Thursday, April 30, 2009

Miss California

I haven't watched a beauty pageant on TV in years and this go around was no exception. I heard about this whole "Miss California / same-sex marriage" controversy on the news. While my views regarding the topic are irrelevant, I am proud of this young lady for simply stating her beliefs. She eloquently responded to the question and is certainly entitled to her opinion as is Perez Hilton. Mr. (or is it Ms.) Hilton decided to publicly call her ugly names because she didn't believe what HE believes. Shame on you Perez!!! You're nothing but a big bully.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hi Ya!

I'm back. Busy, busy, busy!

Mom & Dad got here Wednesday while we were at T's lax game vs. Ramsay HS. The girls won 15-0 but really didn't play well at all. Very sloppy. Thursday KJ had a softball game and Chris had a game vs. Mt. Brook. Mom & Dad stayed @ KJ's game (first game her team lost this season) while I got to see Hoover spank Mt. Brook. Friday was the Spring Fling @ KJ's school which was a lot of fun. Very organized and well thought-out. This year they had lots of big "attractions" vs. games they've had in the past. Saturday KJ had a softball game.

Lots of lacrosse and I do mean LOTS of lacrosse. Sunday Chris had both the JV and Varsity games vs. Spain Park. It was very hot but Hoover won both games. Varsity is still undefeated this season. They've had an awesome year. JV A and JV B have both had great seasons as well. While we were at the Spain Park game, KJ & Grammie went to the movies to see "Earth."

Mom & Dad left early Monday morning and last night we went to Austin's lax game and T played against Vestavia immediately after the JV game. Although the girls lost by 1, they played incredible! Very, Very proud of the girls! Vestavia has beat us in the past by at least 6 points so last night was a great achievement. I think we had them rattled a bit. T had a great goal that kind of changed the game around.

So we have dance this week, some more lax, some softball. Championship weekend @ the HS all weekend, dance recital stuff next week. Things are starting to wind down a bit. Thank God. I'm beat.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lots going on; can't even remember the last time I blogged

Lots of lacrosse, softball and dance stuff going on. This time of year is tough. I can't wait for everything to be over! Seriously! All this end of year stuff is really getting me down.

The girls had dance studio photos last week which was kind of crazy. Then, the girls were supposed to be at the Botanical Gardens super early on Saturday morning for photos for the dance recital program. KJ never made it. She was exhausted. She had a lax game the night before. We left her game and went straight to Chris's mens game @ Samford (he scored 8 goals!) and then we went out for nachos and beers afterward. While T & I were at the Botanical Gardens, we took a couple of photos. She looked so pretty! Just like a little woodland fairy. KJ's ballet costume is very pink! She's dancing to a Mulan song. I also like her tap and jazz costumes too.
KJ's lttle softball team had been undefeated until last night. Grammie & Pop arrived Wednesday night so they were able to see her play last night. Chris played Mt. Brook at the same time at the same park so I was able to leave KJ's game and run down to the lax field to see the boys spank Mt. Brook. JV also won but lost the other night in a crushing loss to Vestavia (Varsity beat Vestavia and remains undefeated).
Tonight is the Spring Fling at KJ's school. They used to do a Fall Festival but have now decided to do it in the spring. I have to volunteer at the dunking booth from 6:30 to 7 PM. Tomorrow KJ has a softball game and it's our turn to bring snacks. Sunday Chris has 2 lax games and I think T will have a practice. She had 2 lax games this week -- lost to Vestavia but beat Ramsay which is a new inner city school trying to get a program going. Even though the girls beat Ramsay 15-0 it wasn't a good game. Very sloppy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peter Pan is My Man

Saturday afternoon Chris, KJ & I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things for Easter (OK, we actually had a LOT to pick up for Easter because I thought Easter was the following week so we had nothing to eat for Easter dinner. Totally beside the point). Anyway, hubby was acting like a total goober in the store and in the parking lot. He kept taking the shopping cart, running really fast and then jumping on it and taking for a ride. I told KJ I think I'm married to an idiot (I think I actuallly may have used the word retard but I know that is not very PC). She said, "No mommy. He's not a retard. He's just a little boy trapped in a big boy's body. Kind of like Peter Pan." That's my KJ. Always sticking up for her dad.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Sitting here w/ a glass of white wine trying to relax. We had a very nice Easter Sunday. It was wonderful to have "all my chicks at home" as I always say. This was the first Sunday we've had free in weeks. We all slept in a little bit and Chris made us bacon & eggs for breakfast. We got a lot done today -- Chris and his little helper hosed off the back deck and got rid of all the pollen, freshened up the patio furniture/cushions, etc. They also cleaned all the windows in the back of the house and Chris straightened up all the lax stuff in the garage. I think KJ even helepd him wash his car. After lunch Chris mowed the front lawn. I damp mopped the wood floors, did some laundry, did some dishes, etc.

We decided since it was only the 4 of us, we didn't want a big fancy traditional ham dinner. The girls asked for shrimp scampi so that's what we had --caesar salad, fresh italian bread and lots & lots of shrimp scampi.

Yesterday KJ had a 12 noon softball game and a 4 PM lax game. They won the softball game, lost the lax game. Her little softball team is no joke. Very, very competitive coaches and parents. She's having fun though. Lax was tough. The Vestavia team is good. Our defense definately needs some work.

T seems like she had a good weekend. Friday night her and Austin went over to Casey's house w/ his girlfiend Sara. They had a bonfire and hung out. T went back to Sara's for the night. I don't really know Casey all that well but I did check w/ Sara's mom to see what was going on and I also spoke w/ Austins' mom. I know T wasn't thrilled that I checked up on the situation but that's just how it's gonna have to be. I trust T alot but I also remember what I was like at 14. Last night she went to Austin's to watch a movie.

My poor hubby has had a bit of a hard time lax-wise the last couple of weeks. The Dan Anderson tournament was pretty rough. I was over at the Mt. Brook HS for T's game(s) and had a FaceOff tent over there, he was not only coaching but also trying to man the FaceOff tent at the Mt. Brook Sports complex (this was the first year the boys & girls played on different fields; the tourney is really growing). Anyway, I had my tent set up on a concrete walk-way; chris unfortunately had to settle for the disgusting horrible mud at the sports complex. Some of this stuff got thrown on the ground, muddy & ruined. To top it all off, Hoover came in 3rd and John Carroll came in 2nd. The general consensus in the lax community is that John Carroll got some "easier" seatings in the tourney. I don't know how that stuff works so I don't really care. Anyway, it was a rough weekend -- the weather was horrendous and we didn't do as well as we would have liked. Then, Chris had to play John Carroll last week and basically beat the snot out of them (16-zip). Boy, oh boy were the JC parents PISSED. Some crazy lady was in the stands screaming at Chris, friends of ours aren't speaking to us now, etc. Then, T loses to Spain Park in double overtime. It really was a good game but T has got to get her head in the game. She needs to be more aggressive. Anyone who has ever played against Chris (HS, college, men's league, etc.) will tell you Chris is one of the toughest guys on the field. T says she loves the sport but I think she just needs some "work." Then, to top it all off, KJ looses to Vestavia yesterday. I swear, somedays I would love for him to just walk away from lacrosse so we could have a "normal" life but i don't even know what normal is anymore. He loves being w/ boys 99.9% of the time (yes, they bug the shit out of him but I secretly think he likes it). I think Chris could do w/out half the parents (not our parents; they're great! it's the opponents parents that can be a bit much). It's really tough on him. He knows just about every kid currently playing lacrosse (even the itty bitty little boys!) from either a clinic, a game or the store. They want their kid to play all-stars for him but can't handle it when he beats their ass in the regular season. And I have to sit there w/ a smile on my face while everyone's bad mouthing my husband. Not fun.

I cannot believe school is almost over. We have some lax this week, some softball and the girls have dance pics. Their recital is less than a month away. I love KJ's jazz costume (If my Friends could See me Now), not too crazy about her ballet costume (they are dancing to Reflections from the Mulan soundtrack). Her tap routine is to Car Wash. I have no idea what the hell T is dancing to!

Friday, April 10, 2009

sports update

T lost to Spain Park the other night in an exciting game which ended in double over-time. As with the boys, it's hard to cheer like a crazy person -- we knew so many girls on the other team (and their boyfriends who came to watch them play).

KJ had her first softball game last night. Her team had actually played a couple of games but she missed them due to lax or mine & Chris's trip to Vegas. I brought Trixie to the game last night and all those little kids wore the Trixster out. Can I pet your puppy? What's your puppy's name? Is your puppy a boy or a girl? Can I give her a treat? Can I hold her?

Last night Chris played Huntsville but instead of driving all the way up there, they met halfway in Cullman. The JV game went into double-overtime and ended w/ a braveheart (in all these years of watching the boys play, I've yet to see a braveheart). Varsity also won which just solidifies their undefeated season.

Chris has off today for Good Friday (which is weird because his boss is Jewish). The girls, however, do not have off today but they have off next Friday. Someone screwed up that school calendar big time.

Chris has a game tonight and KJ is bugging me to let her take a friend to the game so she's not bored (and sleep over). It looks like a gray nasty possibly rainy day out there.

KJ has a busy day Saturday -- 12 noon softball game, 3 PM lacrosse game.

We are all really looking forward to having a free Sunday for a change. I don't think I'm going to make a big traditional Easter ham dinner. We have so much we need to do in the house, I think we may just do a tray of lasagna, a big bowl of salad and a loaf of fresh bread. It's only going to be the 4 of us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stupid Parents Part II

Anyone who knows me, knows that once something gets into my head, I obbssess over it, re-think it over and over again and loose several night's sleep. While I've been doing my regular errands today, I've still be thinking about last night's lacrosse game. The thing that gets me the most is that these parents, the ones that scream and yell and call us the Hoover Hooligans when we beat their ass each game, will be writing Chris love notes come all-star time, come college recruiting time.

Some examples:

Dear Coach,
My son, XYZ, loves the game and wants to take it to the next level. What camps would you recommend he attend this summer? Thank you for all you do for
these kids! You are truly an inspiration!!!
Very Truly Yours,
Mrs. Know-It-All
P.S. I didn't really didn't mean it when I said your players are a bunch of thugs. What I really meant to say is that they hit hard. Ha! Ha! Silly me!

Dear Coach,
My son, XYZ, would really like to be considered for your travelling all-star team. He loves the game but really needs to take it to the next level. Unfortunately, his high-school team is not as competitive as he would like. When are try-outs and what positions are avialable?
Thank you.
Mr. Douche-bag
P.S. I'm really sorry when I told the ref you should be ejected from the game.

Dear Coach,
This is my son's first year of playing lacrosse at XYZ High School. Although he's only started in 2 games, we were wondering what type of scholarship opportunities are available? He's really interested in playing for Duke, Loyola and Maryland. Towson and the University of Virginia are his second choices.
Yours truly,
Mr. & Mrs. Head-Up-Our Ass

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holier than Thou

Since no one from the local lacrosse community reads my blog, I feel that I can say pretty much whatever I want regarding tonight's game. It's my blog, I was there, I can write about it. The boys played great and shut them out 16-0. Hoover was moving the ball around exceptionally well despite the poor field conditions. The Bucs were very sharp tonight. Unfortunately, things got a little heated on the sidelines. One of the opposing parents couldn't keep quiet the entire game and basically heckled our coaching staff loudly and repeatedly. At one point she even yelled "Shut Up Cos." The funny thing is, it's the same mom who's been yelling stuff from the sidelines for years and she has NO clue what she's talking about. She sends her child to a Catholic High School yet sits in the bleachers and yells "Lay Him Out " and "Hit Him,. I think we even have video coverage of her yelling "Kill Him." Apparently, she's a very angry woman. Oh and some of those little Catholic school boys??? They have some pretty filthy mouths. Any one in the first few rows of the bleachers behind the bench could very clearly hear: "this is F**King B.S." as players walked off the field (this coming from a fellow Catholic). The particular woman even made several comments about "playing lacrosse, not playing Cos ball."

So, Chris lost his cool for a moment there and made a comment to the ref about the other team's fans being unnecessarily unruly which made things even worse because she started yelling Even more. So Chris got a 3-minute penalty. Look, the guy's been coaching for 4 years and hasn't been thrown out of a game yet. You have to also understand that the other team was handed an extremely large piece of humble pie tonight and they didn't like it one bit. They had come off a tournament win prior to Spring break (we chose not to participate in the tournament) and they placed 2nd in the Dan Anderson tournment last week (again, although we participated in the tournament, we did not play them due to the way the brackets were organized). So, they were on a bit of an unrealistic high -- they hadn't played their toughest opponets yet this season. Up until tomight, they had a fairly lighter schedule than some of the other local teams who have had tought opponents from the get-go. I think their ego got the best of them tonight and they didn't like the result one bit.

One of the low points for me this evening occued as I walked to my car and a friend from the opposing team gave me an earful. A very colorful, angry earful. Coming from some I care deeply about and call my good friend, I was a little hurt. I wasn't out there. I don't play the game. I don't coach. Heck, I don't even have a son on the team. I sit in the bleachers and look pretty (or try to at least) and try to support my husband.

Several things have been happening to the sport of the last couple of years. You have new kids playing, new paretns not knowing the game. And then you have parents that THINK they know the game. Just because a player got hit and landed on his ass, doesn't mean it wasn't a clean hit. Just because you heard padding or metal hitting, doesn't mean it was a bad or illigal hit. Every single Hoover game is videotaped and if any parent would like to view game day film, they are more than welcome to come over to our theater room and review the tape. Hell, I'll even serve refreshments. Although my husband coaches, I am a fairly impartial fan. I have friends on several times and truly do like for each and everyone of the boys and girls I know to play their best. Heck, only one of the employees at the store plays for Hoover, every other employee plays for a different team. If Becca has a good game against T, I'm gonna congratulate her. If Trey scores against John Carroll, I'm gonna tell him "good job." The ironic thing about tonight's game is our opponent had a bench clearing brawl at one of the games a couple weeks ago but they cried foul every time a Hoover player ran toward them. So, as a coaches wife, my advice to the other parents would be: learn the game and learn the game well before you start yelling trash at the field. And, if you think you can do a better job than any of the current coaches who volunteer their time, money and effort, please feel free to contact any member of the Greater Birmingham Youth Lacrosse Association and let them know you'd love to coach a team next year.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

WOW. I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!!

When I originally started to write this post we were still in Vegas. Chris's laptop died (he forgot the charger) so I had to finish this post when we got home.

I am currently sitting in my hotel room at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. I've been out at the pool pretty much all day and really need to get in the shower. Chris is at a convention and I've been having the most relaxing trip. The weather has been phenomenal. High 70's/low 80's, nice breeze, no humidity. My kind of weather. We've never stayed at this hotel before but it's very nice. Our room is awesome -- it's a corner room and out one window we have the most amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and out the other window we can see the fountains at the Bellagio across the street.

"ShoWest" is a here. It's a big movie theater convention and "Bumblee Bee" from the Transfomers is out front of the hotel under the Arc de Triomphe. Also, one of the location stations is showing all the movies that are coming out. I've been watching previews for Will Farrell's Land of the Lost, a 1920's gangster movie w/ Johnny Depp, a new movie w/ Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan.

We arrived Tuesday night and had dinner @ Margaritaville. Wednesday night we had a vendor dinner at a middle-eastern restaurant complete w/ a belly dancer. Chris could hardly contain himself. The food was amazing. Thursday night we went to a cocktail party @ the Palm's. I tried to talk Chris into getting matching tats @ Carey Hart's place (he's Pink's ex-husband) but he wimped out. I wasn't too impressed w/ the Palms. Kind of a weird vibe going on there. After the Palm's we went to the Hard Rock Casino. I liked that place a lot. Not huge, awesome music cranking and oh yeah. How can I forget the pole dancers? Friday was our "free" day and it was positively FREEZING! The wind was so strong, it actually pushed Chris sideways (I stayed behind him to cut down on the wind drag). It also rained a tiny bit. We rode the Duece up and down the strip (double decker bus) and walked around MGM for a bit. That night we went back to the Palms for a dinner @ 9 (that's the name of the restaurant, not the time). The food was freakin phenomenal. We had a big crusteasean platter for appetizers, lobster bisque and surf & turf for dinner. I had a couple of pear martini's. De-lish! After dinner we went up to the Playboy club. It was pretty cool. The dealers and bar staff were all Bunnies and they had a great DJ. We took a taxi over to Caeser's and hung out @ the new Shadow Bar. Again, awesome music. Pure seems to be the new hotspot in Vegas. The line to get in was insane. My darling hubby had waaaaaayyy too much to drink and was not a happy camper today. We walked around the shops at Caesar's forum this morning before our flight took off. We had lunch at the Hawaiin Tropic Zone (the food was much better than I had anticipated. I was expecting "Hooters" type food but really enjoyed my chicken sandwich on a baguette w/ avacados, bacon, and swiss).

Our flight home was great. We actually arrived 30 minutes early! Good to be home but boy am I tired!!

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