Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cupcakes, Anyone?

Yesterday we decided to take a little break from unpacking and headed downtown for the H Street Festival. 

The last time we lived here we always lucked out on the weekends and always found a parking spot around the reflecting pool near the Capital Building.  During the week you probably needed a parking pass to park there but on the weekends no one checked.  This, of course, was pre 9/11 and you could park wherever you wanted.  From there we would work our way down the mall and always approached the White House from Constitution Ave.  This time, we parked at a garage at I Street and 16th Ave (not far from the Hay Adams) and walked to the White House from Pennsylvania Ave.  Very different approach and we were surprised to see the front door of the White House wide open!  

We turned on 15th from Pennsylvania Ave and walked over to the Washington Monument.  I hate that it's covered in scaffolding but hopefully that will be correct any structural issues. 
From the monument we walked over to the 13th Annual Library of Congress National Book Festival which was on the Mall between 9th and 14th Streets.  There were tons and tons of food trucks and it was really neat to see Giada and Hoda and Tito Puento signing their books and interacting with readers.  We then made our way over to the Sculpture Gardens (I had never been before and would like to go back and spend a little more time at the Gardens and have lunch in the Café). 
It started to drizzle a little so we decided to ditch the H Street Festival and we got in the car and headed over to Nick's Riverside Café in Georgetown.
We were hoping the rain would taper off by the time we got over there because I really wanted to dine outside by the water.  I absolutely, positively LOVE Georgetown and would give my right arm to live over there!  So quaint, so picturesque, so trendy and so walkable.  After dinner we thought we'd see how bad the line at Georgetown Cupcakes was and maybe grab some dessert. The line wasn't too bad, maybe 10-15 people in front of us (KJ said when she was there in July the line was up the street and around the corner and a lady passed out from heat stroke and they had to call an ambulance).  We got our cupcakes and headed home but made a quick stop at the new Wegman's that just opened up near us.  The store is absolutely insane.  It's two stories and has a escalator and a cart-o-lator, too! 

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