Monday, November 14, 2022

What's on your TV?

 Whatcha been watching lately?  We've found a couple of really good shows that I'm late to the party but would still like to share nonetheless:

  • Game of Thrones / House of Dragons -- this is the prequel to HBO's wildly, hugely successful Game of Thrones.  I liked it.  But then again, I'm a big nerd.  I don't want to spoil it but I jumped a mile at the big dragon sequence in the final episode.  Like, legit screamed and jumped all at the same time.
  • Lord of the Rings / Ring of Power (Amazon Prime)  -- again, I'm a big nerd so I enjoyed this.  A lot.  Especially since the anti-hero is female.  
  • Inside Man (Netflix) -- starring Stanley Tucci.  We started watching this limited BBC series yesterday on the plane ride home from Saturday's Ole Miss vs. Bama game (fantastic weekend BTW) and watched the 4th and finale episode when we got home.  
  • The White Lotus (HBO Max) -- I love a good ensemble show and this did not disappoint.  We also just finished the first season last night and will start the second season soon.  The first season stars Jennifer Coolidge, Connie Britton with Molly Shannon from SNL and beautifully highlights the sights and sounds of the island of Maui.  Jennifer Coolidge returns for season two but the location is now Italy. 
Sadly, Walking Dead comes to an end in a week but the Sex Lives of College Girls, Yellowstone  and Dead to Me all return to our screens so that's good.  

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