Friday, August 22, 2014

This is Becoming a Habit

Whoa.  Look at me.  Blogging three times this week!  Weather today is very cloudy and overcast.  KJ is supposed to have a team building event at the rope course today after practice but it may get cancelled due to weather. 

We didn't go to the Freshman Picnic last night because a) it was raining and b) KJ had an "awesome" orientation earlier in the day (her words, not mine) and felt the picnic would have been "redundant" (her words, not mine).  She rode to bus to the high school (her stop gets picked up @ 6:28AM), met all her teachers, walked her schedule and found her locker.  She said she knows kids in each of her classes so she's happy.  She said her science teacher looks exactly like Hoover's football coach.  KJ and Cosmo did run up to the high school anyway to purchase some spirit wear from the booster club.  She got two t-shirts and a nice embroidered hoodie. 

We have no major plans this weekend.  I'm sure Cosmo will want to watch the Hoover game.  Last weekend we met our friend Mike and his family for dinner at the Inner Harbor and had a great time.  This weekend KJ mentioned she'd like to have some friends over for a back-to-school pool party so we'll probably do that Saturday or Sunday.  She's got a scrimmage after school on Monday but I have a feeling they may also have a practice thrown at them tomorrow since they've only had a full practice Thursday and today. 

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