Thursday, June 2, 2022

It's Been WAAAAAY Too Long !!!

 I can't believe it's been over a year since I blogged.  I love blogging.  It's so therapeutic for me.  

Getting back into blogging has been on my to-do list the past year but let's face it.  It's been a pretty crazy year for the Cos Family.  And, I had really hoped to have re-vamped my blog before I started posting again.  

Where to begin?  Well, if you follow me on Insta, Facebook or Twitter, you know that we moved to Orange County, California last year!  It's been just over a year and we LOVE it!  We feel like we are on vacation every day.  The weather is incredible and there is so much to do!  And we love being so close to the beach. 

The move to California happened quickly and I do mean quickly.  Coach had been approached by a head hunter and had a Zoom interview with the COO and the CEO one Saturday morning in February while I was getting my hair done.  Seriously!  I came home and asked how his interview went.  He looked at me and said, "well, we're flying out to California on Friday!"  My response was something like, "awesome!  This is so exciting!"  He said, "We.  Us.  We're both flying out to California.  They want to meet you too."  So off to Orange County we went!  The "interview" went great; kind of weird to be sitting there while you're husband's talking business but it was wonderful that they recognized what a huge, life-changing experience this would be for both of us.  Our flight didn't leave until Saturday evening so we woke up and headed to Newport Beach and walked on the pier going over the pros and cons like we always do when presented with something like this.  Disneyland had literally just opened back up the previous week so we had lunch at Downtown Disneyland.  

We spent the next few weeks getting our house in Dallas ready for sale and Coach started his new job mid-March.  The selling market in Dallas was insane and our house basically sold in one day with multiple over-ask offers.  The listing went live on Thursday at 1 PM and by 1:30 PM we had two showings that evening.  By 5 PM Friday we had 3 over ask offers.  It was so crazy I actually went to a hotel for 5 days because the showings were scheduled from 8 AM to 9 PM.  It was honestly easier to just go to a hotel.  We closed the listing down on Sunday afternoon and reviewed our offers Monday morning.  We ended up selling to our next door neighbor's best friends . . .  a young couple with two kids who will really enjoy the house, the pool and the neighborhood.

While all of this was going on, we also hosted a beautiful engagement party for T-bone and the Dew in Oxford!  Coach flew into Memphis from California and my parents flew to Dallas to spend few days with me and then we drove to Oxford.  T had no idea they were coming in and totally surprised her.  

The move itself was a good one.  Once everything was loaded up on the truck, Coach & I spent three days driving from Dallas to Orange County.  I really wanted to make a side-trip to the Grand Canyon but we were exhausted and just wanted to sleep for a week.  We did stop on the corner in Winslow, Arizona and spent the night in Lake Havasu.  Once we got to California, I stayed in the hotel for a week or so until the moving van arrived and then the great unpacking began!  

And then KJ finished up her junior year, moved all her stuff into storage and flew out to the coast (I still crack up every time I say that!).  It was hard for her not knowing anyone or having a car out here but as usual, she made the best of the situation.  She first went to Birmingham with some friends for another friend's debutant ball which had been postponed due to the pandemic.  Then they went to Disneyworld for a couple of  days and the beach.  We tried to keep her as busy as we could with beach trips, an Angels baseball game, a San Diego Padres game, a drive up to Malibu.  Taylor surprised us by flying into LAX and took an Uber to the house in time for breakfast and Taylor and John came out for a few days.  While John & Taylor were here, we took a girls trip to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.  The family that KJ nanny'd for in Dallas missed her so much they flew her from California to Gulf Shores to be part of their family vacation.  They even included her in their professional family beach photos!  Her friend Casey came in from Dallas for a quick visit and they went to Santa Monica for the day, Malibu one day and had lunch at Nobu (they were hoping to see some celebrities) and had a beach day in Laguna.  

KJ flew back early August for sorority stuff and stayed with friends until her apartment was ready.  I flew in and moved everything out of storage and got her settled.  All I can say is thank God for Amazon!  I had stuff shipped to her friend's house to avoid last minute shopping during freshman move-in weekend but still found ourselves at Home Goods at 8 PM on a Saturday night (sadly, her comforter didn't make it.  A family of something got into it and made themselves quite cozy!).  

After I got back from moving her in, I started working in the recruiting department of Coach's company as a Recruiting Specialist.  I like it.  I'm a chatter and like talking to people on the phone so I do pretty well.  It's not glamorous (it is the HVAC and plumbing industry after all) but I've met some interesting people!  

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