Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Johnny Football

And this is why the Heisman should go to a senior:

Yes, his team beat Alabama but should the award be based on one game or a career of character and leadership? And while I also understand that he's only a freshman and is constantly in the media eye, plenty of other kids have been in the same position and have handled it with grace and class.  He can't have this both ways.  You can't be "just a regular college student" when you are the face of a major university and the current face of college football.  Telling everyone you're just an average 20-year old college kid does not give you a hall pass and allow you to act a fool in public. 

And what kind of spoiled brat lies to his mama and throws AJ McCarron under the bus and blames him for not waking him up at Manning camp? He just comes across as another entitled, egotistical college athlete. 

Legend?  Yeah, I don't think so. This boy just needs to lay low for a while and focus on his game (but I do think the Jet's Tebow jersey was a nice touch!). 

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