Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Heavy Heart

I haven't been to Boston in years and years but growing up in the Northeast and having a hubby who went to college in Vermont and being part of the lacrosse community, we have a lot of friends from the city of Boston and from the state of Massachusetts.  And my heart is so heavy and hurts for them.  And for our country. 

I've seen many, many blog posts/ Facebook status / Tweets regarding the horrifying events at the Boston marathon.  Some are angry, some are fearful, some are encouraging for the citizens of Massachusetts and some hopeful about the future of humanity and proud of the first responders and the many many heroes from Monday.  And some are surprisingly ambivalent. 

To me, Monday's events are eerily reminiscent of 9/11 and bring out horrible feelings of helplessness.  It's so hard in this day and age to continue to be compassionate when we are constantly bombarded with disturbing images, but as with the coverage of Sandy Hook, 9/11 and now Boston, I have a hard time watching the news yet oddly feel compelled to watch.  Pardon the horrible pun, but it's like a train wreck or a car accident.  You can't not watch.  And your heart goes out to the victims, especially the littlest, innocent ones and their families.  I think I watch to show that I care and to pay my respects. 

But as with 9/11 I am buoyed by stories of heroism and the kindness of strangers and that restores my faith in humanity.  The worst of times usually bring out the best in people.  Bostonians are tough and stoic and resiliant and will get through this and emerge stronger.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this. <3
It's been a tough week here to say the least. I don't know when things will be back to normal, if ever. I think we're just going to have to adjust to a new "normal".

I can't sleep anymore. I can't think straight anymore. I'm constantly scared to go to any of my normal places/hangouts and I don't want to be.

I can't wait until I can get over what happened here. :-\

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