Friday, June 22, 2018

This Little Piggy . . .

It's no secret I love my sweet little feet.  Those size 6 little cuties of mine have taken me to some amazing places and I love pampering my feet.  I get pedi's regularly, I put lotion on my feet every night and use a foot scrub every morning in the shower.

Last weekend we were sitting around the pool one afternoon talking about and comparing.  T has long feet with her second toe being a bit longer.  KJ has fat, flat feet.  Coach, for a man, has very, very nice feet.  My brother has fairly normal feet and I can't remember what Pony Boy's feet looked like.  My mom's feet are nice but my dad's feet are a hot mess because of his diabetes and eczema. 

They may not be the most attractive part of the body, but believe it or not, your feet  can actually say a lot about your personality.
There are even people who have made an entire career out it (they’re called “foot readers”, by the way).
Yep, just like getting your palm read, your feet – especially your toes – can tell a whole lot about who you are and where you’ve been.

“I can’t tell your future, but I can see your past and your present. There’s no escaping from it; your feet say a lot about you,” British foot reader Jane Sheehan told The Telegraph.
Your feet can also speak volumes about your health and general well-being.“When people are depressed, they put all their weight on the front of their feet when walking,” she added.  “So there will be darkened areas of skin on the toepads.”
And the colour of your feet can also be telling.
“Another test is to compare the colour of someone’s feet to the colour of the skin just above their ankle,” she said.
“If the feet are paler, it indicates exhaustion and weakened blood circulation. Yellowness is a sign of someone being rather fed-up. A callous on the ball of the foot, just under the little toe, indicates that the person is shouldering too much responsibility.”
Our feet even give us away when we feel humiliated.
Goodness. We feel so betrayed right now…
“Did you know that when you are embarrassed, the neck of your big toe blushes red?” added Sheehan.
Sheehan uses what’s called a “toe alphabet” to read people, and it’s pretty fascinating.
Generally speaking, there are four different foot shapes – the Roman Foot, the Square Foot, the Greek Foot and the Egyptian Foot – and each shape carries different personality traits.
Without stalling, let’s get to the good stuff, because we all want to know…

The Roman Foot

The Roman Foot is characterised by the first three toes, which are all roughly the same length, and then two smaller toes at the end.
People with a Roman Foot have a tendency to be balanced, and are also outgoing and sociable.
They also like travelling, and are open to new experiences and exploring new cultures.
People with a Roman Foot are also known for being great public speakers, so step up to the podium.

The Square Foot

If all of your toes are the exact same length, then you have a Square Foot – also known as a Peasant Foot (hey, we didn’t make it up – don’t blame us).
The good news though is that people with this type of foot are renowned for being reliable and practical.
They will weigh up all the options before making a decision, and are known for being good friends.
They’re also known for being extremely caring.

The Greek Foot

Also known as the Flame Foot, people with this type of foot have a second toe that extends beyond the big toe.
This is the most common foot type in Australia, with 43 percent of all Aussies having a Greek Foot, according to The Australian Women’s Weekly.
People with a Greek Foot tend to be active, athletic and creative, and are enthusiastic about new ideas and projects.
They are natural leaders, but can get stressed easily, and have a tendency to be impulsive.

The Egyptian Foot

The Egyptian Foot is balanced, with a big toe and then each toe after that getting smaller in chronological order.
People with an Egyptian Foot also tend to have long, thin feet, lending itself to the nickname of the Stretched Foot.
They value their privacy, and have a tendency to hide their emotions, which can sometimes bubble over into mood swings that seem to come out of nowhere.
People with an Egyptian Foot also tend to be very secretive, and have a need for their own space.
But, it's not all wrapped up in the foot shape. Just like people, every foot is different.
Here are what some of your toe quirks actually mean...

Wiggly Little Toe

If you can wiggle your little toe separately to the rest of your toes, you have a tendency to be restless, unconventional and in need of constant change.
You also like adventure and can be quite flirty.
By contrast, those who can't wiggle their little toes are considered loyal.

Little Toe On the Side

If your little toe sticks out at an angle or tucks under, you are considered rebellious and unconventional, with a need to have things done your way.

Small Little Toe

If your little toe is smaller than usual, you have a childlike personality, are playful, and also quite fun to be around.

Large Big Toe

If your big toe extends way ahead of the rest of your toes, you are creative and a sharp thinker.

Slanted Second Toe

If your second toe bends towards your big toe, you have a tendency to be sentimental and nostalgic.

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