Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5th Grade Graduation

Today was KJ's 5th grade graduation and it was so sweet! I did fine until the principal reminded us that this would be the last 5th grade class to come out of the school (due to re-organization). Yup. That's when I lost it. Damn him anyhow! And yeah, I think the big guy sitting next to me had a speck of sentiment in his eye too (although he will never admit it). My most favorite part of 5th grade graduation is when all the younger kids line the halls and clap and cheer as the big kids enter the graduation ceremony. It's SO cool! KJ's teacher is simply amazing and both of my girls were so lucky to have her for their teacher! After the ceremony, KJ wanted to say good-bye to the teachers she's had over the years and T even got in on the fun. T dropped in on her first and second grade teacher (same teacher, she moved up with the kids and taught both grades). Poor Mrs. E! Her mouth totally dropped open when she saw T! It was kind of funny! T also popped in on her 4th grade teacher and then of course, Mrs. D. T's kindergarten and 3rd grade teachers are no longer at the school but we do see one of them often as her son played lax. After the ceremony, the 5th graders get together at one of the local swimming pools for a little pizza party and I must say, this is a very, very nice group of kids.
As always, busy couple of days in our household. Champ was in ATL for a lax tourney and Sunday T participated in the 2011 Miss Sweetheart Pageant. Immediately following the pageant, and I do mean IMMEDIATELY, she participated in the first ever Alabama/Mississippi All-Star Showcase and at half-time was awarded Alabama First Team All-State for the second consecutive year. Seriously, she grabbed her sash and crown, posed for a few photos and literally ran out the door of the Freshman Center at 5:55 PM for a 6 PM game at the main campus. The poor thing played lax in full on pageant hair and make-up. She barely had time to change her shoes and for a minute there I thought she was going to play in heels!

The pageant was fun and I was extremely proud of T! It was the first time she has EVER done a dance solo and I thought she totally nailed it. Her turns were very, very strong and she did an amazing job! I know she was nervous but definitely wanted to use this opportunity to help prepare for this summer's pageant. I thought for sure she won the talent portion of the competition but KJ thought it would come down to T or Myra (they've danced together at the studio). KJ was so cute on Sunday. She "pulled a Pippa" and helped her big sister get pageant ready. She carried T's gown and make-up bags and brought T water back-stage during intermission. After the talent portion, KJ leaned over to me and whispered, "I think it's between T and Myra for talent. If T doesn't win talent, she's won the whole thing." Well, the little stinker was right. It was like an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras (minus the gay dads). All the other girls were getting awards but T just stood there. Then, they finally called her name (unlike Toddlers & Tiaras, she's was NOT named "Ultimate Grand Supreme" or anything like that!). She received a wonderful gift basket with lots of goodies and gift cards from local businesses and she'll get to ride in one of the local Christmas parades. I think she is also asked to participate in a couple of other charitable events throughout the year. Danielle, the sweet, sweet girl who won last year (and is the current Alabama's Distinguished Young Woman) wrote her a very lovely note about how #39 seems to be the lucky contestant number . . . Danielle was #39 last year when she won Miss Sweetheart, Danielle was also #39 for both the Shelby County and Alabama's DYW and it was also their friend Mi'a's number in Alabama's Outstanding Teen Pageant.

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