Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've got a Piper down!

Little one is home sick today. Her stomach was bothering her last night and she's not a happy camper this morning. Since I had this "bug" last week, I'm not taking any chances and thought it be best if she stay home today.

It's pretty chilly in the house this morning. I slept with the heating pad last night. I was so snuggly!!!

Egyptian Costume update: We went to Party City last night to see if they had any Egyptian Halloween costumes left over. All they had was "skanky" adult costumes. We got some ideas though and now have a plan of action. Chris is going to stop and Wal-Mart and buy some men's plain white T's. We bought some glitter gold fabric paint at Michael's last night. I think we're going to paint a design along the bottom of the white t-shirt (which will be a dress on KJ) and along the edges of the short sleeves to dress it up a bit. T has a gold skinny belt we can use around KJ's waist and we found some gold chunky chain in the jewelry department of the arts & crafts store last night. We'll make some kind of necklace out of it. I have some gold flip-flops which fit KJ perfectly and we also have some big bangle bracelets she can wear. I'll do her eye-make like Liz Taylor in Cleopatra. Voila!! We have an Egyptian!! (She wanted me to buy a Dora the Explorer wig to cover her blond hair but that's just not going to happen folks!)

"Do not consider any act of kindness insignificant, even meeting your brother with a cheerful face." -- Muhammad

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