Friday, September 9, 2011

Annual Kickoff Party

Last night was the official start to the NFL season and Cosmo had the usual suspects over to watch the game. It was such a gorgeous night so he set up the huge flat screen from the store on the back deck, put up Christmas lights and they guys ate and drank their way thru the game. No need for a fire last night. Troy always brings my kids shrimp cocktail so the girls were in heaven! I've been under the weather for the last couple of days so I went to bed early and have no idea who won. However, it was very exciting to see our friend Tim on the sidelines for Green Bay. He's part of the Packers front office management and he got some good facetime on TV!

KJ had vball last night and went to the middle school game at the high school stadium with friends afterward. She had so much fun and came home very wound up! I had to go to the high school yesterday after work to take some photos of the freshman dance team and it looked like there was a really good crowd for the game(s).

Tbone is still receiving phone calls from college lacrosse coaches but she has narrowed it down to 5 or 6 schools that she's interested in and are interested in her. At this point in the game it will just be a matter of which school has the best communications department, which school she'll see the most playing time, which school gives her the most scholarship money and which school meets all our of criteria. Got to hand it to T though. As always, she's got a plan. Last night she mentioned that all of the schools except one are located in an NFL market. She's decided, at some point during college, she wants to try out for an NFL dance team. According to her, it will work out "perfectly." She can dance in the off-season and play during the regular season. She said it will be the same as what she's doing in high school just in a different location. The kid always has a goal in mind and I love that about her. However, I told her she'd have to think about buying some boobs. She's got the bod for those skimpy little cheer outfits, just not the boobs. :-)

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