Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Shows

When I was a kid, summer was for re-runs.  There was never anything good on TV which was fine because we were usually outside playing until quite late at night (we played kickball and dodge ball until the street lights came on and then played flashlight tag until our moms yelled for us to come in -- we must have gone through hundreds of D batteries a summer!). 

Nowadays, most networks have summer replacement shows or start their viewing season a little later in the year so that it carries over to the summer.  For example, Walking Dead season 3 premiered in February, Game of Thrones aired March 31, Long Island Medium aired last night and Breaking Bad Season 5 airs mid-July.  True Blood season 6 starts in June and I also think a Bachelorette is starting soon.  A couple of my favorite shows will be starting back up this summer and I can't wait! Necessary Roughness (USA Network) airs on June 12 with John Stamos joining the cast (whoop! whoop! that Uncle Jesse sure is cute!)  Falling Skies (TNT) has a big 2-hour season premier on June 9
and HBO's Newsroom returns July 14.  My favorite neurotic house flipper returns on July 9 on Bravo (Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis).  USA is also airing a new show called Graceland on June 6 (it has nothing to do with Elvis); looks pretty good and I'll probably set the DVR. And finally, my husband's favorite show, Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) season 4 premieres June 11 (just kidding!  One night he walked in the door and asked if the girls and I were watching "Pretty Little Housewives Say Yes to the Dress"). 

The summer is also a great time to catch up on shows or episodes you might have missed (via Hulu or Netflix, something like that).  Summer is actually when I started watching Lost.  I had really wanted to watch when it first aired but missed a couple of shows and thought I'd be too far behind.  ABC re-ran the show, in order, over the summer and we were hooked. 

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