley ball or something else early in the morning. Maybe KJ & I will just sleep in and go to the beach in the afternoon. I think there some place grammie wants to have dinner and watch the sunset.

Windy Wednesday

Although the sun is shining and the weather has been incredible, it's been very windy the last couple of days. I ran errands w/ Pop this morning while KJ, Grammie & Heather went to the pool (Grammie had aqua-size).

Julie called me yesterday; t-bone's not been feeling so hot in Pensacola. I think she's got a little of the crud she had before Spring Break ... a lot of phlegm and mucus and it drips down into her throat and into her stomach and results in an upset stomach. I guess she had a fever, too. Julie ran and got her some hot chocolate, some soup and some Musinex to break it all up. t took a long nap yesterday and I spoke to her last night. She was still stuffed up but she said she felt a lot better. I spoke w/ her again this morning and she sounds even better. I spoke w/ chris this morning and he isn't doing so great. He sounds really stuffed up, too.

Taylor said it was a stormy windy day in Pensacola and they were not even going to the beach. She said they would probably go shopping in Destin.

Pop is off somewhere playing tennis, volleyball or pickleball. Take your pick. Grammie, Heather and KJ are heading down to the pool for water volleyball (3 PM daily ritual). I'm going to lay down and take a little power nap before we go out for ribs this evening. KJ and I have been on the squeaky sofa sleeper and I'm waking up sore and tired. KJ moves a lot during the night and every time she moves the sofa frame makes sqeaky, creaky noises. One of grammie's neighbors let KJ a bike for the week so she's been riding down to the pool and back each afternoon. We had a good time playing tennis last night. KJ's been working on her serve. Unfortunately I'm not that great of a player but we did manage to have several good volley's going.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Tuesday (but really folks, does it matter??)

Went to beach very early this morning for breakfast. Unfortunately, I forgot my wallet and had no money for breakfast or lunch. Grammie treated KJ to a hair wrap on the beach and we all came home and had lunch and went to the pool. The waves were very rough today but KJ really doesn't care. It was very windy and we all got lots of color.

Last night we played mini golf at the Jungle one (as opposed to the Castle Golf or Pirates Golf). Afterwards we had ice cream.

Tonight we might play some tennis depending on how Heather feels. She's getting the beginnings of a sinus infection.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I think it's Monday but I'm not sure

Last night we had a great time at my Aunt Bab's & Michelle's house. We had a lot of fun just sitting around chatting. It was just us girls and Aunt Babs made a wonderful grilled pork chop dinner. KJ swam all night in her pool. All night. We had to drag her out to eat and go home. The pool wasn't even heated and she had so much fun.

Today KJ and I went for walk today and had a nice lunch w/ Pop and went to the pool. unfortunately KJ got the beginnings of a migraine so we came home and she slept for a long, long time. She took a shower and felt much better after dinner.

I think tonight we might go to mini golf and possibly ice cream.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

At the Beach

Saturday morning we hit the beach (early!). I thought the water was reallly cold but KJ swam, dove, body surfed and snorkled non-stop. Her cheeks are a little sun-burned. Friday night we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and I bought KJ a snorkel set (goggles, snorkle and flippers). By 10 AM Saturday, the goggles were probably half-way to China. Someone "dropped" them and a big wave took off w/ them.

Cousin Heather had some travelling snafus yesterday. Her flight out of Charleston, WV was delayed due to fog so she missed her connection in Cleveland. She was able to get a flight into Tampa so Grammie, KJ & I drove up there last night to get her. Unfortunately, Heather's luggage went on to Ft. Myers w/ out her. Sooooo, on the way home last night we decided it was easier to stop by the Ft. myers aiport and grab the luggage rather than wait for the luggage to be delivered some time on Sunday (we all know how well that didn't work out for me in Cabo!). I ran into the Ft. Myers airport to use the potty and by the time I came out, she was wheeling her her luggage around.

Today me, Heather & KJ went to the beach and were able to find a great parking space. It was very foggy and overcast the whole morning but KJ still had a blast in the water. We had lunch @ Wahoo Willie'sand KJ got a dolphin Henna tattoo on her ankle (so classy!).

KJ somehow managed to chip her front tooth at the beach. She came out of the ocean and said her tooth really hurt. Sure enough I looked and she has a big chip out of her (permanent) front tooth. So classy!

Tonight we're heading over to my Aunt Babs and cousin Michelle's. She has a beautfiul inground pool on the canal and I know KJ will spend most of the night in the pool. She's such a water baby!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Risky Business

KJ & I made it to Ft. Myers safe & sound (and yes, we have luggage!). We hit lots of rain and lots of traffic. T is in Pensacola w/ Mary Liz and Chris is probably running around the house in his underwear dancing to Bob Seeger songs a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

If the weather is decent, we'll hit the beach before we head to the airport to pick up cousin Heather.
I hope all our friends have good weather and good times during spring break.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in Bama

11;30 PM Wednesday nite, safe & sound, back in Bama. Our flight tonite arrived back in ATL almost 25 minutes early however the line for customs was unreal. Then, on top of everything else, they make you go back thru ANOTHER security line even though we were not making a connection. It was ridiculous. Then we had to go all the way to luggage claim to pick up our suitcases. While I was there I filed a claim w/ Delta. Not only did they have my luggage for 3 days, the luggage was totally and completely distroyed...the wheels were torn off and the zipper was totally torn off so all of my stuff was coming out the bottom of the suitcase when you stood it upright to drag it. Delta gave me an entirely new piece of luggage right there on the spot, $100 in Delta vouchers and I'll finish up the claim once I go thru my luggage to see if anything fell out or was stolen while it was in Delta's possession. Then, we hadn't had any lunch or dinner so we stopped on I-20 on the way home for a bite to eat.

Seriously, despite not having clean underwear or any clothing options, I had a wonderful trip. The weather was incredible. No humidity, just clear sunshine. The hotel was truly spectacular. I have never stayed at a hotel right on the beach. I mean RIGHT ON THE BEACH. I've stayed at many a beachfront hotel but I kid you not. This hotel was RIGHT ON THE BEACH. We slept every night w/ the sliding glass door open so we could hear the waves.

When we arrived on Sunday the hotel sent up a bottle of red wine and a cheese platter. A couple of minutes we also rec'd a bucket of Coronas and some chips and pico de gallo. Sunday night Chris's company had a fiesta style buffet in the courtyard. To kick things off, they had a lady giving out shots of tequila in itty bitty clay mugs you wore around your neck on a string as you walked into the courtyard. Monday Chris & I walked around downtown and the marina, had lunch at Cabo Wabo and took the glass bottom boat out to El Arco. Lots of whales (it's the coolest thing ... you'll just see big spouts of water shoot up in the air), lots of fish, and a couple of sea lions. I didn't have a bathing suit so we didn't think I'd be able to go to the dolphin swim. We showed up anyway and when I explained the lost luggage situation, the lady said, "so, wear a wet suit." Now, I had a choice to make. Don't swim w/ the dolphins and miss the experience of a lifetime or go commando in the wetsuit. I put on the wet suit and swam w/ the dolphins. It was awesome and I'm so glad I did it! That night we had dinner on the beach and the company had made arrangements for fireworks. Too cool. Tuesday we were scheduled to go whale watching but Chris had some work to do for that night's award ceremony (and, honestly, we saw hundreds of whales each day from our room). So, we just hung out at the pool and beach. I bought a little sundress in the gift shop and wore that since I still didn't have my bathing suit. We had lunch and took an awesome nap. My luggage arrived around 3:30 PM, I grabbed my bathing suit and was finally able to jump in one of the 7 infinity pools. Tuesday was the big awards ceremony and they announced next year's destination . . . The Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. Sweet!
Chris's company spares no expense...Sunday night we rec'd hoodies in our room, Monday night was $100 Am Ex gift card and last night was a wooden gift box. Breakfast each morning in a cool restaurant built into the rocks, boxed lunches everday to take on your excursions, the hospitalilty suite was open all day w/ sodas, bottled water, fruit, cookies, granola bars, etc. Awesome dinners each night.
We didn't encounter many spring breakers on this trip but we did see something really, really messed up on the marina .... this young girl was so wasted the paramedics were actually moving her to the ambulance in a wheelbarrow. She had vomit in her hair and they were trying to get an IV in her. She must have been on a cruise or something because they kept trying to tell her she has to snap out of it or they won't let her back on the boat. I've over-indulged myself a few times but I'm pretty sure no one has had to wheel my ass around in a wheel barrow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Livin it Up in Cabo!

Tuesday nite and we just got back in the room from the awards ceremony. We made it to Cabo safe & sound Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, my luggage did not. It finally arrived around 3:30 PM today. So, I've been wearing the same bra & underwear since Sunday (I did rinse them out in the sink each nite!).

What a wonderful trip this has been. The hotel is spectacular and every morning out our balcony we were able to watch the whales migrate. This morning a whale fully breached out of the water twice. It was pretty cool!

Yesterday Chris & I walked around downtown Cabo in an attempt to find me something other than the t-shirt and capri pants I had been wearing for 2 days straight. We had lunch at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo, walked to the Hard Rock to buy a pin for mine & the girl's collection and ended up walking all around the marina. I really wanted to get my picture taken w/ the iguana w/ the little sombrero on his head but Chris wouldn't let me. We took a glass bottom boat out to El Arco and had a wonderful day. After the boat ride I swam w/ the Dolphins (more pics to come later!).

Monday nite was a beach party (Chris had WAAAAAAY to much tequila) and today we just laid around the beach and the pool. My luggage finallly arrived around 3:30 PM and we spent some time in the pool since I now had a bathing suit to wear.
The weather has been perfect. The food is wonderful and dispite not havin any clothes for almost 3 days, we had a very relaxing trip. Chris's company spares no expense and each night we get gifts in our room. Sunday we rec'd warm & cozy hoodie sweatshirts, Monday night we rec'd a $100 Am Ex gift card and tonight we rec'd wooden gift boxes to store all our memories in.
St. Thomas next year, baby!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Last minute

Lots of last minute stuff to get done today. The girls needed specific tights and KJ needed a specific jazz shoe for their dance pics this week. T needed 2 yards of fabric for a family living project by Monday so we ran to Hobby Lobby. We had lunch @ Johnny Rockets then on to Party City to get orange & black plates and napkins for the pizza party after Chris's varsity lacrosse game. We're hosting a team from Shrevesport, LA. T got her eyebrows waxed while Grammie & I picked up a few things at Publix. trying to finalize the girls calendar's for my parents and I need to leave them some neighbors/friends phone #'s.

All of my stuff is laid out but not officially in the suitcase. While we were running errands today, Chris picked up his suit and did some last minute shopping. He bought 3 new pairs of shoes, some dress shirts and ties to go w/ his new suit, some shorts and a couple of Tommy Bahama shirts. He will be quite tropical.

I am SO ready for this trip. I need sun and lots of liquor. 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOr!!!! ha! ha! ha!

Friday, March 7, 2008

SNOW??? Are you kidding me???

I ran into the parents of one of my former babies today at the day spa. She's also the aunt of my current babies. Well, that's not totally correct since I gave me notice at playschool this week. Anyway, I told Linda that I was leaving and why and she was so supportive.

My afternoon at the spa was wonderful, very relaxing. I loved my mani & pedi and the spa was beautiful.

Grammie & Pop made it safe and sound from Ft. Myers, Kendall & Chris got haircuts and T is, what else, partying.

I have too much last minute stuff to do tomorrow for it to snow.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Miscellaneous Thursday

Wow! What a beautiful day it turned out to be! The sun was shining bright all day; I'll bet my Tues/Thurs friends were happy!

Busy day -- T was inducted into the National Junior Beta Club this morning at her middle school and there was a nice little reception in the cafeteria afterwards.

I got my haircut this morning and then met Chris for lunch (which we haven't done in a long, long time!).

We're all over the place tonight. Chris has 2 games tonight vs. Spain Park (JV & Varsity are both playing). KJ has a practice softball game and I have a parent meeting at the Freshmen Center (counselors have been talking to the kids all week about classes for next year, etc.). T is babysitting for the 2 little girls down the street.

Tomorrow evening my folks should arrive, I have my mani & pedi in the afternoon and Saturday will be spent at the ball fields (KJ has a softball game and Chris has a lax game in the evening). Like I've always said, nothing but fun & games in our household.

P.S. The GD crawfish is STILL alive!!!

"But words are things, and a small drop of ink,Falling like dew, upon a thought, producesThat which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think." -- George Gordon Byron

"Never does the human soul appear so strong as when it forgoes revenge, and dares forgive an injury." -- E.H. Chapin

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

JuJu, Stanley, Gregory Hines & Fred Astaire

It did turn out to be a nice day weather wise. The sun is shining and it's nice and cool. Busy day @ play-school today. Our little friend, JuJu (Jeries) returned to class today after being in Jordan for almost 4 months. Considering how long he's been gone and the fact that he left after only a couple of weeks after starting playschool in the fall, he did remarkably well today. He actually did better than a couple of our kids today. Everyone was really cranky, sleepy and whiny (trust me, Spring Break can't get here fast enough). JuJu's parents are super sweet and very thoughtful. They brought back gifts for me, Margaret and Tricia. They gave each of us a wooden plaque engraved w/ the image to the left and a very pretty desk calendar from Jordan (I need to do a little bit more research and I'll let you know exactly what this structure is and what it's purpose was -- I'm thinking a temple; I do know this was in the last Indiana Jones movie, the one w/ Sean Connery where he's looking for the chalice). I believe the structure is called (the) Petra.
So, it appears that KJ's Flat Stanley has made his way to Aunt Laurie & Uncle Joe's house in South Carolina. KJ rec'd a packet of postcards and photos at school today; looks like Stanley is enjoying his stay. Joe & Laurie live so far north in South Carolina that a section of their neighborhood is actually in North Carolina. KJ said they are tracking their Stanley's on a map and her teacher put half of Stanley's body on North Carolina and half of his body on South Carolina. I'm thinking Stanley might be on his way to cousin Brittany at FSU.
On to KJ's Expo project . . . she came home today w/ a 2nd place ribbon! She was so excited! Chris picked her up at the bus stop this afternoon and the 2 of them tried to trick me. He walked in the door first and all I could hear him say was "it's OK honey. You'll do better next year." She was pretending to be upset and then she pulled the 2nd place ribbon from her back pocket and said, "Boo-Ya!!!"

What Wordless Wednesday???

I notice some people in Blog-land post Wordless Wednesdays and just do a picture or something. I've got too much to say. I don't "DO" Wordless Wednesdays.

Both girls made it to school on time today. I've mentioned this a couple of times in recent posts because I rec'd a phone call from the attendance office @ T's middle school. She has 7 late check-ins this semester. 3 unexcused check-ins / tardies = 1 unexcused absence. There have been a couple of times I've let her sleep in (i.e., last Wednesday when she wasn't feeling so hot), I know I checked her in late the day after we came back from her Chicago photo shoot but I'm not so sure about the rest. So, needless to say, I'm making a concentrated effort to get the girls to school on time.

Last night was our crazy dance night. While one daughter was at dance class I took the other daughter bathing suit shopping. The both really needed at least one new suit for Spring Break. T bought a super cute black, white & yellow bikini at Aeropostle. KJ bought a brown polka dot tankini at Justice. I also had to buy T a new dress for the National Junior Beta Club induction ceremony Thursday morning. She owned nothing but jeans and t-shirts. I haven't bought anyone new Easter clothes because we will be driving home from Spring Break on Easter day. Not even sure we'll make it to Church on Easter Sunday. While KJ & I were at Justice I also walked over to the new store, Ulta. It's kind of like a Sephora but w/ a little bit more variety. Ulta carries high-end make up brands as well as Cover Girl, Maybelline, L'Oreal. Ulta also carried OPI and Essie nailpolishes (luv, luv, luv Cajun Shrimp by OPI -- I wear it on my toes ALL summer). Anyway, I signed up for their free beauty rewards program and they gave me a goody bag w/ full-size products -- a vanilla hand & body cream, an eyeshadow, a tube of hair color protecting conditioner and a tube of hair gel. You know how I love my freebies!

Sun is shining today but I don't think it's going to get very warm. Off to playschool!!

P.S. Crazy Cajun Crawfish is still alive and kicking.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Know How You Feel Brett!!

I'm sure you've already heard but in case you didn't . . . Brett Favre has officially retired from the NFL and the Green Bay Packers.

"I'm just tired," Favre told ESPN's Chris Mortensen in a voice mail message.

I understand Brett. I know exactly how you feel. Call me. We'll talk.

Gotta Get Busy Today

Good morning!
If you want to keep the peace in your environment remember this.... PEACE BEGINS WITH YOU
The scripture says: "A soft answer turns away wrath."
Remember -- When you're smiling the whole world smiles at you.
God is Love,

Rev Run

Rec'd a neat e-mail yesterday. Chris's adult neice Lisa cut 16" of her hair and donated it to the American Cancer Society to be made into a wig. Very cool.

Girls made it to school on time today. I have a bunch of laundry, cleaning and packing to do. My parents should be here Friday so I need to get their room ready, too.

Lots of rain and wind last night. KJ slept on our floor. She's been so excited this week about her Expo project for school. She did a project on Dance and I think the winners will be announced today or tonight @ the PTO meeting. I meant to take of picture of her project but she had to hand it in last week. She did a big tri-fold presentation board and researched ballet and tap terms, pictures, and info on famous dancers.

P.S. Crawfish is STILL alive.

I don't believe that the solutions in society will come from the left or the right or the north or the south. They will come from islands within those organizations, islands of people with integrity who want to do something. --Karl-Henrik Robert

Have compassion for everyone you meet,even if they don't want it.What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicismis always a sign of things no ears have heard,no eyes have seen.You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meetsthe bone.--Miller Williams

Monday, March 3, 2008


Just checked to see what was happening and there was a bright red box surrounding the entire state. That can't be good.

Don't hate the playa, hate the game

Nice day at plaly-school. Babies were good, as usual. We spent most of the day outside, we even ate our snack outside. The only time we came in was to have lunch. Margaret's little boy was sick so Adrianna subbed today. She is a joy to work with. She's wonderful w/ the kids and knows how our classroom is run.

Seriously y'all. Don't hate me. It's supposed to be 85 degrees every day we're in Cabo. Whoo-hoo!! Not sure what the weather is supposed to be like here, but I do know today was beautiful but a serious cold front is coming thru tonight. The wind is picking up as I type this. I think we're in for a crazy storm tonight.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lax, Hoops and More Lax

Had a nice, quick weekend in Memphis. Lots and lots of lacrosse w/ a basketball game thrown in.

JV and Varisty both had tough losses to Christian Brothers on Saturday. This was only JV's 2nd game and Christian Brothers is a tough team. We've had so many practices cancelled due to rain and this is the first year of lacrosse for most of the JV team. Our boys will need to work on their stick skills a little bit more. However, JV totally stepped up to the plate on Sunday and spanked the Houston, TN team. Big time. Varsity lost to Houston by a heart-breaking last minute goal. It was an exciting, give & take kind of game.

Saturday night we all went downtown to a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game. We had great seats and had fun hanging out w/ the kids. After the game we walked over to Beale Street and had drinks on the patio at the Hard Rock Cafe. T walked to Coyote Ugly w/ a couple of boys on the team. Of course, they didn't get in (good thing. Knowing T, she would have been up on the bar showing off her hip-hop class moves).

Lots of sun in Memphis. My arms, neck and forehead are fried. KJ got to play w/ her friend Rose all day Sunday. Tthey went to pre-school together and now Rose's brother plays on the JV team. I think the girls will also be making their 1st Communions together.

Busy, busy week coming up. Lax games, softball practices, parent meetings, blah, blah, blah. Cabo coming up, too! Yippeeeee!!!!

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