Monday, February 26, 2018

Ice Ice Baby!!!

My kids definitely inherited my gypsy gene.  Seriously.  When we lived in Madrid there really was a band of gypsies that lived near our apartment building.  My parents used to tell me they think I was switched with one of those gypsy babies. 

T-bone had always told her sister that she would take her anywhere in the world she wanted for a graduation gift.  They had kicked around a bunch of different locales but I had final say in the matter because I was not crazy about my two chickadees traveling during the height of tourist season and being the target of terrorists.  Also, KJ didn't want to go anywhere tropical because she had been to Costa Rica, Nicarauga, Jamaica, the Caymens and Cozumel all in the same year.  #firstworldproblems  So, after much debate, my two knuckleheads decided they wanted to go to Iceland!  Yes, Iceland!!!  And I'm totally OK with it!  T found great flights and they leave two days after KJ's high school graduation.  Which is totally crazy. 

Also crazy is the fact that Coach and I are going to be empty nesters in a few short months!  We've been waiting a long, long time for this!!!  hahaha!!!  Very, very proud of KJ though.  She was accepted at every school she applied to (Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State) but when it came down to it, she decided to take her talents to Ole Miss.  #hottytoddy  She already has a roommate and they've been busy planning their dorm room.  I'm happy for her.  I was actually hoping she would have gone to Arkansas or Oklahoma State because I want her to have her own college experience and not feel that she has to follow in T's footsteps.  But, at the end of the day, they are two very different people, with two very different goals and I know she'll do great where ever she is.
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