Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Feet Part 2

(My children are mad at me because I blogged about their big feet the other day)

"Don't mess with anybody on a Monday. It's a bad, bad day." -- Louise Fitzhugh

Had such an amazing, relaxing weekend. First full week that I didn't have to cheer someone on at the lacrosse field and it felt so nice. So normal!

Had the house to myself Friday night and enjoyed some peace and quiet. Cosmo took KJ & a friend to the Drive-In movie at Regions park. I'm pretty sure it was the same company that we used for her movie birthday party last year. We paid for one size screen, they upgraded us to the next larger size but Cosmo said the screen Friday night was GIGANTIC and the sound system was awesome! I spent Friday afternoon at the salon getting a much needed haircut. My hair has never been this long. I love it! T had a friend's b-day dinner that night but her car wouldn't start so she took my car. She spent the night and worked at the lacrosse store the next morning and from there went to her end of year lacrosse party. She was home for a few minutes and then off to hang out w/ her friend Devon.

Saturday morning Cosmo got up early and headed to Samford for the men's game. He played, not coached. The old man's still got it. I'm so proud of him for being active and still playing lacrosse. He's out there playing with guys 20+ years younger than him but he can totally still hold his own. It's a tough, tough sport and the younger guys love playing with him. He knows the game, knows what he's talking about when he coaches and hits like a Mack truck. Interestingly, he told me he didn't score any goals this game but did have a lot of assists. The old guys crushed the younger guys and he said they were beating the youngsters so bad, they actually gave them several of the older players to even things up.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day with Cosmo and the girls. They spoiled me and I loved every minute of it! Saturday night Cosmo & KJ bought some flowers and hanging baskets for the back deck to brighten things up out there. Sunday morning Cosmo & I slept in (so nice!) and then he and the girls made me my favorite breakfast in bed: French toast, a cup of tea and a couple of mimosas! I love breakfast in bed. Not because I'm a princess but because while I'm eating Cosmo & the girls join me in bed and we just catch up and snuggle as one big happy family. After breakfast we had Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and opened presents. Cosmo bought me a day at the spa and the girls bought me an awesome Alabama hat! I luv, luv, luv it. It's SO me! Cosmo put the new battery in T's car and then made my favorite Sunday dinner before he left for all-star practice. I spent the rest of the day doing a few things with the girls. T had a bunch of DYW stuff to do and KJ & I made chocolate tarts and watched a movie together.

Got good news from my eye doctor today: we're going to give soft contact lenses another go around! Whoo! Hoo! I absolutely, positively HATE wearing my hard lenses. They are so scratchy, so uncomfortable, so gritty. Blech. Very excited about the possibility of soft lenses again!

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