Friday, February 8, 2013


A while back I started watching a show on the Style Network, "Big Rich Texas."  The reality show follows a group of women and their daughters from the Dallas area.  The common denominator is that they all are members of the same country club.  A couple of the women are divorced, one has been married for almost 20 years to a man a little younger than her, holds some type of degree in biology or something and writes mystery novels in her spare time.  And she has a heavily tattooed and pierced daughter from a previous relationship.  One of the women owns a consignment store and one owns a construction company with her husband.  One of the women, the resident pageant queen, lost her husband by an accidental drowning.  She is raising her god-daughter to follow in her pageant footsteps. 

Of course there is the usual back-stabbing, "she said this," etc. among the women and sometimes the girls (most of the girls are in high school) but overall they are a fairly likable group.  Not so much for the spin-off, Big Rich Atlanta. 

This show is so awful yet I can't stop watching.  It's a god-damn train wreck.  This group of daughters are a little older (mid- to late 20's) and it's not really clear how they all know each other.  They seem like an unlikely group of friends and I think they were just thrown together for the sake of the show.  I just don't see these women running around in the same social circles. 

The cast of characters include sisters Myer and Harvin and their mother Virginia.  The girls are a hot mess and their mama came into town to save them and their fledgling jewelry business.  These two girls still live at home and are apparently still on mommy and daddy's payroll.  In this week's episode the two sisters had a physical altercation and Goose (yup, that's the mother's nickname because she drinks a lot of Grey Goose vodka), threatened to cut them off if they didn't sort things out.  She really laid it on the line -- no cars, no beautiful house to live in, no manicures, no pedicures, no spray tanning.  That's tough love right there.  Is it just me or do these sisters remind you of the movie White Chicks???
There are two African-American families featured on the show and quite honestly, I can't tell them apart.  One of mother's is a former back-up dancer for Bobby Brown and is now a dancing preacher.  The other mom owns a nail salon and is married to a R&B artist I've never heard of.  Again, they are so boring and so irrelevant to the show it's not even funny.  The one daughter is in her late 20's and still lives at home.  Her mom wants her to buy a house in the suburbs, find a man and start a family.  The daughter wants her parents to pay for a condo in the heart of the city so she can live the single life.  She's a nasty girl and fights constantly with Ashlee, the resident pageant queen. 

And now on to Ashlee, the self-proclaimed "Boss Bitch."  Honestly, she is the girl you love to hate.  She's constantly throwing parties for herself --she had a divorce party earlier in the season  and this week was her 28th birthday party (where she had all the guests professionally styled to ensure her party was "sexy").  Sometimes I think she's super pretty, other times I think she looks like a cross-dresser or a tranny (see photo below).  Some time, back in the late 90's or early 00's she won Miss GA Teen USA and has somehow been able to parlay that experience into a pageant business.  She is a master manipulator, spoiled and self-centered.    She harshly speaks her mind but she is positively oozing with Southern charm so that makes it all OK. 

The next mother/daughter duo on the show is a successful Atlanta interior designer and her daughter Megan.  Megan is a complete and total idiot.  She has a squeaky baby voice and constantly looks like a deer caught in the headlights.  Apparently, she is a real estate agent.  I wouldn't buy an ice cream cone from this girl.  She now wants to start a "fashion truck" company (similar to a "food truck" but with clothes/accessories) and is upset because her daddy won't give her the start up money. 

All in all, not one of these women has a single redeeming quality among them. 

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