Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Just a quick shout-out to my good natured friend Dean Martin.  He's one of the biggest Notre Dame fans out there and he put up with a lot of trash talk from me the last couple of weeks.  We had a friendly rivalry going back and forth but in the spirit of friendship, it never got ugly.  And I will behave and won't rub last night's win in, either. 

Cosmo was in Nashville last night and T went to TTown w/ friends to watch the game so it was just me and KJ.  She's fun to watch games with.  Thankfully both of my girls know their football better than most men and make intelligent observations throughout the game.  I hate when girls/women just repeat/FB/re-tweet whatever the announcer or their husband just said.

Still feeling really, really cruddy.  Just can't seem to shake this annoying cough.  And I'm really tired all the time.  God, I hope I don't have mono.  Never had it before, don't really need it at 45 years old.  Ain't no body got time for that.  I've never had strep before and neither have the girls. 

KJ's volleyball is in full swing.  Practices have started and we have a tournament at the end of the month.  T has an incredibly long break and doesn't have to be back in Oxford until the end of January.  She went to Tuscaloosa last night to watch the big game with friends and  I think she has plans to visit friends in Auburn next weekend and then stop in Starkville on her way back to Ole Miss. She has been asked to represent her sorority in the Ole Miss version of the Beauty Walk (I think it's called Walk of Beauties??) and then she goes right into lax season.  She's got Spring Break plans already, too.  Not sure what KJ and I are going to do this year.  She's going on the Washington DC trip with school, I may just hit the beach by myself for a few days.  Aaaaahhh, that would be heavenly!!!  Me, my nook and a margarita or two. 

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