Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday already?

Tomorrow's Hump Day.  Where has this week gone???

I braved the bitter cold Saturday and sat through most of the JV game and all of the Varsity game.  JV lost by 1 and Varsity won (can't remember the final score).  After the game we grabbed a bite to eat and the assistant coaches and a couple of the kids ended up sitting at the table next to us.  We got home in time to see most of the high school's Beauty Walk on iHigh.  I missed all of the girls walking out at the beginning but caught the top 30, the top 10 and the finale.  Luv, luv, luv seeing the girls all dressed up and grown up! 

Sunday morning were two more games but I didn't go.  It was nice  to relax and sleep in a little and get a some laundry done.  Last night Coach and I went out to dinner before getting KJ from the airport.  She had a wonderful, wonderful time in DC and took some amazing pictures.  They were on the go the entire trip and she's exhausted and slightly cranky. 

Getting ready for the lacrosse team's arrival this weekend -- been buying snacks, bought some extra pillows in case someone forgot theirs and bought some fresh guest towels.  Hopefully most of the girls remember to bring their air mattresses.  The girls will get here late Friday night and will go out to dinner after the games Saturday so I just need to feed them breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning.  And hopefully it doesn't rain so I don't have 30 girls covered in muddy tromping thru the house! 

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