Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sneaky Spot

T and I cleaned the Sneaky Spot yesterday while KJ was whooping it up at Six Flags.  I guess I should back up a minute and explain what the Sneaky Spot actually is.

T was not quite 5 years old when we moved to Birmingham.  We were taking the tour with the realtor when we opened a door at the top of the stairs which lead to a little office/study.  T took one look at it and said, "Ooooohhh!  A Sneaky Spot!"  And the name stuck.  It's a really neat little space / bonus room with built in shelving, an angled ceiling and a parquet floor.  When the girls were little they used it as a playroom and had the Little Tykes kitchen set up there, they played dress up, read books while relaxing on the beanbag chair, colored, etc.  Then, as the girls got older and outgrew the Sneaky Spot, it became a bit of a junk room.  If you didn't know where something belonged, "just throw it in the Sneaky Spot; no one goes in there any more."  I tried to take it over as my office at one point and Cosmo installed a counter for me to do scrapbooking, etc.  It just never took hold.  So, the Sneaky Spot became more of a Catchall Corner over the years.

We tore that room up yesterday and I'm happy to say we have a nice, clean, organized Sneaky Spot once again. I keep all of our photo albums up there and T and I had a lot of laughs over some old photos.  KJ was a beautiful baby and toddler but had the worst smile.  It was more like a grimace.  We used to have to bribe her to smile in photos.  Even now it's a bit of a struggle to get her to smile in photo but she's kind of learned if she just gives a quick grin, I'll snap the photo and leave her alone.  As long as she doesn't do a bunch of those awful duck-face "selfies" I'm OK with it. 

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