Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yes, But I'll Have Nice Teeth

Flashback to Spring  Break 2008.  We're all on the beach in Fort Meyers, FL enjoying the sunshine and the kids are frolicking in the waves.  KJ comes rushing out of the water holding her mouth.  She somehow got hit in the head by a wave and broke her front tooth.  That June she got a veneer.  Over the years her mouth has changed and her teeth have shifted and the veneer has popped off a couple of times.  Easy fix though, the dentist just pops it back on. 
Well, the night before Champ & KJ headed out to Baltimore, the veneer popped off and we had to make an emergency visit to the dentist.  This past weekend she bit into a sandwich, the veneer popped off and she almost swallowed it.  Another quick trip to the dentist today.  Except this time we decided it's time for a brand new veneer.  $900.  Cash.  Insurance doesn't cover it because it's considered "cosmetic,"  Other than my engagement and wedding rings, I told KJ I don't own anything that costs $900.  I have some great designer handbags, some good jewelry, some expensive shoes but not one single item that comes close to costing $900.  My wedding gown wasn't even $900 way back in 1982.  And now my child has a tooth that cost $900.  I told her she's got to take care of the temporary veneer until the new one comes in because I can't keep taking off from work to get her to the dentist.  I teasingly told her I'm probably going to get fired.  She said, "Yeah but I'll have really nice teeth."  Smart Ass.  

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