Sunday, September 11, 2011

Still Managed

Despite being really, really sick for a couple of days I still managed to have a very nice weekend. I didn't want to cough all over everyone so I didn't go to the Friday night football game but sounds like it was a heck of a game! Cosmo & the girls said it was CRAAAAZY! Go Bucs!

Tbone woke up Saturday to take the ACT's and had lunch w/ friends before heading to band practice. I kept my hair appointment w/ Jeffrey while Cosmo took KJ to her volleyball game. Unfortunately, her team lost. Fortunately, my cut & color came out great and I stopped for a pedi on my way home since I had already missed the volleyball game. Cosmo took KJ to TipTop for lunch and we met back at the house in plenty of time for the Alabama vs. Penn State game.

Cosmo put the TV outside and and it was an absolutely spectacular day! T got dinner on her way home from practice and we had such a nice family night. KJ talked her dad into starting a fire and we all just relaxed, ate, laughed and watched a lot of football. No s'more though. We had the choclate bars (which was really weird) and the graham crackers but no marshamallows.

This moring T & I went to the studio to view some of her photos. These aren't her "official" senior portraits. Mr. B just wanted to do a test run but they came out great and I'll probably end up buying a couple. The studio made it a really, really fun experience and had a slideshow set to music so we could view the photos and also gave her a book of proofs to look at. We picked out some photos for her yearbook senior ad and we also picked out a few for her model cards. The lacrosse photos are totally bad-ass and I know Cosmo will want one or two for the store.

KJ and I shopped for a dress for her for the wedding and we both bought shoes and bags. I luv, luv, luv the shoes I bought but KJ's not overly thrilled with the dress we, OK, the dress I forced her to buy. Everything was either too baby-ish or horribly inappropriate for a 6th grader. Same thing with the shoes. Either a "kitten" heel (which KJ positively HATES) or a stripper shoe. Fortunately, we're at the height of homecoming season and Macy's had a decent selection in the Juniors department.

Cosmo met us for lunch and then he & T headed to the airport. Unfortunately, their flight was delayed due to the late afternoon storm that rolled in. So very weird to be sending my oldest child off on a college visit. Made me think of the first time she flew on a plane. We were moving from Annapolis to Cincinnati right before T's 2nd b-day. I had promised her she could have "Sprite in a cup" on the plane if she was a good girl during the flight. Well, don't you know she fell asleep right after take-off. I had the flight attendant bring the "Sprite in a cup" anyway. We're about ready to touchdown and the crew asked us to put our tray tables up. Trying to avoid a potential melt-down mid-air, I actually woke T up so she could drink her "Sprite in a cup" before we landed. The poor thing could barely hold her eyes open and I made her chug a Sprite. I always keep my promises. :-)

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