Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go Away Gustav!!!

Published: August 31, 2008
BIRMINGHAM, Ala-- Mayor Larry Langford said the Magic City is helping Gustav evacuees with compassion and love. At last check Birmingham has already housed more than three thousand displaced. The city expects the number could double to six thousand people.
Red Cross is housing people from Louisiana and Lower Alabama. In fact the Associated Press describes New Orleans as a ghost town, saying residents are really taking the mandatory evacuations seriously. At the BJCC people are constantly arriving, being processed through Red Cross.
Langford is encouraging evacuees to become familiar with Birmingham during the day so that everyone returns their respective shelter by 9 p.m.—to get a bed count and ensure everything goes smoothly.
“We are praying to God that the hurricane has minimal impact on New Orleans. We want to make the people comfortable while they are here. We do need volunteers to come down and help us and at the same time if everything goes well Birmingham will have once again risen to the occasion,” said Langford.
Officials are looking for more space for some three to four thousand people because evacuees are headed by the busload by the hour.

These poor people; haven't they had enough already? I ran into an acquaintance this afternoon in the grocery store. When I asked her what was new, she said they were preparing for another round of evacuations. I had forgotten that she's originally from NO and still has family there. She had a shopping cart full of food and was trying to get organized before her family made it to B'ham sometime this evening. I told her to call if we could help w/ anything -- extra sheets, towels, etc. Our neighbors on one side called yesterday to say that Gary's family was driving in from NO and they were probably going to have to park everyone's cars in the cul-de-sac. Again, told them to holler at us if they needed anything. I'm sorry that Gustav is going to hit but I'm glad that my friends here are in a position to help out their loved ones. And, I'm glad the citizen's of NO are taking this seriously.

On a sillier note, my husband is threatening to call Al Gore on me and vote Democratic this November. We've lived in this house 9 years and I still have no idea what day garbage and/or recyclables are collected. Since Chris has been travelling a lot lately, I've totally forgotten to take the cans to the street. Now the recyclable can is overflowing and Chris thinks I'm being an irresponsible citizen.

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