Sunday, June 12, 2011

We are Sparta

Unsuccesfully trying to catch up on laundry and upload photos from this weekend and for some reason my blog was calling. Flipping through the millions of channels on Uverse and 300 caught my eye. It is quite easily one of the goriest movies I've ever seen but it's so good!

(When Cosmo snapped this photo he said, "T is towering over both of you." I had no idea how tall she's getting. I'm wearing flip-flops in this photo and T is barefoot. I think KJ is wearing flip-flops, too. Scary thing is, KJ is really catching up to me.)

Where last weekend was all about lacrosse, this weekend is all about dance team. The girls have been down at UAB since Thursday for camp and have had a really good time. Very nice group of kids, nice group of supportive mom's. Thursday night was the team competition and today they will get the results (after the competition a bunch of mom's went out for margarita's and I had to take the snack basket and drinks to the girls when the got back to the high school). Yesterday was All-American try-outs for the senior girls only and 5 out of the 7 senior Bnettes made it! Yay Tbone! I drove downtown to watch T perform at 3:45 PM and ended up staying until the end of the night. I had dinner w/ the girls and helped carpool a bunch back to the high school (while the rest of the campers eat in the dorms or in the dining hall, our girls had their meals catered to them. I know that sounds super obnoxiuos but one of the mom's works at UAB and uses their catering services for various events. We each paid $50 and rather than have the girls eat fast food all week, UAB let the girls eat in a private dining room, complete with cloth linens, and had wonderful lunches and dinners ready for them. One day they had a potato bar, one day was pasta, one lunch was wraps and last night we had ham, green beans, mac & cheese and strawberry shortcake for dessert).

I don't know how these girls do it. Seriously. They've been practicing all week for the team competition and had to be at the high school by 7 AM Friday and Sunday to be at UAB by 8 AM each day. After being at camp all day for 12+ hours, they practice at the high school for an additional 1-2 hours each night. Saturday T and a couple of the other seniors took the ACT's in the morning and then danced until well after 10 PM. Cosmo had to rush downtown bright and early this morning because one of the girls left the spirit stick in my car last night and they have to turn it in this morning or get points taken off their total score for the weekend.

While I was spending the day at UAB, Cosmo took KJ tubing on the Cahaba. It sounds like it was quite an adventure! KJ texted me and said, "this is the most redneck thing we have ever done!" Cosmo swears he heard the banjos from Deliverance playing in the background. He said they had fun but he had never seen so much Natty Light consumed in his life (which is saying a lot considering his wild partying college days!). He said there were a lot of tatoos, not a lot of teeth and a lot of women wearing bikinis that really shouldn't be wearing them. I think at one point someone even offered KJ a beer.

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