Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back in Bama

Arrived home safe & sound around 1 AM Saturday night / Sunday morning. Drive home was fine; a little rough on Chris. We're glad to be home in our own bed.

We had a great Christmas. PA was FREEZING! My parent's house was like an artic expedition. KJ was able to sled for a little while Sunday so she's happy. She made a snowman she named "Rosie." Rosie was more of a snow puddle than an actual snowman. She also played in the snow at Aunt Lynn's house Friday night and Thursday night KJ & T rode a cardboard box down Lisa's backyard hill for hours. It was SO funny!

NYC was fun on Friday. Gorgeous day to walk around the city. We parked right across from the theater where they film David Letterman and just walked and walked for hours. We hit American Girl (duh!). It was MOBBED and KJ and I waited in a line that wrapped around the corner. I told her she had 5 minutes in the store and if she wanted anything, she better grab it. She bought an outfit for her Emily doll. We also went to FAO (line again to get in but it moved really quick). We saw the tree and had a family picture taken by NBC studios. We did this a couple of years ago so it should be interesting to see how we've grown/changed. We strolled thru Central Park and purused the theater district and Times Square (MTV was setting up for New Year's Eve).

Unpacked the car today and tried to find homes for our new Christmas presents. I'm also trying to catch up on my laundry. Not sure what our New Year's plans our yet; we always seem to throw something together at the last minute.

Uncle George & Aunt Debbie if you're reading this: thank you SO much for the extremely generous gift cards you sent the girls! They arrived late the Friday before we left for PA. The girls can't wait to go shopping! Also, Uncle Geo, I heard you didn't care for my musical selections. What's up w/ that???!!!

Heather & Alison if you're reading this: it was great seeing you both again and I hope you had fun in Chicago! Al, find me on Facebook!

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Unknown said...

Hi! Love all the fun pictures. Can't wait to get mine up there to share. Looks like you all had fun in NY!! Its funny, we've been home a good several days and I really miss everyone from Hoover. :( haha, we'll be home soon enough I guess. Happy New Year! What are you doing tonight?

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