Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I just can't

I think I am going to take a self-imposed break from all social media today (other than this blog post). 

I am not trying to be difficult, melodramatic, or deemed insensitive or disrespectful to survivors or the families of the fallen in any way, shape or form. 

Cosmo and I knew too many people taken from us on this date and it is still so fresh.  It stings bitterly.  We all have our own painful memories of this day.  I vividly remember Cosmo calling me on that gorgeous September morning.  The sky was impossibly blue and clear.  I was getting Kj ready for our first Mommy & Me gymnastics class.  And then him subsequently rushing home to be with me and KJ.  I mean, he tore through that front door.  Us contemplating whether we should get T out of school to calm her fears (we had just been to the city in August and have a beautiful photo of her in front of the towers from the Ferry as we were approaching the Statue of Liberty; we knew if she heard about the towers she would worry about her family in NY).  Frantic phone calls to my parents.  Calling my brother in PA to tell him I loved him.  Immediate thoughts about Cosmo's cousin Hope who worked in one of the Towers.  Hope had only recently come into our lives and the thought of losing her was devasting.  Then the sudden realization that B might have been on duty.  Was Guenther OK?  Never in a million years thinking that a boy, a man now, that I played with when I was a kid, was now among the missing.  His son was only two weeks old.  Rob's poor sister.  Not only lost her brother that day but her husband as well.  The fireman who lived down the street from me when I was a girl.  The receptionist at my dentists office lost her husband.  Our high school friend lost his older brother.  My brother lost a high school friend.  The family who owned the local pizza place lost a loving wife and mother. 

Robert McCarthy

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't need 9/11 retrospectives or tweets or FB posts to remind me.  I will never forget.  And I will make sure my children never forget either. 

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