Thursday, March 27, 2014

Summer loving

You know things are serious when your daughter e-mails you requesting a family conference call for later in the day!

T called last night to discuss her summer plans.  I've kind of always known in the back of my mind that she probably wouldn't be coming "home" (wherever that is!) for the summer but last night confirmed it.  She's got to stay in Mississippi for her Miss Jackson/ Miss Miss commitments so she might as well take some classes, too!   But even before Miss Miss, I didn't think she'd come home; I knew she'd want to stay in Oxford for the summer.  And I was fine with it.  I really am (the only thing I'm really having a hard time with is the fact that sophomore year is almost over and she'll be a JUNIOR in the fall!!  When did THAT happen???  And, on top of it, KJ will be a high school FRESHMAN!!!  Impossible!).

I'm glad T's flying in for Easter, though!  Cosmo and KJ haven't seen her since Christmas; I at least got to see her end of February/beginning of March when I flew in for orientation.  My parents will be here for Easter and I think Cosmo's niece and husband will be joining us too!

She has to stay to make sure all her residents are out of the dorms after this semester ends and then that Monday she'll start classes.  I think the May session is kind of quick, only two weeks or so and then she might be able to come home for Memorial Day and go right into summer session which will end up around her birthday.  From there she'll be in Vicksburg for the pageant and after that will, hopefully, be able to relax by the pool for a couple of weeks until she has to be back in Oxford for Rush workshop and CA training.  Busy, busy girl and she wouldn't have it any other way!

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