Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday. Blah.

I normally dislike Tuesday's as much as most people hate Monday's but this one wasn't too bad.  One of my dearest friends in the world is attending an event at the hotel so I got to see her yesterday and today and all we do is laugh when we're together. 

Sadly, Falling Skies ended Season 2 on Sunday night (aka "Mom's Alien Show").  The finale was good but not as great as I had hoped.  I had read some spoilers which maybe I shouldn't have.  I had some different expectations and the show left me with a lot of unanswered questions.  Which is probably their intent so I'll be sure to watch Season 3!  Noah Wylie's character, Tom Mason, is freakin' awesome.  I love how he protects his family and does the right thing even if it's not popular.  He's a man's man without being a bulked up steriod freak action figure.  He's just a regular guy in a post-alien invasion world. 

I think I'm participating in a Fantasy Football League with some guys from work.  This is normally Coach's area of expertise but the guys asked so I thought I'd get in on the fun.  The League is mainly 20-something year-olds so I need to come up with a super girly name to totally embarrass them when I beat them week after week.  Something like, "My Pretty Little Princess" or "Unicorns & Rainbows 4Ever"  or maybe "Glitter Goddess."  I'm thinking of showing up to our draft wearing my Namath throw-back jersey and a box of cigars.  They've also been after Champ & I to go to Karaoke with them one night.  Dear Lord that will be interesting.  I don't sing.  I mean like, I can't even whistle and I have a feeling these guys like country music or hard core rap. 

Everyone seems to have had a good day #2 at school.  T is loving being a college student.  Today I mailed her first care package.  She had ordered an Otter Box for her phone and of course it came in after she left for school,  I also sent her some of her Hotty Toddy thank-you cards (she has a couple of thank you's left to write to the ladies who wrote her Rec letters), some stamps, a Barnes & Noble gift card she left at the house and some other stuff.  KJ is enjoying being a 7th grader.  She had an upgrade due so Champ surprised her with an iPhone.  Last night they were too cute sitting on the couch together ordering Hello Kitty covers for her new phone.  He's a good dad. 

Champ got some great news the other day!  He was asked to participate in something really huge, on a national level with a lot of exposure.  I am incredibly proud of him.  He has done so much for the sport of lacrosse in the state of Alabama and he does it not for the money (trust me, there is none!).  He does it for the kids and for pure love of the sport.  When I told my brother about the opportunity, my brother's response was "Get the F out of here!!!"  My brother is the total opposite of me and does not have a potty mouth.  So for him to drop the F-bomb is pretty huge! 

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Amber K said...

I'm so sad Falling Skies is over already! Although we still have to watch the finale so it's not technically over for us quite yet! ;)

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