Monday, February 4, 2013

Lax, Football & Some Girl Power

Had a quick, but still great, visit in Oxford this weekend.  The mens & women's teams hosted a tournament in honor of their teammates, John & Sarah Wheat who were both killed in a car accident last fall.  It was cold and rainy and at one point it was even hailing but everyone played on.  T scored a goal in the GA Tech game, didn't score in the FL game.  The girls lost both games, not sure how the boys did.  The girls definately have some work to do and it seems not everyone is on the same page.  Some are very dedicated and others don't always show up to practice.  Kelly, the girl who stepped up and offered to play goalie in honor of her friend, had never picked up a stick before in her life.  When Coach is in Memphis, he tries to attend practice so he can work with her.  He doesn't want to step on anyone's toes but the girl definately needs some goalie-specific coaching. 

So, in between games we took T to lunch and did some shopping at Rebel Rags.  After the loss to FL we went back to T's room for a bit and visited w/ BB.  Friday was her 19th b-day so her family was in town, too.  Poor Cosmo!  Being in an all-girls dorm makes him horribly uncomfortable.  He's afraid someone is going to walk down the hall naked or something. 

Sunday KJ had some friends over to watch the Super Bowl.  Seriously, my girls love any excuse to have friends over.  Full Moon?  Let's have a party!  Daytona 500?  Party!  Gemini is in Mars Retrograde?  Duh!  Party!  T always had kids at the house and it looks like KJ is following in her footsteps.  The kids played a little pre-game cornhole while it was still light out and then watched the game.  Cosmo took the TV out of our room and put it in the living room in case they wanted to play the Wii while they were watching the game but I don't think they ever turned it on. 

After the black-out I kind of lost interest in the game and went upstairs and read my Nook.  Several parents started to pick up their kids at that time so it wasn't a terribly late night.  My favorite commercial was the old folks / Taco Bell commercial.  I always love the e-trade baby and I thought the Doritos goat commercial and the dad's dressing up ones were funny too.  Hate, hate, hate GoDaddy.  So demeaning to women.  I also liked Amy Poehler in Best Buy and I thought the kid getting punched at the Prom was good.

Even though it was a football game, there was a lot of girl power going on last night!  I thought it was awesome to see 9 year-old Sam Gordon sitting with the NFL Commissioner and Jennifer Hudson and the Newtown Choir was beautiful.  Not really a fan of Alicia Keyes and I didn't really care for her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.  Just sing the damn song. 

And now on to the half-time show.  I think Beyonce put on a helluva show but it was just that.  A show.  A performance.  Don't get me wrong.  She looked incredible and can move like no body's business.  I just didn't think there was a whole lotta singing going on.  She definately had some kind of pre-recorded track playing and my favorite part was when the two other girls from Destiny's Child pop up out of nowhere!
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