Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting There

I can't say that I never thought this day would come because I always knew she had to leave for college at some point.  But boy.  It's hit me like a ton of bricks this week.  My mind is spinning.  I keep feeling like we've forgotten something or overlooked something important (I dunno?  Her tuition or something????). 

Last night we went to Gianmarco's in Homewood for our last nice family meal (or, as a friend referred to it, "The Last Supper").  We always have fun wherever we go and last night was no exception.  A lot of laughs, only one or two tears (and that was all Cosmo). 

Poor KJ just doesn't know what to think.  One minue she's happy about having the house to herself; one minute she's upset at T for leaving.  She also thinsk she's going to be sleeping in the dorms and hanging with the big girls on game weekends. 

Today I'm just doing last minute laundry and helping her pack up her clothes.  She's been pretty organized and there's not much too do.  Monday she & a couple of friends from the lax team went to Sips & Strokes and this afternoon she's meeting a friend for mani & pedi's. 

I spoke w/ Bess's mom yesterday and she hasn't been depressed or emotional until this past weekend.  She said it really hit her that she's going to be an empty nester.  Since we get there first we'll get the carpet for their room installed while the room is fairly empty.  One of the Hoover girls is one floor below her, one of the SP girls is one floor above.  Plus, poor N doesn't know a soul and last time he checked, he still doesn't have a roommate.  He's already told T that they are walking to a couple of their Provost events together because he doesn't want to sit alone (I think their first seminar is Thursday night).  And, she's already been invited to a sorority ice cream social on Sunday.  She'll be fine.  I just need to keep telling myself that. 


Unknown said...

She'll be great! Such an exciting time! :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

oh no! i dont have kids yet but I know my mom was so upset when I left for college. It was really hard on her at first. But texting all the time kept things better. Plus time is flying by, before you know it she'll be done & moving back! haha! xo Kelly

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