Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Crazy weekend as always. Lots of lax (really, what else is new in this household??). After Friday's football game, T & I headed to ATL for her flight to Ft Meyers. Champ & KJ were already in Tampa for KJ's first big middle school lax tournament. She had a lot of fun hanging w/ the girls and playing in the big leagues. Unfortunately, the BamaLax girls (middle & high school) couldn't catch a break this weekend and didn't do so great. The boys, however, all won their games. BamaLax had kids playing all over the country this weekend: Naples, FL; Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA and a couple of Champ's high school boys were playing in Annapolis and Baltimore. It's all good! And, as always, so proud of Champ's efforts to grow the sport in the southeast and so proud of both of the girls!

Speaking of sports, if you have a chance or are interested, check out Stefanie Williams blog. The girl is raw and not for everybody but she says whats on her mind and isn't afraid to admit she's made some mistakes. I like that. She also cracks me up because she's got a thing for athletes. Girl, I can relate! Hubster played three sports in high school and lax in college. I do like a man in lax shorts! Running joke in our house is that lacrosse players have the best bodies. Great legs from all that running up & down the field and just the right amount of muscles on the upper body from throwing around. Basketball players are too tall and gangly. Football players are so over-built. Baseballers tend to be a little fat and hockey players have too many scars/bruises and not enough teeth.
There is absolutely nothing sexy about these two knuckleheads but I do appreciate the effort by the designer and the photographer.

Got some more Christmas shopping done today. I have nothing bought for Cosmo, a few things for KJ and I could easily spend a fortunate on T. She is SO easy to buy for!!! I"m going to need a lot of help with KJ this year and I may just give the Hubster cash. Seriously.

I realized I haven't had a chance to post any of my Thanksgiving decor photos. I noticed on several of the decor blogs I follow, they take photos at odd angles to make the photo look more interesting. So here goes!

(yes, I know. That candlestick is a little jank)

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