Friday, April 12, 2013

America's Worst Tattoos

So last night KJ was flipping channels and came across this show on TLC.  I was on my laptop and really wasn't paying much attention.

A couple (IDK if they were husband and wife or co-habitating) were first up.  She was complaining about the Wile E. Coyote tattoo he had at his waistband / going in the crack of his butt.  And I mean she was going on and on about how bad this tat was, how it had to go, how she hates waking up in the morning having to look at it, etc.  At this point I look up from what I'm doing to check out his tattoo.  Honestly, it wasn't terrible (I've seen worse) and thought it was actually kind of funny.  It was an outline of Wile E. holding up a "Help" sign like we've all seen him doing a million times on a Saturday morning growing up (see below for an example). 

Again, it wasn't terrible and I actually thought it was kind of funny and relatively cute.  At this point in the segment they speak to the man with the actual tattoo.  He has a full technicolor tattoo across his neck as well as a tattoo that goes up and over and around his ear on his shaved head.  And she found the Wile E. Coyote tattoo offensive?????  Seriously lady???  The guy ends up getting some weird skull with octopus tentacles coming out of the eye holes kind of thing to cover up poor Wile E.  I would have stuck with Wile E. 

Next up . . . the guy with flaming red Ronald McDonald hair and one of those ear disc/plug things.  I'm not judging.  He seemed like a nice guy.  Unfortunately, he lost a bet a couple years ago and had to get a tattoo of George W. Bush on his calf.  Again, I can thing of worse things I can tattoo on my body.  It wasn't very large at all but he wanted it gone and replaced.  With a dancing, juggling circus bear.  Did I mention the circus bear was juggling teeth?  Yes, teeth. 

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preppyplayer said...

As I tell my kids- tats are a HUGE commitment. What seems great at 18 might not fly at 30.
At least Wiley is classic. Sniff.

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