Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catching a Break?

Looks like the nasty, dreary weather we've had the last couple of days is coming to an end. Finally! The sun is trying to come out and I hope we have some better weather in store for the weekend. Got a busy couple of days coming up and I don't want to be running around in cruddy weather. Tonight is the state championship bonfire at the high school (I've never been before and thought it would be something fun & memorable for T's senior year). Thursday the Bnettes will be performing their annual Christmas dance at both the pep rally and at the basketball games. One of my favorite dances of the year AND this year they got new costumes. They always do a kick-line at the Christmas dance and I luv, luv, luv a good kick-line! Friday is the championship game in Ttown (yay! get to see my girl on the field at Bryant-Denney. Last year they danced on the field at Jordan-Hare. So fun for her!) and Saturday we were invited to an engagement party. It blows my mind to think that we are at the point in our lives where our friend's children are getting engaged/married/having babies!

Daughter #2 is bound and determined to get another dog for Christmas. The other night she called a "family meeting" and gave us a detailed, 10+ page presentation on why we should get another dog (prior to her presentation, she asked T to find suitable "background music." T didn't know what the hell was going on so she played "The Final Countdown" on her laptop. It was pretty funny). Her presentation included photos, pie charts, and references in addition to three Top 10 lists (Top 10 Reasons Why we Should Get Another Dog, Top 10 Breeds Most Compatabile with Shih Tzu's and Top 10 Names for Dogs). She's also been cleaning out all of our change (from our car coin holders, the kitchen change jar, Cosmo's change jar in his closet) and plans to take it to Publix to see how much money she has. She's also asked if she can take money out of her bank account. Not gonna happen my friend. We are NOT getting another dog. No way. No how. Don't get me wrong. I love Trixie. She's a great dog. She's never chewed anything, she's calm and very snuggly. I'd love for her to have a little friend to run around with but I don't think I could handle a puppy right now . . . the chewing, the training. UGH!

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