Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seriously folks!

It just doesn't get any better than this! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I love sleeping with the windows open (although I think I'm suffering from allergies or something . . . I've been fighting a headache since Saturday afternoon and I'm very stuffed up again).

KJ had volleyball yesterday. Oh boy. Her poor little team. They just can't catch a break. It's pitiful. They can't even win a coin toss. Honest to God! We took KJ to YoMo after her games (matches? I have no idea what it's called) and sat outside and just chatted and caught up with her doings. She had spirit week at school last week and always has fun with that. After YoMo we bought pumpkins, our hay bale and some corn stalks and did some of our outdoor decorating.

T went to TTown for the Vandy game. It was her first time going to a game w/ just friends. She's been down there for games with friends and their parents, but this was the first time she's gone down there w/out parental supervision. She had a great time and said everytime she turned around she ran into someone she knew. T said it was awesome . . . everyone kept offering them food and my friends from work kept texting her to tailgate w/ them. I don't know if yesterday's TTown excursion was a good idea. I think it's just going to make the college decision that much harder for her.

And whoa! What do you know! Speaking of college, Friday afternoon she got a call from the admissions office in FL letting her know she had been accepted and because of her grades and ACT score she will quality for a Presidential Scholarship. She was SO psyched and couldn't wait to call me! She said she was headed to the Senior Tailgate and saw the FL # on her caller ID. The admissions officer said, "I know it's late in the day but I just wanted to call you and hopefully this will make your weekend!" Um, yes! It made EVERYONE's weekend! Go T!!!

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