Wednesday, September 12, 2012


No secret this is one of my favorite products of all time!  It goes on super duper smooth, it's not a sticky, high gloss and my lips feel SO smooth after using it.  Especially after having a cold or when it's really dry out and my lips feel flaky and icky.  And, most importantly, I like the color.  It looks good on me in the summer with a tan (and we'll see how it looks in the winter when I'm paler; I think it will complement my skin tone quite nicely).  It's a a good neutral shade.  Not too overpowering, not whimpy either. 

I think L'Oreal has had their version out for a while now but I only recently discovered it.  This weekend I purchased and tried "Nourishing Nude" and really, really liked it.  Nice price, too. Nice texture, smooth application.  Like the color. 

Again, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.  I have no idea when Revlon came out with Lip Butter but I purchased "Pink Truffle" recently.  Went on smooth, good price, good color. 
I don't know.  Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job.  I don't think I have a future in Lip Balm Product Testing.  I really like all three of these.  Sugar Fresh is my top choice but Revlon and L'Oreal are both serious contenders.  Maybe I should try a blindfolded test or something???

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