Sunday, February 2, 2014

Soupa Bowl

I read somewhere that a bottle of beer at tonight's Super Bowl was $12, mac and cheese was $8, hot chocolate cost $11 and a souvenir mug of soup was $20.  Who goes to the Super Bowl and orders soup??  I guess they were preparing for Polar Vortex weather

We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and still managed to get a few things done!  KJ had a friend over Friday night, I booked my flights to visit T the end of this month, did a bunch of laundry, Cosmo and KJ worked on their flights for DALC, KJ and I did some shopping on Sunday and I totally re-organized my closet.  When I we moved, I just unpacked and put stuff in the my closet with no rhyme or reason.  This weekend I pretty much emptied my entire closet and started over.  Everything is nice and neat and I now have tons of room . . . summer clothes are all together, work-out clothes are in one spot, sweaters have been re-folded and shoes are in pretty plastic boxes.  I live in Old Navy and Gap t-shirts and they are now organized by short sleeve and long sleeve and by color.  I threw away some stuff and dropped a bag off at a donation center. 

I can't believe KJ's last year of middle school is quickly coming to an end.  She has selected her classes for freshman year (WTH???) and I had to sign off on everything.  She was recommended for honors English, Science and Social Studies and made the honor roll again this semester.  She has done so incredibly well transitioning to a new school and I am super proud of her.  She really, really loves her new school and her teachers.  And I am so thankful!!

Have to brag on Daughter #1 for a bit, too.  She auditioned to be a DJ on Rebel Radio and has been given a slot.  We didn't even know she was auditioning!  So if you're in Oxford, MS anytime soon, tune in!!

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