Monday, February 28, 2011

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." -- Joan Didion

Kind of gray, dreary Monday. My head hurts so I'm sure it's going to rain. The weekend weather was great however and I guess that's all that matters!

The varsity lax team did better in Sunday's game than Saturday. They won by alot but I think JV lost. So, both JV and Varsity are 1-1 for the season. The teams they played this weekend were from Memphis and next week they are heading up to Greenville, SC. Cosmo tries to get them as much out-of-state competition as he possibly can.

T & I had a nice time at the tea yesterday afternoon. She's very excited about the opportunity and we met several nice moms & daughter's yesterday (and also ran into a few friends). T is totally going into this with no expectations. She just wants to have fun and the only things she hopes to gain out of this is poise and confidence. She got back her ACT scores this weekend and totally rocked it so that's good. And, even better, she's got a couple more colleges interested in her: one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast. The East Coast school has invited her for a visit so we will definitely be exploring that option (of course we can totally see Blondie going West Coast . . . beach, sun, surfer dudes, convertibles). I've said it before and I'll say it again. Once that girl goes off to college she won't be looking back.

It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks around here: Buccanette try-outs this week, Spring Break, prom and lacrosse games. March hasn't even started yet and April will be here before you know it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday recap & Oscar Predictions

not much of a family Sunday catch-up session with the girls today.
Cosmo was out of the house by 8:30 AM for the 10 AM JV game, Varsity is at 12 noon. T came downstairs and got in bed with me for a few minutes and said "So, when is dad coming back with bagesl???" We had gotten used to him being free on the weekends to get us bagels. We probably won't see another fresh bagel again until the summer. Oh well.

As always, busy weekend in our house. Friday was the annual lax auction. We had smaller attendance but it was one of our most successful auctions ever! Lots of new face, lots of laughs.

Saturday morning T had a Buccanettes clinic for the rising freshmen (currently middleschoolers) interested in auditioning for Buccanettes next week. The girls all went out for lunch and T met us at the fields for last nights JV and Varsity games. JV won in an incredible OT goal. Ravenwood tied it up at 8 with 10 seconds left in the game. Sudden death situation and #8 scored the game winning goal (I think he had 4 or 5 total for the day). Our Varsity didn't fare as well. Cosmo was very aggravated with the inconsistent penalties. But we ended the evening on a nice note having dinner/drinks with friends.

Today is going to be an odd day filled with lax and pageant stuff. Total opposite ends of the spectrum. Cosmo has 2 games this morning (T ran over to the fields to wish her dad luck) and then her & I will be attending a welcome tea for the pageant she's participating in this summer. After that, KJ has her first lax practice with the new middle school girls.

I've TiVo'd all the Oscar red carpet festivities in case I'm not home in time. My predictions: Colin Firth for the Kings Speech (haven't seen it), Natalie Portman for Black Swan (haven't seen it). That's all I really know. I hope those stupid kids from Glee aren't there. They really irk me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Words of Wisdom

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless." ~ Bill Watterson

"There aren't enough days in the weekend." ~ Rod Schmidt

"Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday." ~ Author Unknown

There's something to be said for a weekend jam-packed with fun events but there's also a lot to be said for nice relaxing weekends (leisurely family breakfasts, lazy days reading a good book). This weekend is going to be hectic all around. I think I can get out of cooking the entire weekend if I play my cards right.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


"What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" -- George Eliot

Watching Transformers #2 w/ the hubby. It's a win-win. I like watching Shia LeBeouf and Cosmo likes watching Megan Fox running in slo-mo.

KJ is at a overnight class trip and was SO excited to go. She'll come home tomorrow; can't wait to hear all about it! She was so funny, she totally over packed (she gets it from her mama) and I made her empty her luggage and edit.

Had such a nice evening w/ Daughter #1. I'm not saying I don't love Daughter #2, it's just that it's so quiet when only one of the girls is home. It's so nice to really be able to concentrate on one child at a time and give them your undivided attention. T and I ran some errands and then had dinner and great conversation at Yuki. She is super PSYCHED about this year's lacrosse team and told me "it's going down." She also found out today she was accepted into an internship program she really wanted and she's SO excited! Next week is Buccanettes try-outs. Not looking forward to it at all. I know its tough on the girls but it's nerve-wracking on the parents, too!

Getting my stuff together for the lax auction. I've got some great donations: a couple of one night stays at an area resort, a 3-nights stay at a Destin beach condo, a beach bag full of books, and a fun little basket with cute cocktail napkins, Rumchata liquor, a shaker and some martini glasses. The auction is always a fun, good time.

"If you risk nothing, than you risk everything." -- Geena Davis

Monday, February 21, 2011

What would you do if . . .

We've all played the game "what would you do if" you won the Lottery. I mean mega, mega millions.

This, right here, these photos, is what I would do. I would buy Louis Vuitton luggage by the truckload and travel. Of course I'm talking after I donated to various charities, after I had the opportunity to help my family and friends, etc. (because we all know we would do those things if we had the money, that's a given). I'm talking about if I had money left over just for me. After I've done all that other good stuff. What would I do for me?? Well, here's your answer:

I luv, luv, luv this ad campaign from a few years back. I think Annie Leibovitz did it. It feels very film noir. I love the espionage element (and the fact that it was shot in Paris).

Depending on our busy schedules, I'd probably invite my good friends Francis and Bono (Okay. He can bring his wife if he HAS to). I'm sure Keith, Sean and Gorby would be up for a good time, too.

Michael Kors Monday

I love everything about Michael Kors (what's not to love? He's a nice Jewish boy from Long Island!). Although these are some old ads, I love how his work represents classic yet contemporary American women. I appreciate the fact that he doesn't do crazy wacky hair or make up on the runways or in his print work unlike European designers. Michael Kors is simple, elegant clean lines. I think if Jackie O were alive today, she'd be wearing Michael Kors.

I always do a fall/winter fragrance and a spring/summer fragrance. Last year's spring/summer fragrances were Burberry Summer and CK One Summer (smells/feels like being at the beach). This year's fall/winter fragraces were Gucci Guilty (I get TONS of compliments every time I wear it!) and DKNY Pure (very warm and cozy with hints of vanilla; perfect for fall!). Time for a new spring/summer fragrance and the winnner is: Michael Kors Palm Beach. Luv, luv, luv this new scent! Very crisp and clean and it will be my go-to fragrance when the weather gets warmer.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Had such a nice weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous! KJ had a friend sleep over Friday night, T went to the basketball game (unfortunately, Hoover lost) and Cosmo had lax practice. Saturday we did some housework in the morning and Cosmo & T both had lax practice. Later in the afternoon T & I met some ladies out for dinner and headed to the Beauty Walk at the Alabama Theater. It was such a fun night. I had only been to the Beauty Walk once before years and years ago. The girls all looked wonderful and very mature. Some very beautiful dresses on that stage last night.

Today T and I did some shopping for the pageant she plans to do over the summer. She needs an interview suit and some dresses for teas and other social events they'll be doing. She's already got the short cocktail dress she'll need for on-stage and she also has a long gown if she needs it (the long gown is my favorite. Her booty looks amazing in this gown!). She is SO excited about this pageant. Several friends have done it and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I don't know a lot about the program but from what I hear it's more of a scholarship program than a "beauty" pageant honoring outstanding teens. T knows the competition is stiff, some of these girls are professionals and have been participating in pageants since they were young. I think T just likes the social aspect of it. Lord knows that girl is all about the social aspect.

In lacrosse news . . . Alabama lacrosse played on the road in Louisiana this weekend (Tulane, LSU and one other school) and won all three games w/ multiple former Hoover players scoring. Awesome! Hoover High School has their season opener(s) this weekend against Houston HS from Memphis, TN. So, if you're looking for me, you know where to find me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hatred Runs Deep

Wow. I rec'd a very nice e-mail and a very nice phone call from two different people yesterday regarding my blog. The e-mail was from a random reader who begged me NOT to go private w/ my blog and said that would be allowing someone else to dictate my life. The phone call was from the friend who alerted me to the whole alleged stalking issue. She reminded me that this individual is a cancer in my life and compared them to the Auburn Tree Killer . . . they can't stand to see anyone else happy and prefer to suck the joy out of everything. I thought that was an incredibly funny and witty analogy.

Which is a very nice segue to the recent Toomer's Corner incident. I am very saddened for the students and alumni at Auburn. I've read some FB statuses and Tweets and Toomer's Corner held a lot of memories for Auburn football fans. Very sweet to read "I remember the first time my daddy took me to Toomer's" or "My parents got engaged at Toomer's Corner after Auburn beat such and such team." I did see one news story that bothered me, though. An Auburn fan said that Alabama should replace the trees. I think this nutjob acted alone and should not be a reflection on Crimson Tide fans nor should an angry mob of Auburn fans try to intimitate Alabama into purchasing trees for Toomer's Corner.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swimsuit Edition

I read an article today asking which was better: "curvy" women or "super skinny" women. I don't think the article was entirely fair nor do I think it was entirely wise. First of all, there is a big difference between the descriptions "curvy" and "super skinny."
The article specifically targets this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition which was released earlier in the week. I, for one, have always applauded SI for featuring healthy looking women of all backgrounds. Ok, the boobs are usually, ahem, "enhanced" (although Tyra swears hers are real) and I'm sure some photoshopping has been done. For the most part I think they highlight fairly normal, twenty-something women. I think back to when I was younger and "heroine chic" was so popular on the runways. SI never fed into that. Keep in mind, all of these swimsuits models are being photographed at the height of their career, they're at the top of their game and looking their absolute best. And, they are very young.

You can't possibly compare Kim Kardashian (who's anywhere from 5' 2" to 5' 3") to Brooklyn Decker (some reports have her at 5' 10", some at 5' 9") or Heidi Klum (5' 9 1/2") or Elle MacPherson (6'). It's comparing apples to oranges. Christina Hendricks, from Mad Men, is a paid actress. She's getting paid to act. Not model clothes or promote a product. Marissa Miller and all those other Victoria Secrets models are getting paid to wear clothes. Their body is their product. I'm still trying to figure out just what exactly the Kardashians are getting paid for.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anniversary of Sorts and a Possible Fond Adieu

This will probably have to be my last public post before I entertain the idea of going private again. A good friend alerted me that I have a potential stalker who takes pot shots and jabs at me and my family on other social media outlets. I do not understand this individual's obsession with my family. Please leave us alone. I'll handle this household, you handle your own.
I really love blogging; it clears my mind at night before I go to bed. Some people write in a diary, I blog. This post is actually quite timely given all that is allegedly happening in my neck of the woods right now --

This family is rapidly approaching the 12 year mark. Twelve years ago this spring we moved to B'ham. We were supposed to be here a year, two years tops. Whodda thunk we'd every be here this long?

There are some things I enjoy about living in the South, some things I do not (i.e., being SO far away from our families). One thing, however, has always been a major sticking point for me. I absolutely can not understand why, for the life of me, people INSIST on saying things like "We'll make a Southerner out of you yet." Seriously? Why? Why on God's green earth do I have to be labeled a Southerner? Why label me as anything? Why can't I be me and you be you? Why do I have to be a Southerner for you to like me or want to get to know me better? Why can't you appreciate me for who I am?

Just as you are proud of being from the South, I am proud of being from the North. I like the snow. So sue me. I don't like sweet tea nor do I care for the taste/texture of grits (nothing personal, I don't like oatmeal or bananas either; it's definitely a mushy texture-thing for me). I like fresh bagels, big-ass pretzels from a street vendor and pizza so freakin large I have to fold it in half to eat it (oh and I must really be the devil incarnate! I'm Catholic to boot! Yup, better hides yo' wives, hid yo' kids). I would never, in a million years, expect someone to completely forget their past just because they've moved into a new geographical area. And yet, that's what a lot of people in the South expect you to do. It's the weirdest thing. Please don't send me those cute little e-mails about "what every Southern girl should know." FYI, Northerners write thank you cards, we love football just as much as the next person and we have manners, too! Because you had a bad experience with a foreign taxi driver the one and only time you ever stepped foot in one of the five boroughs does not mean that all New Yorkers are rude (just as the media would have you believe all Southerners are toothless rednecks who don't wear shirts when the tornado hits the trailer park).

My girls and I are probably more "Southern" that most of the people we know down here. Both sides of my family have Southern roots -- my grandmother's family hails from Boone, NC (pre-Civil War) and my dad and his entire family is from Beckley, WV. Cosmo's grandparents were from New Orleans (although I have had several friends actually tell me that New Orleans isn't really "Southern").

We luv, luv, luv Alabama football in this house and attended many, many Alabama games for years and years before we ever moved here. Cosmo and I were still DATING when I attended my first Alabama game (this was before electricity was invented). We also like hockey and lacrosse. Soccer? Eh. Not so much. I'm sorry if it bothers you that my daughter has zero interest in going to Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennesse or any another SEC school (with the exception of Vandy, LSU and the U of KY). It's not that they aren't great schools, it's just that she's ready to move on. There's just too much of the world to see and do to stay in one place too long. I think we have gypsy in our blood somewhere along the line. We are SO ready for the next adventure!


I think I am one of the few people in the world that can truly, honestly say they enjoy what they do. I pull up in the morning and every day I am reminded how lucky I am to work in such a beautiful environment. I don't come in contact with one single person that doesn't have a smile on their face when they walk thru the doors each day. I am so blessed and fortunate to have met and work with some of the most fascinating people on the planet. People from all walks of life. I've had the opportunity to shake hands with super famous people, some not so famous. Some have been incredibly wealthy, some are just common folks trying to make it thru each day. I learn something new every day and I am so happy to be using my brain. Don't get me wrong. I loved being at the Playschool and had so much fun working everyday with my dear friend Margaret. That was the perfect job for me at that time in my life. It's so nice now to get up in the morning (feeling like PDiddy), wear nice clothes that no one will vomit on, or wipe their boogies on. It's nice using my big girl words and eating lunch at the big kids table. I don't have to sit criss-cross-applesauce on the floor and the books I read don't have pictures in them. Some days I miss my cargo capris and my flip-flops but I love my new wardrobe and I love the new friendships I've formed the last year.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy & Prom

"Styles, like everything else, change. Style doesn't." == Linda Ellerbee

T & I had so much fun watching the Grammy's Sunday night. The best part of the whole evening, of course, is the red carpet. T fell in love with Selena Gomez's dress and has confirmed that's the look she wants for this year's Prom. She wants full-on glamour. She wants the sequins, the glitz, the glam. No lace. No bows or flowers. No poufy-ness. And certainly not anything simple or boring. There were a couple of dresses last year that were reminiscent of solid color beach cover-ups / strapless maxi-type dresses. That's just not T. On our prom dress excursion a couple of weekends ago, she tried on an incredible, form fitting white gown with a fishtail hem. I wasn't crazy about white but told her I'd be open-minded. Well, when she came out of the dressing room, every girl in the store and every salesperson stopped what they were doing and told her she looked like Marilyn Monroe. A couple of girls told her to not to try on anything else, she'd found her dress. It was very sweet. So, now we have a better idea of what she's thinking of.

Busy Valentine's Day but what else is new in my house? Pretty much par for the course around here these days. T had lax practice and KJ had volleyball. Cosmo brought Baha Burger home for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook. I know it doesn't sound very romantic but it was perfect (any time I don't have to cook is PERFECT as far as I'm concerned and I love their little side salad with mandarin oranges). The girls were both out of the house and we had a quiet dinner at home. It was very nice to have a few minutes to ourselves and play catch up. Cosmo picked up KJ and her 2 little friends from vball and took them for a Valentines Day treat to the ice cream place that just opened up nearby.

So excited for KJ & I to get our paint on! I bought some Groupon certificates for the two of us to paint at Captured Creations. She loves to explore her artistic side and has always wanted to do a Sips 'n Strokes kind of thing. Her friend Elena had a wonderful birthday party in the fall and had a woman help them each paint Halloween black cats on canvas. It was so interesting to see how each child interpreted the concept . . . some cats had pink noses, some had green eyes, some had yellow eyes, some painted the inside of their cat's ears pink, some did polka dots. It was very, very cute and KJ was so proud when I put it on the mantle for the Fall holidays.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

busy busy little bees and Gnomes

Friday night I took daughter #2 and a friend to the movies to see "Gnomeo & Juliet." It was very, very cute and everyone clapped at the end. On the way home, KJ said she would really like that soundtrack.

According to Mr. James Spann and my daughter, we should start to experience a warming trend this week with temperatures up near the 70's. Daughter #2 is such a weather geek. I went back and read a bunch of old blog posts and even 3 and 4 years ago she was a weather geek. She always got our tornado preparedness kits ready (flashlights, bottled water) and as a kindergartner she would call my parents in PA or NY and ask about their weather.

Cosmo, T & KJ are in Ttown this morning supporting a bunch of former Hoover lax players. Today the Alabama team is playing GA Tech at home so they headed down there to cheer on the boys. They should be pretty good this year. As more and more high schoolers are playing and graduating, the level of play at Auburn and Alabama will increase. I think there are 4 or 5 Hoover kids playing this year at Alabama and a couple former BamaLaxers playing as well. I don't think former Hoover kids are playing at Auburn, but the majority of their roster is former BamaLaxers. It's all good.
Yesterday T had one hellacious of a day. She had the ACT first thing in the AM, took all her lax stuff with her and headed straight over to the Mt Brook fields for 5 scrimmages. I've barely had a chance to speak with her but Cosmo said she scored 4 or 5 in the Spain Park game alone (4 or 5 is pretty freakin' impressive when you consider this was a 25-minute running clock game). I know she said she hit the post in one of the games. I know you're not intentionally supposed to hit the posts but I secretly love it when that happens because you can hear the ball hitting the post and it sounds really cool when it hits really hard. She really, really, really, likes her squad this year. No drama, no prima donnas, they all like each other, they all get along well on and off the field. Yay! So happy. Not like the one year when the seniors begged the coach to kick one of the younger players off the team because she fooled around with some one's boyfriend on Spring Break. That year was absolutely horrible. The seniors flat out refused to pass the ball to this one girl because of the drama that happened during SB. I think back to that year and wonder how many games we could have won if all that drama hadn't happened and if they could have just learned to play like a cohesive team!

T came straight home from the scrimmages, jumped in the shower, got ready and rushed down to Pelham HS for the Annual "Every Beat" performance for Heart month. The Bnettes performed two dances "Smooth Criminal" and their Bollywood Dance. Cosmo videotaped and got some pretty good footage. Luv that Bollywood dance! T had a busy Friday, too. She performed at one of the elementary schools for their Fine Arts day and then had pep rally when she got back to the high school. The pep rally is on / the Bollywood dance starts at around 35:00 minutes.

KJ was at a fun b-day party yesterday. It was an "Amazing Race" party. It started off kind of like a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood and they had to knock on doors until they got everything on their list: bobby pins, duct tape, safety pins, etc. Then, they broke up into teams and with the help of some adults, they drove around the local area and performed tasks: slide down the slide at the playground 12 times, go to the drive thru window at McDonalds and ask for a $1 worth of pickles, etc. I don't know if Phil was at the finish line or not but KJ had a blast!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Heart Hearts

Outdoor Hearts in the Snow:

Last night's snow was SO pretty! So fluffy! Looked just like cotton or light blossoms on the tree branches. Felt so much like "home" (i.e., up North) this morning . . . pretty snow, school delay, we were all home, had a nice family breakfast, KJ asked for hot chocolate, Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Just felt very "Northern" this morning. Very serene and relaxing. no one was rushing around. Very laid back, very cozy. Very family.

Bought this recycled metal heart the other day for the front door. I love this company and have several of their things. I think it's Blackwater Recycled something or other (I also bought the large basket weave heart-shaped yard stake the other day; don't know if they are from the same company or not).

This Year's Dining Room Tablescape: (going w/ a "Topiary" theme)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thought this was Going to Turn Out Good --

How sad. This story made my heart hurt when I read the following article. I was so amazed when this story broke last month and truly thought it was a miracle for the parents and daughter to be reunited after 23 years. This young lady sounds very confused and I hope she finds her way.

It's All Good !!!

So many incredibly good things going on in our house right now it's not even funny. I am so incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband and not just one, but two, outstanding daughters! Everyone experiences life's little ups & downs. We've always said as long as the four of us stick together we'll be just fine. We've got some life altering decisions to make within the next couple of weeks and had a big family pow-wow last night. I was simply amazed at my two girls for their incredible selfishness and maturity. The girls totally stepped up to the plate last night and Cosmo & I couldn't be prouder. It was one of those "a-ha" moments where you feel like you've done your job as a parent. I could leave this earth tonight knowing I've raised some pretty awesome kids!

At 16, going on 17, T has grown into such a beautiful young lady, it is truly a joy to be her mother. KJ is right behind her. They couldn't be more different but yet so similar in many ways. KJ is so sensitive and so caring and so emotional. T holds her cards very close to her chest and doesn't let many people in. KJ wears her emotions on her sleeve. T is organized and responsible and gets the job done without having to be asked twice. KJ is all over the place but that's part of her appeal. She has such good intentions and cares about everyone. T luvs, luvs, luvs little kids; KJ does not (she actually can not stand to be around little ones....they drive her insane). KJ loves animals, T does not (she swears she hates Trixie but has secretly admitted to me that she didn't want to love the dog in case something happened to her the way it did to Buddy). I could totally picture T working with children in the future, KJ would be a perfect vet (except she'd want to bring home all the strays and would probably become way to attached to her patients). So exciting to think about where the future will take these two!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Just not into the Super Bowl this year since the Jets lost. I guess we'll root for the Packers. Cosmo's buddy played for the Bengals and Seattle and is now part of the Packers management. I think it would be cool if he got a ring. He would be the second of Cosmo's friends to have a Super Bowl ring. I don't think many people can say that.

Had a lovely day with T today. We started looking for prom gowns. She hasn't officially been asked yet but everyone told us to start shopping early and not wait until the boy asks. All the good stuff will be gone by then. So, she tried some stuff on, couple things I hated, couple things she hated. But, we've now got a good idea of what's out there, what looks good on her, price range, etc. Designer sizes are so weird. She tried on a couple of Zeros that were huge and hung off her frame, some Zeros were too tight but then so were a couple of Two's. I always tell her not to look at the number on the tag, just go by what fits your body and looks right. We actually played a really bad joke on Cosmo. She tried on the skankiest sluttiest dress she could find, took a photo and sent it to hubby with the caption "I think she found a dress!!!!" He didn't say much except, "um, that's pretty scandalous." We waited until we got home to let him in on the joke (and he breathed a little sigh of relief).

After trying some things on, T met her up with her good friend Mitch. She was very happy to spend some time with him. He moved away almost a year ago and they still keep in touch. I brought home a pizza from our favorite pizza place and KJ & Cosmo had wings and shrimp cocktail waiting for us when we walked in the door. Now that's a good weekend!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank You Rain & Snow Gods

Nice start to the weekend. Last night Cosmo was able to secure space at a local indoor facility and had a mini-practice, KJ went home w/ a friend afterschool and ended up spending the night and T met me for some quality girl time (Clinique bonus @ Belk!) before heading out to dinner and the basketball game w/ friends.

Had an OUTSTANDING lacrosse fundraiser this morning. Didn't think it was going to happen when we woke up to snow but the players, their family and friends pulled thru and it was a packed house all morning. The pancake breakfast and the auction are always fun and a great kick-off to the season. I love catching up with everyone and really love it when parents and kids who played several years ago make it a point to still support the team.

Cosmo and I always laugh at the amount of gossip and rumors that go around this town. Some of the boys on his team (and their dads) gossip worse than a bunch of girls. He's always coming home from practicing talking about who did this or who did that, who's talking to who (there's talking and then there's talking), who had a party, who hooked up with who, who quit what, who didn't make such and such a team/squad (college recruiting was earlier in the week so that was a big topic). The moms always gossip about everyone else's children but their own which is even funnier. Most of the dads don't have any illusions about their kids. They will honestly come right out and say, "I'm disappointed, or I'm upset w/ my child. We had a long talk, he/she needs to try harder, etc." The moms? Never. We have some friends who are totally aware of the fact that their kids aren't angels and make no bones about it. Never judgemental, never hypocritical. Those are the parents I like. The ones who aren't too-faced and talk about EVERYONE else's kids (so fake and phony when they then smile and pretend to be concerned but they're really just digging for dirt). To say "my child would never" is just plain stupid. Yes, your child would. And they did. So get off your high horse. They're only human and they're teenagers. They make stupid decisions.

On that note, a big shout out to the weather gods (I'm guessing that would be Zeus???):

Zeus is the Lord of the Sky and the God of Rain. Zeus, Ruler of Mount Olympus, Known by Many Names, Lord of the Sky, Rain-God, Cloud-Gatherer And Zeus of the Thunderbolt. The Mighty Zeus, the Greek god known also as the Roman god Jupiter or Jove.

Because of the yucky weather the fields are in terrible condition and Cosmo had to cancel today's practice. We had a nice lunch quiet lunch together and actually took a little bit of a nap. I can't remember the last time he was home on a Saturday afternoon. So relaxing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This has got to stop

This weather is ridiculous. My car was a frozen Popsicle this afternoon and I didn't wear a coat (I refuse to wear a coat, I live in the south dammit!). I always keep gloves in my bag and fortunately I have butt warmers in the car. Thankfully, we finalized our spring break plans so that's something fun and sunny to look forward to!

I heard something really funny on the radio this morning. The other night Justin Bieber was on a late night talk show (Letterman, perhaps??). Anyway, his interview lasted 11 minutes and he said the word "like" 63 times! That is more than 6 times per minute. INSANE!!! The radio station made a clip of him saying "Like." That's it. Nothing else but the word like. 63 times.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Dreaming

I'm not one to let bad weather get me down. I don't have to be on the beach to have a good time. I like all weather and normally, I embrace and appreciate all the joys and nuance each season has to offer. However, the weather has been so dismal this winter (Saturday was nice but that's really been about it!), I have been doing some serious day dreaming. I've been thinking about quaint sidewalk cafes and romantic courtyards.

Shoe Fetish

"It is an amazing thing, the difference to one's powers of concentration a pair of comfortable shoes can make." -- Laurie R. King
I don't know about "comfortable" but today I have on a super sexy pair of 4" lipstick red heels. That weren't expensive at all but shoes can totally change your outlook! I never wear anything above 3" and I'm pretty neutral when it comes to shoes. I luv, luv, luv shoes (boots, sandals, pumps, wedges, sling-backs, kitten heels, flip flops -- anything but flats. At 4'11" I can't afford to wear flats) but I mainly stick to brown and black. I do have an awesome pair of black and gray zebra print and a pair of brown and black leopard print but I wear them to jazz up basic pants and a sweater. I bought a pair of navy pants recently and was at a total loss as to what kind of shoe would go best. I saw these red pumps and HAD to have them.

"Age shouldn't affect you. It's just like the size of your shoes - they don't determine how you live your life! You're either marvellous or you're boring, regardless of your age." -- Steven Morrissey
On the sports front, the weather has NOT been cooperating lately. Mother Nature is ruining lacrosse practices for everyone. I think tonight the boys and the girls will have to share the turf at the high school which will make for a very interesting practice. The High School AD has been great this year and is letting the team use the turf on Wednesday evenings. In non-lacrosse news, KJ has started playing Club volleyball and LOVES it. I think she would quit lax and play v-ball full time if she was guaranteed it wouldn't break her poor daddy's heart.
Friday is the "winter sports" pep rally and the Bnettes will be doing their Bollywood routine. It's so awesome and one of my most favorite dances EVER (the Christmas dances are my #1).

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