Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Neck

"Just once, I would like to wake up, turn on the news, and hear...'Monday has been canceled, go back to sleep."  -- Author Unknown

Had such a nice weekend with T and the girls!  It was wonderful having a houseful of kids and the girls were super sweet.  They were so low maintenance and no trouble at all. 

Unfortunately, the tournament wasn't organized very well and the home team didn't have a contingency plan in place in the event of rain.  The fields were an absolute disaster and the Saturday games were cancelled.  Coach made some phone calls and was able to secure some turf fields for Sunday but the home team did not want to travel the 45 minutes up the road from Ttown to Hoover nor did they want to play on a high school field (which is weird because the high school facilities are a 1000 times better than the rec fields at Bama!).  The girls made the best of the situation and all went to the mall and out to dinner.  A couple of them went to Coach's game (which was super exciting!  It went into double-overtime but Hoovs lost by 1.). 

The bus came for the girls super duper early Sunday morning and we headed to T-town for two games.  Last fall Alabama beat the girls pretty bad but Saturday Ole Miss only lost by two and Ole Miss beat Samford pretty good so they ended up going 1 for 1 on the day.  T scored two goals in each of the games.  And, if I remember correctly she scored first in each of the games.  The weather was so incredible.  Such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and I love being on the Alabama campus (kind of weird though being on campus wearing and Ole Miss sweatshirt and hat).   Unfortunately, I got sun burnt on the back of my neck and look like a total goober. 

I didn't sleep well Saturday night but Sunday night I had one of the best night's sleep of my life.  A very good deep sleep.  I was so snuggly and really had a hard time getting up this morning.  Monday's really stink.  

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