Friday, March 4, 2011

It's the Freakin' Weekend I'm About to Have Me Some Fun

I have always loved that line! I don't know who sings it or even the name of the song but I've always think of it on Friday mornings. I don't know exactly how much fun I'll have this weekend due to the gloomy weather we're expecting but I will definitely make the most of it!

Tough losses to Spain Park last night. This year's teams are very, very young. There are some 8th graders playing, only 1 senior, a handful of juniors, 2 sophomores and a boatload of freshmen. There have also been a couple of injuries that really affected the team. I think this season will be a "rebuilding" year and next year will be awesome! I just hope my husband survives the season. Some of the refs calls are killing him.

T came to visit me at work today. I love when the girls visit or when Cosmo joins me for lunch! She had a prom dress fitting and plenty of time before she had to head to school this afternoon. So we had I bought her a late breakfasdt and we had a nice little visit (they all make fun of me at work and tell me I'm going to miss her when she goes off to college). Although T wants to major in communications, I also think she would do really well at hospitality. She's so friendly and outgoing and walks around the hotel like an old pro. She was that way when we lived in Cincy, too. My friend LCM used to say that T walked into that Marriott like she owned the place (and she was onlly 3 years old at the time!). She used to go back in the kitchen and all the Chefs would fuss over her, the Front Desk girls oohed and aahed over her, too.

Buccanettes try-outs tonight. It was SO sweet at last night's lax game. All the mom's were hugging T, telling her good luck, one mom said, "you'll be wearing those white boots again next year" which I thought was really cute. The audition dances are pretty tough this year. The hip hop is to a really fast Beyonce song that I've never heard before and I can't remember what the jazz song is. T's got her first lax game of the season Sunday afternoon. Hope the weather holds out. This game has already been rescheduled once, don't know what they'll do if the weather is bad.

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