Monday, April 15, 2013

Got My Life Back

While I'm sad KJ's travel volleyball season is over, I am so happy, happy, happy to have my life back!  I'm looking forward to not traveling on the weekends and I'm looking forward to not having to organize my life around her weekly practice schedule!  Whoop!  Whoop!  They had such a great tournament this past weekend at the BJCC.  While they didn't win Regionals, they played SO incredibly well and had a couple of really awesome games! 

Coach had DALC all weekend but was able to leave Mountain Brook and catch KJ's last match Sunday afternoon.  DALC is so unpredictable -- we've had tournaments where one day we're freezing cold (using space heaters, sleeping bags, and people are buying sweatshirts to wrap around their head to keep warm and buying socks to use as gloves) and the next day is in the 80's.  And at least one day is pouring rain or it rained the week leading up to the tournament and the fields are a disaster.

Saturday night KJ and I left the BJCC to meet Coach and some friends at Jackson's in Homewood for dinner.  It was such a beautiful night we all sat outside and watched the kids going into Prom at Rosewood Hall.  I don't know what school it was but the kids looked nice -- some of the girls had long gowns, some had short cocktail dresses.  A lot of party buses and stretch Hummers pulled up and we had so much fun counting the kids coming out of the cars. 

So I always bitch and complain about how much of our personal time lacrosse takes up but I have to say, I absolutely love our lacrosse family.  Coach had a couple of guys come down from the Louisville store to help out with DALC and they came out to dinner with us along with Patrick, Evan, Schuler and Nick.  Lacrosse is definitely a special fraternity and we've made life-long friends across the country.  Just a great group of people and I know if Coach was unavailable and me or the girls ever need anything, they would help out in a heart beat.  My girls love all these guys and, depending on their age, think of them as the big brothers they don't have or honorary Godfathers (of course it doesn't hurt that most lax players are good-looking and in great shape!).  It's a very special relationship. 

T had a great weekend, too.  Saturday she was up at 5 AM to participate in the AOPi Run for the Roses 5K, then she was off to the Grove Bowl and then she went to the baseball game to see the Rebs sweep the series against Bama.  Sunday she had an RA meeting and then rush practice.  Busy girl!  She has had an AMAZING freshman year and we are so happy she's right where she needs to be! 

I am proud to say I am now flip-flop worthy.  Friday afternoon I had what was quite possibly one of the best pedicures of my life.  Holy crap.  I was so damned relax I was afraid I might fall asleep on my drive home.  And for a brief second I thought about stepping out of my comfort zone, I snapped out it at the last possible minute and went with my old stand-by, "Cajun Shrimp."  Why mess with perfection? 

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Jessica said...

pedicures are the best thing ever!!!

I got your comment on friday but sadly your set as a no reply blogger so I couldn't write back! Just thought I would let you know.

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