Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day of School 2012

Yay!  Sounds like everyone had a GREAT first day of school (other than KJ walking into the wrong class).  T has all 8 AM classes which is perfect her . . . she gets up super good in the morning and was happy to be done by 1 PM.  KJ, on the other hand, is not a morning person but she did get up pretty good today.  We'll see how she's doing after a week of school and volleyball.

T's had a great first couple of days.  Her roomie officially moved in on Friday and the weekend was spent with friends (old & new) . . . a seminar Friday morning follwed by a free lunch, a party Friday night, lunch Saturday, work-out, dinner Saturday night followed by another party (one of the girl's uncles owned the restaurant and they ate free), ice cream social Sunday afternoon and a Freshman Welcome picnic Sunday night.  Tonight was another ice cream social.  She's loving all this free food, too!  She said she hasn't had to use her meal plan yet.  Busy, busy, busy but that's how she likes it.  She will lose her mind if she's got any down time.  She called me at work today to tell me she LOVED her journalism class!  She wore a cute dress to class because she wanted to introduce herself to her professor and she didn't want to look like a bum.  She said EVERYONE else was wearing Norts & a t-shirt so after that first class she went back to her dorm to change.  She also stopped in the broadcast room to sign up for broadcast auditions next week and she hung out in the Grove with some Hoover friends in the afternoon. 

KJ's bus was super, super late this morning and, on top of that, there was traffic on my way to work (a lady hit a mail carrier).  KJ said she was very late to school and the teachers were yelling, "Hurry Up."  Which I just don't get.  If you see an entire busload of kids, obviously the whole bus was late; not just one kid.   KJ's got her first vball tourney this weekend!  Can't wait! 

I am very, very blessed to work with such a wonderful, sweet group of people.  Everyone asked about me and my fam today:  was I okay?  did I cry when I left T?  is T doing okay?  how is KJ handling all of this?  how did Coach do?  how is T's roommate?  It was very nice to know everyone was thinking of us! 

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