Monday, April 25, 2011

Could have used one more day

What a crazy, crazy couple of days we've had and what a crazy, crazy couple of days we've got coming up! I haven't even had a chance to blog which is very unusual for me. I always try to blog a few times a week to clear my head.

Had a WONDERFUL visit w/ LCM, Dean & The Kids! We met them for dinner at the Summit but forgot it was Vestavia's prom so PF Changs was mobbed. However, we enjoyed seeing all the kids dressed up and devised our own gown ratings system. We ended up eating at Macaroni Grill and had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun playing catch-up. AG & Z came back to my house for a sleep-over. We had a brunch on Sunday and visited for a while and they headed off to their Spring Break at Disney. AG & Z are 15 months apart and KJ falls right in the middle of both of them. They all get along so well and totally idolize T (since they don't have an older sister). They think it's so cool that KJ's older sister can drive. As a little bit of a joke, we had T sign one of her Buccanette posters from last year and gave it to AG. AG was over the moon and said she couldn't wait to hang it in her room. Z wanted to know if we had any extras for his friend Blake back home. Apparently, Blake's a big stud in the 6th grade and thinks he's a bit of a ladies man.

My mom & dad arrived safe and sound Thursday afternoon while KJ was at her last official Family Fun Fair at school. Her friend spent the night and they slept in kind of late on Friday. T was not very happy with me that day. Her only day off, her only day to sleep in and I scheduled an 8:40 AM dentist appointment for her. She's got the busiest schedule of anyone in the house and is so hard to pin down.

Both Coach's JV and Varsity teams beat Vestavia in extremely exciting overtime games. Varsity was behind the entire game and I believe the score was 5 or 6 to zip at the half and they ended up winning in sudden death! One of the boys wrote the nicest note on Cosmo's FB wall (I'd say it was sweet but I think Dan would appreciate it). He posted something about how nice it was seeing a smile on Coach's face again. Unfortunately, JV and Varsity both lost on Friday to Christian Brothers from TN. Earlier in the week, T lost in a thrilling game to Mountain Brook by 1 point at the very last second but she had a couple of good goals and on Saturday the Varsity girls easily beat Spain Park. As always, she had a couple of sweet goals. Unfortunately, KJ's middle school girls lost to Berry Middle School after T's victory over SP. KJ actually came out of the goal and played defense with her short stick for a while. It was good for her to play another position and it was good for the other girls to see how difficult the goalie position is.

T had some friends come over Saturday night after her game and I barely even knew the kids were here. Quiet and low key. Nice group of kids.

We had a wonderful Easter. KJ & I didn't make it to 8:30 AM mass but T, Cosmo and my mom & dad attended. We hid the girls Easter baskets and T couldn't find hers for the longest time. It was so funny and she was starting to get really mad. My Easter ham turned out delicious and the girls made cupcakes for dessert. It was a very nice, relaxing day and this Easter was the first time the girls had seen my dad since "The Event."

Mom & dad left early this morning but not without some drama. Their car wouldn't start, Cosmo had to give them a jump and then they sat at the Sear's auto center at the galleria waiting for them to open up, have a new battery installed and get on their way. KJ had a hard time getting up this morning and asked my dad to make her a cup of coffee (he's the only one who drinks it; I don't even know how to make it). She thought she was so cool going off to school with a to-go cup full of morning Joe. God help her teacher today! I hope she wasn't bouncing off the walls!

So totally bummed about the Cowboys getting eliminated from Amazing Race last night. I really, really liked them the first time they competed and T & I were totally rooting for them this time, too. The beauty queen from KY bugs me, the dating Goths crack me up and I don't think the Globetrotters play an honest game. Now that the Cowboys are gone, I think I'd like to see Zev and Justin win. The two sisters are my second choice to win. They've been playing hard.

Lots of lacrosse action this week: Coach plays one of the Huntsville teams in the first round of the playoffs and T plays tonight too. I have no idea who she's playing. Her games have been changed and rescheduled so many times due to inclement weather. KJ is supposed to play in Huntsville Tuesday night and if Coach wins tonight, I think he'll play Friday night. I'm really, really looking forward to the regular season ending and all-stars beginning. T's been getting some good looks from colleges and we're all ready to get that ball going.

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