Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still Transitioning

Didn't get much accomplished yesterday regarding Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations. Chris & I basically relaxed on the couch and watched the Alabama game. KJ played at Evvy's most of the afternoon and T was at the game w/ friends. Chris worked at the lax store earlier in the day but closed in time for kick-off. He brought home Roly-Poly sandwiches for lunch and for dinner we ordered a pizza. So healthy.

T came home from the game feeling a little sick (she swears she only had a couple of beers at the fraternity) so we snuggled on the couch last night and watch Lord of the Rings 2. I think #3 is on tonight. She was supposed to have All-star lax practice this afternoon in preparation for their tournament in Atlanta this weekend. I woke her up around 10 AM and she was burning w/ fever. I gave her 2 tylenol and sent her back to bed. She's been laying on the couch most of the day in her jammies and had some soup for lunch. Chris, however, went to her All-star lax practice. He's such a goober. He bought himself a girls stick (very different from a boys stick) so he could get a feel for the game (that just what we need in this house -- more lacrosse equipment). Last night he was on some website and copied down a bunch of plays to teach the girls today.

Today I'm getting a lot done. All the Thanksgiving and Halloween stuff are packed away. I didn't put everything in the attic because Chris will need room to maneuver in there when he gets the tree and the big decorations out. I love setting my table and I love putting all my Santa's out. I also enjoy doing my kitchen. I try to make it look like a candy store and use a lot of candy and food as decorations. I'm also thinking of changing things up a bit this year. We've been in the house 9 years and I feel like every year it looks exactly the same. When Chris gets home later today he & his little partner in crime will do the outside lights and decorations. KJ asked him to stop at Michaels on his way home from practice today and buy her a gingerbread house kit and matching Santa hats for her & T for this year's Christmas picture. I just need him to bring home some milk. And maybe something for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I have santa hats I bought last year & never took out of bag...let me know if you want them!

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