Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeen!

Every year I swear I'm going to make these beautiful pumpkin topiaries! Hasn't happened yet!

However, I have decorated with mason jars for years & years and use the jars all year round. I don't just only use mason jars, either. If I find a jar with an unusual size or shape, I clean it up and use it! I line my driveway with mason jars whenever we have a party, I use them up the front steps, on the floor in the foyer, outside on the back deck, scattered throughout the flower gardens, over by the garden swing, on a tree stump (all the girls at T's homecoming afterparty said the backyard looked very romantic!). I've also wrapped wire around the collar of the jars and hung them from the trees. I luv, luv, luv candlelight and incorporate candlelight into every single one of my decorating themes.
Love the purple & green touches on this tablescape! Although I love Orange & Black (Go Bucs!), I do get a little tired of it by the time Halloween rolls around.

Looking forward to seeing all the neighborhood kids dressed up tonight! The party and parade at the clubhouse is so much fun each year and it's been amazing watching these kids grow up. It's kind of been in waves or stages . . . T was only 5 when we moved here and KJ had her first Halloween just days after being born (I sat on the front steps and passed out candy with KJ snuggled in her infant car seat right next to me. I think she was more of a novelty that year than the actual candy. I do remember it being very, very warm that first Halloween; like in the mid 70's). T was in kindergarten and I remember a big group of older kids (who have now all gone on to be married and some even have kids of their own). Then, there was the group just a touch bit older than T (we called the boys The Doberman Gang...Zack, Andrew, Rob and George's Kids). They are all in college now. Next was T's group (aka The Southpointe Kids . . . T, Kelsey, Cole, Molly, Jay G, Jay R, Callie, Jake, Emily B, T Keith, The Brown Boy. Then we had KJ's group . . . KJ, Conor, Cavan, Clare, Evvy, Sam, JP, Cam and Andi. And then of course, all the little neighborhoods kids that T babysat for. That's really weird for her. She loves when the kids come up to her at the pool with big hugs but she said it makes her feel old. Welcome to my world girlfriend.

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