Monday, December 5, 2011

Still No Balls

Yep. Two Christmas trees are up in the house and neither of them have balls or any type of ornamentation. Both trees have lights on them, but nothing else. We had such a busy, busy weekend it just got put on the back burner. Hopefully tonight we can have a nice family meal and then decorate the tree.

Thursday I went to see T perform at halftime of one of the basketball games. I luv, luv, luv that Christmas routine and the new costumes looked GREAT! They had a busy week: Wednesday was the bonfire, Thursday morning they had a pep rally and danced at 2 basketball games and Friday was the state championship game at Bryant-Denney. T went out with the girls Friday after the game as is their post-game ritual. Saturday afternoon they also danced at a local pageant and Saturday night she spent the night at a friends.

Not really sure what to say about the State Championship game. It was a GREAT game and I hate the loss for the seniors. The coach had a tough call to make and, although it didn't work out the way we all wanted, it was the right call. We had a lot of fun sitting with friends, the weather was perfect and I was a little sad because it was T's last football game. The night before the game I told her to "just enjoy the moment, rock the sparkley and work those boots!" One of their very last positions during the half-time show is is one hand in the air holding a long ribbon and the other hand is on their heart. While they were performing I watched her close her eyes at this point and take a deep, soulfull breath. I knew she was savoring the moment and that gave me chills. I am just so incredibly proud of her and I know she's had a lot of fun as a Bnette. She cried a little after the game but said she cried not because they lost but because it was over.

Saturday Cosmo & his little shadow finished decorating the outside and put up the rest of the lights. I did some shopping, ran a few errands and took a little power nap before we headed out to the engagmenet party. KJ was originally planning to go to the party but got invited to a friend's house at the very last minute. T met us at the party and left early to go out with friends. Had a nice time at the party, the food was wonderful, M's house looked beautiful and G&H are a very sweet couple!

Sunday we drove up to Ross Bridge to get some Christmas card photos done and Cosmo joined us for a bit on his way to his lax lesson. It was such a gorgeous day out we decided not to rush home and ended up walking around downtown and taking some photos. Cosmo called after his lesson and we met him for a late lunch at Cucina Superior in Brookwood. T was operating on about 3 hours of sleep so she came home and took a little nap and then met with friends to discuss their Spring Break 2012 plans. By the time she got home, no one felt like decorating the tree. Hence, we have no balls.

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Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

LOL, this cracked me up! I hope you find your balls soon:)


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