Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November 1

Tomorrow is November 1 so you know what that means!  Yup, It's Pop's Birthday,  All-Saints Day and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  It's also National Cook for Your Pets Day, National Brush Day, Autistics Speaking Day, National Author's Day, National Biologic Coordinators Day and Coach Cos's personal favorite day, National Calzone Day!  It's also National Deep Fried Clams Day, National Cinnamon Day and National Vinegar Day.  

#NationalBrushDay (sometimes known as Brush Your Teeth Day) follows Halloween, which traditionally is the single most significant day of candy consumption in the USA.  The simple act of brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes can have a substantial impact on cavity prevention. It also impacts a myriad of oral diseases such as gingivitis.

It’s important to encourage brushing after meals and especially after sugary snacks. Teach your children a two-minute song to hum while brushing their teeth. Some good tunes to learn are:

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Row Row Your Boat
  • Wheels on the Bus

Spend some extra time explaining the importance of brushing your teeth to children.  Replace your toothbrush.  Use #NationalBrushDay when posting on social media.

We all look at the world in our own unique ways. However, people with autism experience the world differently from most of us. They approach the world in often novel ways. Maybe one of the most important ways we all connect to and understand the world is through communication. Autistics Speaking Day on November 1 encourages autistic people to tell their stories using whatever means works for them. And everyone else is encouraged to listen, hear, read and comprehend their stories from their point of view.

On November 1, autistic people will flood the internet with their challenges and their celebrations, their interests and their dislikes. They will speak about their rights and advocacy in many languages. Some may speak with art, others with poetry or memes. They may also be speaking through podcasts. Their words and stories may be difficult to hear, but they will be speaking. But, most importantly, they will be speaking about themselves for themselves. And if you want to understand, it will be a day for you to listen.

If you’re autistic, join the movement. Tell your stories for friends and family to hear. Reach out through the internet and connect with others speaking on November 1. Take the opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, fears and ambitions. When you do, use #AustisticsSpeakingDay to help others find your story.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network founded Autistics Speaking Day in 2010 as a way for autistic people to speak for themselves – to advocate, share their experiences and communicate openly about autism in a meaningful way. A post by Corina Becker in response to an October autism awareness campaign sparked the idea for Autistics Speaking Day. Both the day and the organization were created by people with autism, illustrating the importance of self-advocacy by those who live with autism every day. The observance is open to everyone with autism, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, their friends and families.

Biologic coordinators are some of the most important advocates for patients in healthcare—yet too often, their work goes unrecognized. That’s why, on November 1, National Biologic Coordinators Day will recognize the daily commitment of biologic coordinators everywhere.

Biologic therapy can be an important treatment option for patients. However, obtaining access to these treatments can be challenging, and patients often need help navigating the process. That’s where biologic coordinators come in. A biologic coordinator is a key member of a medical practice’s office staff. They can be a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, medical assistant, or an office/practice manager. These individuals help patients navigate the sometimes arduous and complex process of obtaining access to prescribed biologic medications.

A biologic coordinator also works collaboratively with the patient, prescribing specialist, specialty pharmacy, manufacturer, and insurance company. Each step of the way, they guide patients through the many steps needed to start and stay on their biologic medication.

As a leader in healthcare, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson is inspired by the connectivity, dedication, and compassion of these unsung heroes for the patients they work tirelessly to support.

You can show your support for these important patient advocates by sharing a story of, or photo with, a biologic coordinator using #BeCauseYouCare and #NationalBiologicCoordinatorsDay on social media.

Janssen launched the first National Biologic Coordinators Day in 2021 to make sure the work of biologic coordinators is recognized—not just among patients and physicians, but also among the industry and general public.

While being a biologic coordinator is a year-round job, the open enrollment period is one of their busiest times. Open enrollment is an annual period typically from November 1 to December 15 when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. In honoring and celebrating this important group of healthcare workers on November 1, Janssen hopes to establish a positive kickoff to this busy time.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Biologic Coordinators Day in 2021.

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