Friday, November 7, 2008


Woke up this morning around 5:30 AM (actually, it was 5:33 AM Ben time) w/ a killer headache. I moved to the couch so I wouldn't wake Chris. He got the girls ready and off to school. Took a couple of Excedrin's and went back to bed for a while. Woke up around 9 AM and felt like a million bucks!

Chris & I switched cars today so I could take his car in for an oil change and brakes. Got to the auto department around 10 AM and sat there until almost 3 PM. 5 freakin' hours! Fortunately I had "Breaking Dawn" with me and the time went fairly quickly. I also walked over to the AT&T store and got a new phone. My old phone was starting to poop out on me and turn off every time I ended a call. Sometimes it was even turning off in the middle of a call. Soooo, I bought a new Crackberry and had fun this afternoon playing w/ it. It's very pretty -- silver w/ pink buttons and a pretty pink paisley pattern on the back. After the AT&T store I walked over to Johnny Rockets for lunch and had a BLT on wheat toast and a vanilla shake. I know, I know. I have such a glamorous, exciting life. Can't help it. That's just how I roll.

T had to dress tonight for pre-game at the Varsity game. It's kind of wet, damp and chilly tonight so we decided not to go to the game. We dropped her off and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Iguana Grill. I had a grande Mango Margarita and after dinner I enjoyed a Tia Maria on the rocks. mmmmm! delicioso! as my friend Dora the Explorer would say. Unfortunately KJ kept calling me "Alice Alcohol" all night. They learned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol during Red Ribbon week at her school. Wow. Mommy has 2 drinks for the first time in months and I'm suddenly Alice Alcohol. I told her if she didn't be quiet I was going to stop on the way home and pick-up a couple of cigars. She then said she would start calling me Tammy Tobacco. God forbid Chris has a beer. She'll start calling him Daddy the Drunk.


*Yankee Belle* said...

I am on the final book too. reading this one slowly. I want a crackberry - pink.

Alison said...

haha I like the Ben time comment. Oh and since Heather has moved down on the cousin ranking does this mean I have moved up...?? :)

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